Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 15


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May 27, 2011
Media Sandwich Episode 15

This week the Media Sandwich crew talk about their upcoming guests, E3, and gives a plea for comments.

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Feb 18, 2011
I'll put a comment here when I've managed to listen to the entire thing. A real comment, and not just this placeholder. If I forget to, Chris, feel free to yell at me over Twitter.

Also, remember when you guys naively thought that Media Sandwich's episodes would be under 1 hour? That lasted, what, four episodes, and that only because you split one in two?


Okay, finally wrote that comment. I listened to half of it away from my computer, so I have a lot less to say about the first half, and I don't feel like listening to it again right away to fill in the gaps.

Glad to hear that you're getting Stephen Tobolowsky. Groundhog Day is probably my favorite movie ever and I've just recently heard him in a podcast (Slashfilm, in case you were wondering), so I'm really intrigued to hear that he might be in this podcast. (Also, if you count podcasts, that would give you guys a Bacon number of 2)

I'm really glad that Armchair Thinkers is making a comeback to the internet. I really liked those podcasts and regret that I deleted them to make room on my hard drive (then again, I did need that room).

Someone recently told me in a video comment that I should try playing Terranigma. I wonder if something gave it a resurgence in popularity recently.

I'm surprised that Chris didn't use talking about Uncharted and the controller rant to lead into my question about controllers. Seemed like a perfect opportunity.

So much about Dragonball. I only ever watched Z, and I haven't seen any of it since Toonami originally showed it.

I share Chris's trepidation about Wreck-It Ralph. I'm interested but not excited because all of the excitement seems to be just about the fact that it's being made at all.

I'm also really interested in seeing what happens with Days of Future Past. Hopefully they're going after the actual comic storyline, and it doesn't become something else. Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen possibly both playing Magneto in the same movie? That is a mindblowing possibility.

I'm seeing Spiderman midnight though I'm still unsure about how good it's going to be. I honestly don't mind origin stories as long as other stories happen eventually. It might be a bit too much having it so close to the other series ending...

I'm about the right age to have played Goldeneye, but I've never actually played the game. Something that sticks out as a bit odd about me, but I did get into the N64 a little late.

Fun fact: the original Little Shop of Horrors was shot in two days, produced by Roger Corman, who was infamous for shooting movies like that.

I think that you need to see the Rocky Horror midnight show at least once. I've been to it once and wouldn't go more than once a year (at Halloween), but it's an experience worth having. I just want to ask Kyle if he's been to it before.

The Pokedex kid reminds me of my nephew, who always wants games to be made easier so he can get to the end. It's interesting how you realize, at a certain point, that the cliche about journeys and destinations is true.

I prefer shoes over sandals all the time. I hate flip flops. The only sandals I'll wear are ones that have straps to keep them on. Also, I have never heard coupon pronounced that way.

(Yay, my question!)

I've said this to Chris before, but to me, 360>Gamecube>PS3, and everything else is kind of take it or leave it. The PS3 controller takes a bit of an adjustment, and after about 10 minutes of playing I've got it. I have no idea how the WiiU Pro controller will handle, though it might be better than the 360 controller for FPSes. And yeah, every single controller is an amalgamation of the previous controllers with something new added in somewhere if they manage to come up with some sort of innovation.

I will note that the PS3 controller is better than the two others I mentioned for 2D games, which I have played a lot of recently.

I like the N64 controller, it just isn't particularly good at anything in hindsight. It was a really interesting design, and when you look at how it came about, then you see why the three-pronged design was there. It was a failsafe just in case the analog stick controls failed, kind of like the Classic Controller was just in case the Wii motion controls failed (that was part of the reason they made it).

Talking about winning the internet and everything made me lose the game. That is why you two are jerks, and I'm not a jerk because you're the jerks here.

Manga are like comic books because they're a purely visual medium in which stories are using combinations of pictures and words. They're a particularly large subset of comic books, like superhero comics or European comics (like Tintin and such) are.

The fact that Chris twisted the criteria in the TMNT vs. BTAS debate bugged me at the time, but seeing as that was his strategy and not a faulty premise, I have no issue with it anymore.

I've realized why No Right Answer's title explains the entire premise of the show from the beginning. I didn't think it was that opaque.

