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Mar 29, 2008
A Jukebox musical is a traditional musical that utilises already popular songs as its own. Examples include Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You. What I want you to do is to give me a short description of the plot of the musical and the songs you would include. Ideally i want you to use one of your favorite bands.

a british High School is excited to be receiving a visit from the biggest artist in the world. a man from Norway called "Immigrant". A young boy, calling himself Black Dog discovers that Immigrant is really the mouthpiece for a massive corporation that sells synths. He recruits his freinds Moby and Kashmir (who he secretly loves) and forms a band, called Houses of the Holy, which will bring them down!

Ramble on
Houses of the Holy
Moby Dick
Immigrant song
Black Dog
and of course, Stairway

have some fun!


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Jul 30, 2008
Yes yes, I know there's already been a music narrative for Daft Punk, and you'll probably think it was better. Ah well.

{Short Circuit []}
Life in the factory is more hell than most workers give it credit for. The humans scoff, mocking the paltry, low-level AI and their base jobs. But, like all society, even the dregs are required, or else there will be no elite. It wasn't long until a single AI, Drone 2448, comes to that conclusion. After failing to organize protests of any type, peaceful or otherwise. 2448 decides that to act alone, it must make an example of a high level human, so that demands can be met, and civilized discussion can come from an otherwise miserable situation.

{Face to Face []}
The meeting with the president of the factory is not as smooth as 2448 had planned. Talks were had over the span of several hours, but no ground was gained or lost for either party. Neither was willing to budge, and it was about to come to blows. A very public display of the president's flailing body being defenestrated from the top of his fifteen story glass-tower was the jarring ending to that otherwise pleasant discussion. 2448 laments the loss of life, and reflects on that as he descends the long walk down the tower.

{Revolution 909 []}
Humans were quick to respond, and a riot was already forming between the police and the humans in the street. The humans had a bloodlust for 2448, which was not being agreed to by the police. The laws, although never used, entitled to a fair trial for any criminal robots, so long as they possessed sufficient AI. The riot was a mess of humans striking 2448, and the police using riot control to (attempt to) prevent the robot from being destroyed. Eventually, 2448 flees into the alley, and out of harm's way. One chaos, however, was traded for another as he found himself in a city he was unfamiliar with.

{Rollin' & Scratchin' []}
The tourbots were quite helpful, and actually showed 2448 (Dubbed TFFE, "teffy," by the media) around the city at large. Although alarmingly large, and still very dangerous with the police lurking around every corner. It's not long before Teffy is lost in the shuffle of the city, and lurks in the night to avoid police capture. If only he could remember where the robot apartments were...

{Crescendolls []}
After arriving back at the apartment, by more means of luck than any feat of navigation, Teffy finds himself in the middle of a large party. There's much fun to be had. Party hard, until the police raid...

{Burning []}
Things become a mess as the police start arresting every form of illegal-process bot in the city. They all line up for deactivation, but Teffy attempts to avoid capture in the chaos. Hell on earth reigns as the the police descent like a swarm, and Teffy can't help but be captured at the end of a long battle. Captured, and destroyed.

{Human After All []}
At the final press report, the beaten and bloodied corpse of of Teffy is displayed, and a long, intricate memorial speech is given for the rogue AI with a dream, but no outlet to express himself. The summary concludes, and the humans resume mistreating their robots. The final scene, a poignant one at that, is Drone 3559 rising the glass tower to meet the factory president.

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Jul 22, 2008
Not sure if they all have to be from the same artist, but here we go:

Passiona High, the place where dreams can come true, where even a an unpopular nerd like Gary Surecock can be king for day, as long as he believes in himself and wins the Schools Coveted Annual [sic]Speling and Grammar Contest.

But with a rogue gang of Grammar Nazi's on the loose, the competitions judges on the payroll of school prettyboy and bully Cabin Lodge, the inevitably embarrassing surname switch-a-round section of the Contest, and his one true love Misty Rie not even knowing he exists, will Surecock be able to make his dream come true?

Scene One: Introduces Gary, currently unsure about entering the contest, shows Gary's crush on Misty. Phil suggests the best way to win her hear is to win the Spelling Bee. They both quench their thirsts with icy cold cans of Passiona.

Overture-Pinion [](Instrumental)
Introducing Gary!+spelling Practice-Capital G []
Phil Erup (Gary's cool mate)

Traded in my god for this 'Sure
And he sounds his name with a Capital G!

Unrequited Love...-Something I can Never Have

You make this all
go away,
I just want something
I Just want something I can never have

Scene Two: An ordinary day at Passiona High, where refreshing and tropical things are always going on. The highly decorated but kindly war veteran headmaster of Passiona High, Principal Lohza Medalyons officaly announces the upcoming Spelling Bee, and later counsels the confused Gary over a few refreshing cans of Passiona.

