Main Event (7/08/14) Review


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Feb 6, 2010

I really enjoy Main Event. It's only an hour and they usually pack in some fun stuff. It's a magical place where Midcard guys get to speak for themselves and you see the WWE experiment a little. Anyway, let's see how this week faired:

[HEADING=2]Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio for the U.S title in a Last Man Standing Match.[/HEADING]

Can we just do this every week? I would love to have Sheamus tear another dude's arms off and beat him to death with them till the end of time. The guy's in ring work is really great and he's fun on the mic in very small doses. The first 25 minutes of this show were as good of a use of Sheamus as I have ever seen. Just treat the U.S belt like the WCW TV title. Let guys who can work kill each other for it every 7 to 14 days and give ALL the storylines to the Intercontinental title.

These two guys throw everything they got at each other, and the match type separates it from the 800+ other Alberto vs Sheamus matches I've watched. In the end, Sheamus turns the cross arm breaker into a power bomb through a table. Alberto makes it up at 9 and eats a Brogue kick which finished it off. That was a great match but it did leave me with one question: why didn't it finish the show?


[HEADING=2] Jericho Segment [/HEADING]
He essentially repeats his points from Smackdown. He thanks Bray Wyatt for the reminder that the WWE is dangerous and not just about shiny jackets and surprise returns. It's an interesting way to go about the feud and I hope it means Jericho will bring some of his vicious heel streak into the rivalry.

[HEADING=2]Nikki Bella vs Eva Marie[/HEADING].... And the rest of the Total Divas, I think? Doesn't matter.

Some things of mild interest happen before Eva gets in the ring and crushes Nikki with a DDT for the pin. I find it absolutely hilarious that Nikki is listening to the John Cena "never give up" "Overcome dem Odds" thing and it's getting her brutalized.

[HEADING=2] A++++++++++++ [/HEADING]

[HEADING=2] Chris Jericho's "Highlight Reel" featuring Bret "The Hitman" Hart [/HEADING]

I can't tell you how happy I am that I can see Bret Hart on WWE programming without feeling deep, uncontrollable sadness. At NXT: Takeover, Ric Flair acted like the clash between Charlotte and Natalya was the war to end all wars. And if you looked over you could see Bret trying not to fall asleep. He had been way better this week. Hell, he even SMILED. After Jericho and Bret had some fun banter; Sandow came out dressed as HBK and said that Bret tapped out to his own move. After a few jokes he gets sent packing with a geriatric Sharpshooter. The segment was predictable, but fun. Though I wish it opened the show.


Overall, it was a very fun episode. I just wish Main Event didn't waste so much time recapping Raw. Anyway, I'll be back to do this same thing with NXT!