Mass Effect 2 : Favourite and most hated team members.


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May 28, 2009
My two favorite were mordin and grunt. Once you get to know grunt he isn't all just kill, kill kill... wait yes he is. but i like him anyway. Mordin was just a wicked funny guy and I hope to see him in ME3. I hated Jack because she was just a dumb ***** and Jacob just had a bland personality.


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Jan 3, 2009
Jenova65 said:
For what seems like the millionth time *sighs dramatically* Kaiden isn't boring, the dude committed biotic death on his asshole teacher when he was a teenager. Most of the dislike aimed at Kaiden (purely my own observation) is from male gamers. I think he is a character there is still much to learn about, like how he stayed faithful to a dead woman for two years, kudos to him! Just saying...... :)
I don't hate any of them but wouldn't take them in preference to my old team. Jack is a pain in the ass and Jacob is as boring as (shall I do it? I think I might you know..... Yeah, I'm gunna) Tali!!!! How do you like them apples male gamers? ;-) I don't mean it btw, but I equally don't 'get', the Tali thing either.
I like best Thane and Mordin's personalities and Thane, Mordin, Jack and Samara's battle skills. Jacob can respectfully 'do one'! ;-)
Oh and Amen to putting clothes on Jack!
EDIT - Oh, how I love Legion, it makes the geth very interesting.
He killed his teacher with a biotic smash to the head... yet managed to make the telling of the story boring. That's how dull he was. He had no sense of humour or moments of real comradery with anyone.

I love Legion too, that was such a brilliant moment
seeing him and Tali making peace, a little ray of hope between the Geth and thier makers

As for putting clothes on Jack... I will always do her help mission first now in order to cover her up as soon as possible!


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Jan 19, 2010
Man. I guess I'm alone in liking Jacob. On a spaceship full of neurotic/psychotic/arrogant humans and aliens, it was good to have one dude who was pretty grounded and easy to relate. I guess its just how I approached the game. I'd often come from talking to jibber-jabber broken sentences Mordin and feel like my Shepard would breathe a sigh-of-relief that there was another normal person onboard.


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Feb 8, 2010
DustyDrB said:
Man. I guess I'm alone in liking Jacob. On a spaceship full of neurotic/psychotic/arrogant humans and aliens, it was good to have one dude who was pretty grounded and easy to relate. I guess its just how I approached the game. I'd often come from talking to jibber-jabber broken sentences Mordin and feel like my Shepard would breathe a sigh-of-relief that there was another normal person onboard.
I liked Jacob a lot, too. Just seemed like a cool dude, and a good guy to have your back. I like to think that he and Garrus would be Shepard's primary drinking buddies after the mission. But he didn't really stand out as much as some of the other characters, like Mordin's humor and Gilbert & Sullivan rendition, Legion's revelations about the Geth, and Tali just being awesome.


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Oct 5, 2009
Garrus and Tali, felt like running into old friends again. Especially Garrus when he talks about not wanting to take all the ladies from Shepard.


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May 2, 2009
I didn't liked Jacob, too boring of a character, and didn't rly cared for Jack either.

For combat I like snipers - apart form thane, God he's AI is dumb, even when I give him a sniper rifle he goes there and shoot the enemy point blank....though it's awesome he does that it's not practical since he dies alot - so Legion with the "ramjet" rifle and Garrus and Zaeed with the Mantis. Oh and Grunt, just for the "[email protected]@!" charge :DDD

For character Tali and Legion cuz for some reason I adore the Quarians, from their little nice suites to their big massive fleets, and Legion..........well he's an effing Geth....that don't have the intelligence of a peanut like all others that try to kill me.


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May 19, 2008
1. Garrus (just like that guy... he feels like an old friend or something. Probably because he's the only character from the previous game that stays on your team).
2. Mordin (scientific and logical, but also has emotions and great internal conflicts. And he sings! =D)
3. Tali (She just seems sweet for some reason...)
4. Legion (A friendly(?) Geth?. That's just cool)
5. Jacob (seems like a nice guy)
6. Grunt (A bit too violent for my taste, but he's pretty cool)
7. Miranda (Pretty meh and not very beautiful IMHO)
8. Thane (Found him pretty annoying for some reason)
9. Samara (Waaaay too stiff and feel sort of dull for some reason)
10. Jack (Just too annoying)

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Nov 30, 2009

1. Tali (only character who's personality I can relate to and respect... And she's the best romance imo)
2. Legion (no justification needed)
3. Garrus (he's still cool)
4. Grunt (He's good, but he's no Wrex)

Least favorites:

1. Miranda (just another Bastila. Only difference is that she doesn't have Bastila's annoying morals. More so she complains about being perfect!)
2. Jacob (I don't have a problem with his character, he's just so useless)

All in all I like the others. I don't really hate Miranda or Jacob, I just like them less than the rest.