I hear some of Chris's Kermit impression in the Canadian accent. Am I alone in that?

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Apr 10, 2012
So, yeah. I know the word epic gets thrown around a lot, but if you got Obama on the show, THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!! Especially if you just shot the shit.

And on Dragon Ball... I didn't get into the series that much, but my brother was when it was on Toonami... if found the fact one battle would take 10 episodes to be the thing that turned me off... maybe I should check out the manga.

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Apr 10, 2012
Being somewhat new to these forums... do people really get upset about your debates? I mean... seriously. NO RIGHT ANSWER! How is there something you don't get... I know real debate teams argue subjective stuff but really when it comes down to who is the "best" [insert geek subject here] it comes down to an opinion. Example, Batman v. Iron Man, does it really matter who is the better non-powered billionaire super hero. Half the fun of having the argument is just the debate itself because you really can't win on something so trivial. It's just fun.


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Oct 28, 2009
Australian so no real preference for presidents. Definitely get Obama though, I wish our politicians here were as cool as Obama...
Play-doh face is hilarious.

Best movie trilogy? Damn, I don't know. Can I bust the rules and call the whole 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' a trilogy, and say The Avengers is the best film in it? Good, because I'm going to.

Haven't played any Uncharted but my older brother loves it.

Was not into either in regards to DB/DBZ. The only 'anime' I ever really watched was about the first season of Pokémon, and after that I realised I could just be playing the game for that half hour instead. Fun fact: apparently the whole 'epic nosebleed' thing that you see in a lot of anime and manga is a sort of illustrative cue that the character is suddenly violently aroused.

I was pumped for pretty much everything that came out of the Nintendo conference at E3. New Super Mario Bros. 2/U, Pikmin 3, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, NintendoLand, all of it.

The ghost in the Wreck-It-Ralph trailer was Clyde. Poor Clyde, always gets left out. I'm quite excited for it though, if nothing else it'll be packed with "I see what you did there" moments.

Origin stories only really annoy me when we're seeing the origin for the hundredth time. Or if they drastically change some part of it that makes the character make less sense now. That's not a constant though, Batman Begins proved you can do an origin well. I'm not optimistic for The Amazing Spider-Man, at all. Even the tagline, as you mentioned, makes it just sound bad.

Why did they try to re-make GoldenEye? They should have just ported it with improved graphics, instead they chucked it into the 'COD-Maker 3000 and it crapped out the monstrosity that we got. Best weapons in the original were the RCP90, DD44, and Remote Mines. So many shenanigans with remote mines...

I'm listening to Media Sammich, ergo I am not a bad internet person. Does this mean I get cake now?

Manga = Comic and Anime = Cartoon, deal with it. I don't understand the argument here, and I've never heard a convincing argument as to why manga isn't a comic or anime isn't a cartoon other than "it just isn't". From where I sit, a comic book is a story told through illustrations, speech bubbles and written sound effects, regardless of which part of the earth it was drawn in. Same die for a cartoon- if it's animated, it's a cartoon, and geography plays no part in that.

Yeah, it's obvious that No Right Answer isn't supposed to be super totally serious business, and I don't know how people can't see that just by watching it, or even just looking at the title of the show.

I just now have this image in my head of Wario and Waluigi barging into someone's house, screaming "WAAAAAAA!", stealing their lunch and running away. I can't stop laughing at it.


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Jul 27, 2009
Good episode guys.

1: Current/Ex President to see on podcast:
If Necromancy is your thing, you should get Abraham Lincoln on. You can ask how he thought about appearing in Bill and Ted and how he feels about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

2: Feelings about Playdo faces?
This one confuses me. Neutral I suppose.

3: Jim Sterling Test
I am, in fact, not Jim Sterling.

4: Favorite Movie Trilogy - Favorite Movie in the Trilogy?
I'd make a joke here about Metal Gear Solid, but there are technically 4 main installments and my favorite one (aka the best one) is MGS3 which, important, isn't really part of the Solid Snake trilogy, if you would call it that.

Not really sure about movies. I guess if you ignore X3 and Wolverine, and replace them with First Class, then the X-Men trilogy is good. X2 being my favorite cuz.

5: Why I like the Uncharted series?
I haven't played any of them, which is a little weird since I've had a PS3 since near launch.

