Making NPCs in Elder Scrolls Online Not Act Like Buggy Messes

Greg Tito

PR for Dungeons & Dragons
Sep 29, 2005
Making NPCs in Elder Scrolls Online Not Act Like Buggy Messes

Making non-player characters move and act in ways that make sense is a rare talent that involves foresight and planning.

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Nov 28, 2007
Yet amazingly, that NPC companion they shoehorned me with in the ESO tutorial still manages to hit every single bloody incredibly obvious trap during the escape sequence... every one, without fail, on numerous beta run throughs with different characters.

Of course maybe that's not a bug, maybe she's just a masochist with a fetish for floor spikes and it counts as "role playing" and "character development". :)

Yes, I know this isn't quite what he's talking about, but to be honest my experience so far is that it's very much Elder Scrolls or Fallout like... plot-centric NPC companions seem like morons. :)

To be honest the only companions I actually liked in these kinds of games are the ones from "The Old Republic Online" but in part that's because there aren't that many environmental hazards, and characters like Mako are programmed to be just intelligent enough to spam their heals like you need them to, as opposed to many companion AIs where your NPC companion will decide "well, I'm supposed to be a healer, so obviously I will keep casting my pathetic ranged attack that does almost no damage" like in say... Neverwinter (where companions, which are more like uncontrollable pets, also have a tendency to run into environmental hazards, and intentionally step into the red markers of boss attacks.... and then stand in the burning DoT they might leave behind).

Melly Veruge

New member
Mar 19, 2014
I played ESO beta and yes this game was wery buggy in beta.Lets see if when will be released it is still buggy.Also i see that also sites like are making eso leveling guides for this game lol.