Main Event (7/22/14) Review


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Feb 6, 2010
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I'm a fan of MainEvent. It's generally great a showcase of talent who usually don't get a lot tv time. Let's see how this week fairs:

[HEADING=3] Seth Rollins vs Fandango? [/HEADING]

I was initially somewhat confused by this random heel vs heel match. But, it ended up being surprising solid. The match was short and meant to make Seth look like a million bucks (how nice is it that we have a Money and the Bank contract holder who almost never loses? I've grown so incredibly used to what they do for almost everyone else and what killed Sandow, they make them lose CONSTANTLY so that the cash in is a bigger "surprise". It really doesn't work and makes everyone's involved look bad.) Fandango and Rollins come in hard and fast during this match. Fandango knows he's out matched so he goes for roll-up pins whenever possible. After a sunset flip near fall Seth decides that he's had enough and just corner power bombs him and follows it up with a brutal curbstomp. This might have been Fandango's best match on the main roster.


[HEADING=3] Ryback w/ Curtis Axel vs Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso [/HEADING]

The match starts very light with Uso dancing between moves and just generally playing around. Then Ryback gets in his face and shouts "STUPID!" At this point the match becomes very hard hitting. Ryback really is WWE's best kept secret. The guy is fantastic with his gorilla chest pounding and such. In the end Axel distracts Jey before being tackled into the ground by Jimmy. Jey gets sandwiched in the corner by Ryback, bounces off, then eats a massive Meat Hook clothesline which wraps up the match.


[HEADING=3] Slater Gator segment [/HEADING]

Despite his win/loss record, Heath Slater has been one of my favorite performers in WWE for years now and I've had a soft spot in my heart of Titus O'Neil for quite some time, so this tag team is amazing. Heath is so incredibly excited to be in this silly, thrown together jobber tag team and Titus couldn't be less happy to be in this situation. I hope this dollar store Team Hell No stays together as long as possible. Also, if you release these guys WWE, I'll never forgive you.


[HEADING=3] Big E and Kofi Kingston W/ Xavier Woods vs Slater Gator [/HEADING]

I have never seen Kofi wrestle so cruelly and brutally. Big E and Kofi trashed these two guys even more so than I originally thought. It's very brief and hard to watch due to my previously mentioned affection to their poor opponents. Big E and Kingston have a lot of chemistry for a team that hates been wrestling such a brief amount of time. They decimate their opponents then stack them on top of each other so that they can pin them simultaneously. I look forward to seeing more of this new faction.

[HEADING=3] Rusev w/ Lana vs Swagger II w/ Zeb Colter [/HEADING]

This was a damn good match that both built upon and surpassed their match at the Battleground Pay Per View. Rusev sold the damage from being in "Patriot Lock" Sunday throughout the entire match and never forgot about it. Swagger matched this continuously by selling his head injury from being rammed into the steel ringpost. I enjoy virtually nothing more than long term selling, which seems to be something that's finally making a comeback after being almost nonexistent for an decade or so. (Thank you Rusev, Swagger, Ambrose, and especially Daniel Bryan for this.) The match is very hard hitting and just generally smart. Like the rest of the feud it is incredibly late 80's in the best possible way. In the end, Rusev struggles to stand due to his injured ankle and takes the easy way out by hitting Jack with the Russian flag. I honestly can't wait to see where this feud goes next.