6: Why Chris is wrong / which DB/DBZ is better, manga or anime?
I've only seen the anime. I remember watching Dragon Ball when I was young young, and DBZ in high school on Toonami. I stopped watching part way through the Majin Buu stuff and before the fusion stuff. The worst thing about it though was the filler, so I guess manga wins by default.

7: What I thought was awesome about E3?
The new IPs (Beyond, Watch Dogs) looked interesting, The Last of Us demo, Matt and Trey making fun of Microsoft's press conference during the press conference.

8: Which Pac-Man ghost was in the Wreck It Ralph trailer?
There's no way I could answer that without cheating, so... I won't.

9: My opinion on Snorigin stories + examples?
The only snorigin story that could possibly be good, would be one that involves Snorlax.

10: Favorite Goldeneye weapon?
Probably one of the mines.

Funny story about the Klobb, one time I was playing multiplayer with people on 1-hit kills and pistols only. I found a Klobb (probably a glitch) and completely dominated.

11: Why am I awesome?
Isn't it obvious? Among many other things, I have an excellent taste in webshows.

12: Why manga are/are not comic books?
They are similar in the whole stories in panel form thing. And they are different because, um... cultural relevance and art style and um, some other stuff. It's like apples and oranges. A&O have plenty of similarities, but they are the go to example for incomparable things.

13: Why I get it / No Right Answer explains itself?
How does the show being called No Right Answer self-explain why there's no right answer to your debates? I.. hmmm.. I dunno.

14: Are the Canadian accents horrible?
Weren't spectacular, but I'm not Canadian so maybe it's actually good and I just don't know any better.


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Oct 21, 2008
I'm not sure how many of these comments actually relate to the contents of the episode, but here we go.

Asking a president to come on to your show and only ask them about their involvement in geek culture would be a welcome change of pace, both for the audience and for the interview process in general.

Considering the disparity in how you two emote, I think Chris should be the one with the Play-Doh face. And if he shaved, maybe more people would see that.

With the rise of Wikipedia, I know more about comic book characters than I could ever hope to by reading the trade paperbacks (and keeping me from having to buy horrible comics, too). The second Hollywood accepts that people will only care about someone's background after you've proven them to be sufficiently awesome, the better our movies will be.

Also, I'm disappointed the tagline for The Amazing Spider-Man is not "Look out! Here comes..."

I've played Goldeneye maybe once, so best not to ask me that one.

Are the Americans doing Canadian accents horrible? No. Are Canadians doing American accents horrible? Pretty universally.

Chris, I don't know if it was because I got stuck against uber-cheap Zangief in SFIV while I was listening to the show, but I was getting enraged that you had to spend an extra five minutes talking about Mario Tennis in its various iterations.


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Mar 18, 2010
I feel a need to mention that with Avatar being an original American creation it is a lot less likely to have filler and be more explained due to the intended audience. Unlike Dragon Ball which being an adaptation of a source is prone to be altered, especially when they are airing/publishing almost simultaneously and it happens with all long running manga to anime productions. Not trying to say it's right but thought you should at least know the cause & why it will always happen.


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Apr 6, 2009
Whoa, I ninja'd myself. (while watching the new episode of Futurama even)
You are forgetting the real question: What would Obama's sandwich nickname be?
Guest suggestion: Sam T. from ebolaworld/Tacoman.
Getting fitted for a tux, eh? Did you look at each other through cardboard tubes and reinact the James Bond intro?
I heard an odd idea for a trilogy once; "I, Robot", "A.I." and then The Matrix.
Meh, doesn't really hold up.
Favorite weapon in Goldeneye? throwing knives, and I do believe there was a level where you can find one for a stealth kill. (The library?)

2nd fave was the tank :p
It goes Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.
(I learned that from Gallagher BTW)


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Feb 18, 2011
Some things I missed in my first comment:

I actually liked The Hunger Games books. They're not perfect, but they're perfectly good to read -- if anything, I might call them (especially the last one, Mockingjay) a bit too fast paced (seriously, every single chapter ends on a WHAM moment). The movie was a different story, since I don't think it worked for people who hadn't read the books, but it worked for those who had. (Though no one liked the shaky cam.)