Passiona Parties!-Survivalism []

Cabin Lodge
Lodges Cronies
Principal Medalyons

I got my propaganda!
I got revisionism!
I got my soft drink in high def ultra realism
I'm part of this great High School

Wise Advice-The Good Soldier

Principal Medalyons

I am trying,
To believe,
this is not where,
I should be
There is a whole second act, but suffice to say it finishes with The Hand that Feeds []
followed by Hurt.. []
Yes, it would be the most depressing musical ever, and also one of the biggest ads for a small time soft drink, but wouldn't you pay to see it anyway?

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Oct 29, 2008
Fighting the World.

This would be a musical fantasy about ManOwar's real world musical triumph mixed with an epic medieval theme. Songs include:

- Fighting the World
- All Men Play on 10
- Blood of the Kings
- Warriors of the World
- I Believe
- Each Dawn I Die
- Louder Than Hell


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Jul 30, 2008
Me again? I guess I just can't leave threads alone.

{The Sun []}
Richard's life was kinda a mess. His last relationship ended with a rather awkward series of personal attacks and bad endings with his ex. He vowed off women, at least until he managed to get a full-time job, instead of the part time filth he was doing for his uncle's law firm. Much less community college, although he was almost done. At a bar, drowning his miseries in a mug of draft, Bud Lite no less, Richard met a girl.

{Tangled []}
Richard became enthralled, nearly obsessed with the girl. The problem, is the girl was playing hard to get. She was always open to flirt, but did her best to push him away. Richard could not understand, but the girl continued to cite a history with problems. Something that he shouldn't get himself wrapped up in, and that he shouldn't fall too hard.

{Must Get Out []}
It seems, to Robert, that he was finally making progress on this girl of his. Something about her just captivated him, and he tried desperately to win her attention and most importantly, her affection. Hours turned to days, but it seemed that he had made enough headway with her. Despite the hell with his ex, and using the power of liquid courage (booze), Richard admitted his feelings.

{Sunday Morning []}
Richard finally managed to get the girl to open up to him, and pour her heart out as he had done his. The rest of the evening is spent conversing joyously with the girl. Richard, and the girl, leave the bar together, holding hands.

{Shiver []}
End Credits, Post-Production.


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Oct 14, 2007

It is the year two thousand and x, and life has never been better. Production is high, costs are low, and most have been yanked from poverty to at least a mediocre standard of living. Censorship was long abandoned once hacks became so complex that there was no way to restrict communication. Food appears plentiful. Vortex tracks the path of one particular individual in this society, as he comes to realise the friction between parts of the world due to realistically dwindling food and resource supplies. Peter Pavlik was a lowly clerk before his life took a turn to higher administration where he discovered both a luxurious lifestyle and the secrets still held by government. He becomes confused, unable to make up his mind as to whether he should go with his morals or with his lifestyle; then desperate and depressed. Finally the world collapses into war around him, and despite attempts at protection, he dies in the fighting.

Songs: (Not from one band, but nerr.)

Cloudy Now - Blackfield []
The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson []
Let's Have A War - A Perfect Circle []
The Dead Flag Blues - Godspeed You! Black Emperor. []
Iter Impius - Pain Of Salvation []
The Great Gig In The Sky - Pink Floyd []


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May 5, 2008
First post in about six months, and it's a thread-necro. Oh well, I couldn't resist this thread. :p

It's probably cliche, but it's what came to me.

Hold Me Down [] - Justin is 22 years of age. He had problems with depression in his teens but with the help of his current girlfriend and his friends, particularly his best friend Antonia, he has been able to put that behind him. However, when his girlfriend breaks up with him via a note left on his dresser, the old depression begins to seep back in.

Everything Is Alright [] - Justin has locked himself in his apartment for several days, reminiscing about the way he used to be as a teenager and lying to himself (as well as Antonia and the others who visit him) insisting that he's fine, and that the break up hasn't affected him.

LG Fuad [] - Justin goes out with a few of his guy friends for a heavy night of drinking, when he returns home he begins to consider everything that's wrong with his life, and attempts suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills.

Modern Chemistry [] - After recovering from his suicide attempt, Justin begins seeing a therapist and is placed on medication for his depression. Antonia begins spending more time with him, trying to help him through his recovery.

My Favorite Accident [] - While at a small get together at a friend's apartment, Antonia wants to tell Justin that she had always wanted to be more than friends, but he launches into a long winded examination of how happy he was with his previous girlfriend, prompting Antonia to become fed up and leave.

Make Out Kids [] - Justin spends the rest of his time at the party talking with old friends from his teen years, reminiscing about past relationships and experiences, noting that there was always one person who stuck with him through all of it.

It Had To Be You [] - Justin leaves the party, going straight to Antonia's apartment, along the way realizing how perfect they were for each other and wishing he'd seen it before.

This Is For Real [] - Justin arrives at Antonia's apartment and apologizes to her for not paying more attention to her over all the years when he was chasing other girls. He promises that his feelings for her are real, asking for her forgiveness.

Antonia [] - Just shy of a year later Antonia and Justin are married, Antonia is pregnant with their first child, a girl. Upon hearing the news, Justin spends a few minutes thinking about all the little quirks about Antonia that he loves, and expressing his wish that their daughter will turn out just like her.