Mass Effect Movie Script.


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Jul 30, 2008
I'd love to see a movie in the Mass Effect universe... it's a good setting with lots of opportunities for new and fun stories. I don't really see the point of a movie about Shepard since one of the biggest selling points of the entire series is that you get to shape the way Shepard develops and choose how he/she acts.

The movie wouldn't necessarily suck, but it would be rather pointless and likely be a waste of potential.

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Oct 12, 2008
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Let's put it this way.

If it's a trilogy.

There's no way it end worse than the games :D
Actually it can. They're trying to make a linear movie from a sandbox style game where each player can have a a different kind of Shepard. Different person, different resultant experiences. The movie will boil all those decisions and unique experiences down to one effectively canonical ending. A lot of people are going to hate that it just for that because it partly invalidates their characters and storylines (well, more than the ME3 ending already has)


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Feb 8, 2011
Hm... Casey Husdon on the project? Original storywriter not involved?

Que to Starchild being retconned into main villain and Sovereign left as a henchman in 5... 4... 3...


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Apr 1, 2012
Making a film in the ME universe is a fine idea you could limit the content to make it easy to digest and not interfer with the plot of the games , however making a film based around a sandbox style adventure, with a prominent moral choce system and a huge amount of content and lore to cover in the main story alone seems unlikely to work. What would annoy me in particular is to see which choices become considered 'cannon' in respect to the film, we already know that the film considers male shep to be the protagonist (which alone I'm sure many are dissapointed by).

What gets shep considered for spectre application? The skylian blitz, akuze or torfan? (If they bother to give him a back story)
Who becomes the main love interest? (Which I'd like to say 'if they choose to have a romantic subplot' but we've all seen enough films to know it will happern)
Who dies on virmire? (Including potentially wrex)
Do shep's action reflect a paragon or renegade motif? (rachni queen, saving the council etc)

Ultimately you end up paying to see effectively a more cinematic version of some-one elses playthrough of ME1, though condensed since there is no way they can fit all the content into the film, and ultimately something memorable in the main story to will be cut or changed.

Personally I would like to know how you are going to give character and/or backstory to each companion in the time available to anywhere near the extent that was within the game. For me personally it was often some of the small things that won me over for certain characters (eg Garrus and tracking down Dr. Saeleon) that I'm almost certain would get cut for time for a film.

Would it have been so hard to make a film based somewhere else in the ME universe? Why not the first contact war for example, it has only being briefly described in the game so a story can easily fit within it and since it's mankinds first exposure to and discover of the greater galaxy it would be a nice way of pacing out explaining the lore (the audience learns as the humans do sort of thing) allowing time for what is probably the most important thing in something bioware the development of the characters.


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Feb 18, 2011
LetalisK said:
I call BS on that due to asari openly referencing breasts, something that neither turians nor salarians possess. Plus, asari statues. Plus, Liara's time capsule records her as humanoid. Additionally, I don't believe the asari can actually mind control without physical contact.

I blame that bit of dialogue in the game on the party-ers being somewhat intoxicated, and bioware trying to mess with its fans.


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Mar 23, 2009
Assuming they stick directly to the main plot of the first game it would cover, what, exactly? I'm just trying to list the main plot points. Hidden due to the remote possibility of spoilers

1. Eden Prime and the Beacon
2. Accusation of Saren
3. Evidence Gathering
4. Vindication of Shepard, promotion to SPECTRE
5. Finding Liara
6. The planet with the mind controlling plant thing... it's been a while okay! Um... hell with it, they'll probably skip this plot point anyways, it's only barely relevant
7. Noveria, the Rachni, the Death of Commander TroiMatriarch Benezia
8. Virmire, Krogan cloning facility, discussion of indoctrination, introducing Sovereign, Kaiden/Ashley dies
9. Vigil, plot exposition galore, through the relay to the citadel
10. Showdown with Saren, Giant space battle of doom, Destruction of Sovereign
11. The end.

So that's a fair amount of story to get through in one movie. Not to mention time to introduce the characters and get us to give a crap about them. I suppose if they cut down the whole council believing Saren over Shepard aspect they could shear through a bunch of plot. Maybe leave out the Rachni and the mind controlling plant thingymabob as well, since the clone Krogan army is already pretty threatening as an army for Saren. But I still doubt you could cram all that into one movie and do a good job of it.

If they want Shepard as a main character what they should do is pick one of the backstories and run with it. Skyllian blitz, the movie? Hells to the yeah. Lone survivor of the thresher attack could also be an interesting film... but not likely to get picked up and made.


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Nov 24, 2009
a movie following the games sound rubbish, a movie set in the ME universe however could work