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Nov 5, 2008
Thane, Garrus, and Legion are my homies. I use them for absolutely everything.

I hated Jack. She was just too much of a *****.


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Mar 16, 2009
Hmmm.. I don't HATE anyone actually, so I'll just discuss what I like or dislike about each character in an arbitrary order.

TALI! I luffs you! And she's actually one of the few characters I could actually see being actual friends with. (The Other is Jacob) She's just an awesome and nice person all around, and one of the few who shepard doesn't have to tell constantly to stop being such a dick.

Jacob is a nice guy, there's nothing wrong with that, however because of that, he doesn't manage to be much more interesting than Kaidan(though he DOES beat him.)

Miranda... she's ....haaaaawt... I mean! uh... err... I don't really hate her personality, but she's all sad about being perfect and is cocky at the same time. I didn't like her the most but her rear end sure was puuurrty...

Hmm, it's weird, the two human love interests seem to be a lot less interesting characters, at least when compared to the other ones. However Miranda has the amazing hindquarters that make it into at least one frame in every conversation with her, and Jacob has a body so hard he could cut diamonds with it. Hmm...

Thane... I didn't get to know him much the first time, though He's kind of nice and has coat-tails, all he says ends up seeming sort of like this: Something Something Something Angsty angst Kolyat. Something Angsty Dark Something Kepril disease. Not to mention he freaked me the hell out the first time he did the Drell Memory trip.

Garrus! Garrus, how awesome you are... yet how scary... I always loved how Garrus was basically Shepard's Protoge throughout the series. However, as time goes on and on, it always seems like Garrus gets more willing to do anything for any reason he deems worth it. I can't be the only person who thought that Warden Kuril on the Purgatory Prison ship was a sort of cautionary tale of who Garrus could become...

Samara... Now that's cold. Cold as Ice. I mean, I sort of understand after you finish with her loyalty quest and everything, and she seems less cold by then. She's also pretty awesome looking. I gotta admit, when it comes to combat, Samara is a BEAST. Assault Rifles and the prrobably brokenly awesome Reave skill. There isn't much to say as far as character goes, but she is definitely top tier when it comes down to a fight.

Mordin! He is the very model of a scientist salarian! He's studied species turian, asari, AND batarian! He's so great, ever since seeing Captain Kirahe in the first game, you know you've needed a salarian character. Though sad but awesome, if he dies, he talks about how he "Held the Line" classic.

Jack, so much hatred for Jack around here. I actually really liked her. She actually had a REALLY fleshed out and developed character. There was a reason why she was the way that she was, and you knew it. I loved the scene where she finally broke down and cried. Also, her badass "matter-o-fact" attitude was one of my favorite things to hear when one of my allies had something to say.

Hmm... Grunt... okay, I take it back, there is one person I did hate, and that was Grunt. Where Wrex was interesting and wise, Grunt really seemed to just be "Angry Krogan Fellow". I would have liked to have the imperfect Krogan clone that you met in the beginning of the mission, or even Dr.Okeer, as they actually could have been interesting.

Legion was pretty cool. I was glad to have a geth member, and his first conversation was just halarious. ".....There was a hole."

And Zaeed.... eh.

Well, just some thoughts.

TL, DR: Luff Tali, screw Grunt.


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Aug 3, 2009
Favorite: Guarrus, if only for the first conversation you have with him:

Shepard: "Hell, Garrus, you were always ugly"

Garrus: "Well, it's probably for the best. All the women were always hitting on me and ignoring you. It's good that you're getting a chance now."

Least Favorite: Jack. I feel that doesn't need more elaboration.


