Main Event Review 4/22/14


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Feb 6, 2010

Welcome to my review of Main Event on the WWE network. Marter already covers Raw and Smackdown shows so I figured I'd pick up the slack and do Main Event and NXT. Since coming to the network it's been a great exhibition for mid card talent. So lets see what I have to work with this week:

[HEADING=3] Big E vs Alberto del Rio [/HEADING]​

These two have pretty good chemistry. Del Rio has quickness and technique while Big E has raw strength and amazing agility. Due to this, Alberto has been his most reliable opponent. The match is hard hitting and fast paced. It's also a bit of a reversal fest with a lot of back and forth. Big E reverses the cross arm breaker and ends up landing the Big Ending for a 6 minute win. A credible win for Big E. He pinned a former world champion in a match that wasn't particularly long. However, I wish it could have been on Raw where it would been seen by five times as many people. Side note: I didn't realize how over Big E was until these last couple weeks. The "lets go big E" chants are huge.

"God save the queen," and Bad New Barrett comes up on his 20+ foot podium. He trashes Big E with some pretty legitimate complaints. I mean I don't believe he's a bad champ, but the guy does have some pretty one dimensional ring work and a lack of promo skills. Big E seems to laugh it off, however.

[HEADING=3] Hornswoggle vs El Torito II [/HEADING]​

Despite the, actually kind of mean, faux excitement from the commentators, like the first, it's a pretty well worked match. It would have been hard to imagine Hornswoggle as a smash mouth brawler, but he pulls it off nicely. I guess it's those Fit Finley genetics. El Torito moves very well which creates a nice contrast. Hornswoggle dodges the "bullsault" off of a distraction from Heath Slater and closes the match with his own signature "tadpole" splash. However, as per usual the tadpole splash looks like hot garbage. I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed this quite a bit.

[HEADING=3] Sheamus vs Titus O'Neil [/HEADING]​

A match that could have been titled "How Sheamus got his groove back". Sheamus has lost twice in a week and he usually doesn't lose that much in a month. I do wish Titus wasn't on the second to bottom rung in the company. He's got a lot of charisma and strength, but he can be a bit iffy in the ring. This is less of a match and more of good old fashioned brawl between two big hosses. I love contrast but power vs power can be pretty dang entertaining. The match starts slow and kind of rough. There is an obvious botch on a fall away slam. Surprisingly, Titus starts to dominate Sheamus in the second half of the match. He catches him mid cross body and tosses him like he's nothing before hitting a rough looking back breaker into a 2.9 count. Then he starts trash talking and pushing Sheamus around. The Celtic Warrior sends him reeling with a headbutt. The Irishman bounces off the ropes and nails the Brogue kick. This match was pretty average besides a couple bright spots,


[HEADING=3] Ryback w/ Curtis Axel vs Jimmy w/ Jey Uso [/HEADING]​

MY BOYS! Rybaxel are the absolute greatest. It's the funny jock and his stupid, weaselly, jock friend. It's EASILY the most entertaining gimmick in the tag team division. Every time Jimmy gets going he gets put down by the Big Guy. Axel is SO HYPED every time his buddy does ANYTHING, And he looks like his dog died anytime Jimmy kicks out or hits a big move.

How many shoulders to ring posts can Ryback take? He endures three this match alone. In the final sequence Uso drops Ryback and gets in position for the Splash. Axel climbs onto the ring apron and tries to knock him off but he dodges ending on the floor. Then Axel takes a MASSIVE super kick from Jey. Jimmy climbs back on the apron but glances back at Axel. The Big Guy rams him into his brother, rolls him back in, and picks him up. SHELLSHOCKED, 1,2,3. Rybaxel Rules!

The crowd is quiet for his entrance but Ryback builds his heat across the match. By the time he hits his gorilla chest beat toward the end the crowd hates him. I also love the classic heel tactics Rybaxel employ: taunting, bailing the second things get tough, and good old fashion interference. This was pretty exceptional and match of the night of a pretty decent Main Event.

See you Friday for the NXT report.