The Prestige trilogy, mentioned on Cracked [], is unfinished, with The Prestige and Inception being the two parts that have been released so far. The next movie Nolan makes after Dark Knight Rises will probably be the final part of that trilogy.

I keep trying but failing to come up with interesting trilogies. If we go to books, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is one of my favorite. And yes, it counts -- Douglas Adams called it a trilogy, and that's good enough for me.


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Dec 19, 2007
Great episode as usual.

I'm not American so I don't know much about presidents, but Jimmy Carter was on the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe podcast a couple years back to talk about his experience seeing a UFO. So maybe him? Probably easier to get than Obama. Then again I don't know much about Carter so he may not be that good a guest. On the other hand even if he sucks then at least you can say you had a president on the show.

the abyss gazes also

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Apr 10, 2012
Random thought. If you asked obama about his favorite Avenger wouldn't he have too choose Captain America for political reasons? If he didn't it would be spun as Obama hates America. ... though if he did choose Cap people would say he was pandering.


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Mar 9, 2010
Hmm, yeah kinda similar to how anime and western cartoons aren't really of the same category, manga and comics kinda are too different to really fit together. Among other things, the similar difference of ongoing stories vs. much more episodic structures tend to stick out. Not to say there aren't manga and comics that break from their trends, but it's how you think of them.

I still think you guys should try to get the Two Best Friends Matt and Pat from machinima on the show. I feel you guys would click.


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Apr 23, 2008
Hey I live in Washington! If you ever need someone to come down and stalk you I will. I can't afford tickets anywhere so I could hide in your luggage and follow you to conventions that way. To put the comics and manga argument into a way media sandwich listeners would understand. It's like comparing sandwiches to paninis. Clearly they share structural similarities but are assembled differently.

wait a minute, here is an idea maybe you can reverse stalk me like Tenacious D! Here is a hint to finding me.

Edit: I feel I should point out I'm a teacher not a student. No middle schooler I know should be allowed on the internet.


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Oct 18, 2008
Since you want comments, and been listening to it bit by bit. Let me say, you good. Will give you more comments when done. Though keep in mind I tend to be a bit of a delayed listener. I tend to hear your podcast a week or two usually after they aired. This is simply because I was late to the party and tend to have to listen to the podcast 3 or 4 times before I catch everything since I am listening to it with a lot of noise at work or working out in the lawn. So give me awhile before I comment on anything. Also you may not get a president on as easily as you could get a vice president on. Simply Obbama saying I want a sandwich can be used to attack him. Since this is a sandwich based medium it is important to be entertain and delicious. Something I don't think a president can do. Though a vice president, no one actually cares what they say. So he can come on and talk about all the sandwiches he eats without any backlash.

Though a backlash sandwich is pretty decent. For anyone that doesn't know a backlash sandwich contains black licorice with fluffernutter splatter on toasty sandwich buns. So there is nothing dirty about a backlash sandwich, unless you make it dirty. Then it is your own fault for adding chocolate syrup in the sandwich. That is just wrong to add syrup into a sandwich.

Anyways will be adding comments latter, and hopefully I can have a better reasoning to have a sandwich in here so I can stay on topic.

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Jul 1, 2010
President: Obvious answer is Obama.

Play-doh face: comment.

Favorite Trilogy: The Marvel Films. I'm somehow making it a trilogy. With my favorite being the culmination, The Avengers.

Uncharted: I'm one of the freaks who own a PS3, but I doesn't like the Uncharted series. It's a decent enough shooter, but Nathan Drake annoys me.

Manga/Anime: Most of the time, the manga is better. Very rare occasion where the anime is better.

E3: Well, not much. E3 this year was either about stuff we already knew about or stuff nobody cares about.

It was Clyde.

Snorigins: Indeed... and with Spiderman, it all seems redundant. They never showed Professor X's origin in any of the X Movies, and nobody cared. What's more, nobody cares about Spiderman's parents and how they tie in to his origin. Plus, when it was brought up in the comics, it was a clusterfuck.

Goldeneye: I wasn't that big on Goldeneye. Then again, I was a little kid when it came out.

Why I'm awesome: Because I SAY SO.

Manga/Comics: I don't really give a crap.

Title: Welcome to the internet, where some people just don't get anything.

Not really sure what to say about the accent... but it isn't Canadian

also, nice quote: "Waluigi does not give any effs."