Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 15


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Apr 6, 2009
I just realized something, Stephen Tobolowsky plays a minor role in my favorite movie. See if you can guess it.

"You idiots! These are not them, you've captured their stunt doubles!"


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Oct 18, 2008
Current/Ex President to see on podcast:

This I would like to be done with voices. Even if you can't get a president on, you can still have fun with the concept. Bill Clinton is probably your best bet, since he is trying to make his wife look good so she can win in the 2016 elections.

Feelings about Playdo faces?
It has to do with how you say it. Kind of how saying robit is more humorious then robot.

Favorite Movie Trilogy - Favorite Movie in the Trilogy?
I do have to agree Back to the Future. Though the second one is still my favorite, simply cause it is the easiest to watch over and over.

Why I like the Uncharted series?
I don't and won't simply because the main character, I no like. There are some games out there that the main character comes off as so bad I don't want to have anything to do with it. Just personal preference is all.

Why Chris is wrong / which DB/DBZ is better, manga or anime?
They are both about the same.

No Right Answer is good at what it is. Though the problem is that it could be better. See your best comic episode for that. I think if you went more that route I would care more about the show rather then just cheeking it out to see what you be talking about on the podcast about.

You are kind of right that manga isn't comics. Though it is the same as to why JRPG is not a RPG. It is there both about the same but the japan version of it. Its called manga because it is the japanese word for comic. Since it comes from there and gets all of its rules and whatever from there. It is called manga.


On GoldenEye the gun that spits out the bullets after they were done. Just always make me laugh. Then again I may be thinking of Perfect Dark and not Goldeneye.

My opinion on Snorigin stories + examples?

Is needed because of Superman doing it. It was the first big superhero movie that was done. I agree should be done simply as for Spiderman, I'm a Spider who is a man. That is why I can do what I can. The thing is that people wonder how, though the best Origin story has to go with Authur from The Tick. Tied of being an account makes his own costume, and quits his job to be a Superhero. Takes about 10 minutes to show Though if it doesn't work to define the character it should be skipped. Take for example The Shadow. It is only in trying to figure out how to defeat the villain do they show how he became The Shadow. In showing this he figures out how to defeat the bad guy. Before that, he just has the powers because he is The Shadow. Nothing needed beyond that.

Wreck it Ralph is Toy Story with video games. That is why it is great. Clide may be the ghost, but could be Blinky for all I know.

What I thought was awesome about E3?
Last of us for the same reason as I am Alive. I like that world in contrast to the sillier games like Lollipop Chainsaw.


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May 29, 2010
So I'm watching this on Father's Day 2013, and this was recorded after Father's Day 2012 and uploaded after recording. Future-past-future, huh?

I'd love it if you guys brought back these Sandwiches or just did another little show come next year.