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Apr 1, 2009

I think pretty much all of the characters in the game were my favorites... especially Tali, Mordin, Thane, and Legion.

I even liked Miranda. Of course, I like her for the same reason that a lot of you seem to hate her: her complaints about being "perfect". First off, she admits to making mistakes, and I can really sympathize with her feeling like she can only take credit for her mistakes. Why? Because in every group project I've been in, I've almost always been put in a group of opportunistic idiots that sat around and did nothing while I, the intellectual, did all of the work. And any time I tried to inform my teachers/instructors/professors of my groupmates' behavior, the teacher/instructor either didn't believe me or didn't care, saying only that "its a group project, so its a group effort". Parasites indeed.

The only characters I didn't like (I don't hate them... I'm just a bit indifferent to them), were Jacob (is he trying to compete with Desmond Miles in Yahtzee's "Blandest Sentient Life Form" contest?), and Zaeed (sorry, but the "Punisher" complex just gets old after a while... and you can't talk to him on the ship... what was bioware thinking?).


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Nov 21, 2008
Amnestic said:
Favourites: Legion/Tali. What can I say, I love the techies. Mordin's a runner up but he can't quite compare. Tali's awesome. Legion's awesome.

Hated: Miranda/Jack. Fuck 'em. Miranda whines about being perfect. Oh that must be so hard for you with your huge tits and bubble butt. Plus her facial expressions are so...bland. Even Jacob aka Boring McBland has more facial movement than she does.

As for Jack, she's a rude ***** who needs to put a shirt on. I have dresscodes on my ship, tatoos are not clothes.
Whenever I go to Miranda it's like
Garrus and Tali are my two favorites
Dislike Miranda and Jack, PUT ON A FUCKING SHIRT.


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Oct 13, 2009
I love em all, but I have to say that my top two are probably Thane and Garrus. Thane is just kick-ass, and Garrus is willing to ignore my ***** actions and still make funny comments. Legion is also awesome. The development of a personality where by definition of his existance there should be none is fascinating.

Least favorite: Miranda. Quite frankly, she bored me. Maybe I would like her more if her background had more depth other than: my daddy is mean and egotistical, so I ran away from home. Help me help my (kinda) twin! Plus she had buck-teeth that drove me totally crazy.


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Aug 18, 2009
For me, my favourite is Grunt. Simply because of how you recurit him, you can choose not to recruit the big badass super krogan in the fight against the collectors or you can choose the opposite and go without him. Why ..... cause he looks weird.....maybe. That and the fact that when im taking him on missons all he really does is shout "I am Krogan" then rams the crap out someone. What more do you want from him

Just a quick edit:
I'm including Garrus cause when you talk to Joker the line is "Garrus has changed, he finally has got that stick out of his arse, but is now trying to beat people to death with it"

Least favourite has to be Miranda. She's stuck up, arrogant and really ought to be more gratful considering how much medi-gel I waste on her arse every misson I have take her on. While I see that most people say she can't go down easy, maybe it was just my copy but it seemed like every misson I take her on, she gets KO'd by a rocket or slapped down by enemy Krogan.


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Dec 25, 2009
Depends on their cup size

Depends on how useful they are. Sometimes when one of the NPC's and I completely dominate together, I develop a connection with them.


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Feb 11, 2010
1. Tali
2. Miranda-Garrus tie
3. Mordin-Legion tie
4. Samara-Grunt tie
5. Thane
6. Jack
7. Zaeed
8. Jacob

I feel like Tali is Shepards girl and Garrus is his best friend and Miranda is kinda like Shepards second in command and very loyal to him at the a hot bitchy Spock.

i would actually say after picking favorites over all i like just about everyone on the team pretty well with the exception of jacob and zaeed, Jacob's just bland and useless in my opinion and Zaeed kinda just blends into the backround nothing special about him.

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Aug 15, 2008
Favorites: Mordin and Garrus. Mordin's rapid fire dialog in which he breezes over disturbing subject matter as if it were small talk is fucking hilarious. And Garrus is just fucking cool. I liked him in the first game for being funny and useful, and he continues his legacy here.

Least Favorites: Jacob/Miranda. They're essentially the new Kaiden and Ashley. And I fucking hated Kaiden and Ashley... Come to think of it... Did anyone like Kaiden and Ashley?