Metal Gear Solid Director: Series Will Go On

Junaid Alam

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Apr 10, 2007
Metal Gear Solid Director: Series Will Go On

Metal Gear Solid series director Hideo Kojima has said the fourth installment will not mark the end of the series - or his involvement with it - after all.

"Metal Gear will always be around. I feel a responsibility to continue this series as long as users demand it," he said in a recent Reuters interview.

This stands at odds with his 2005 statement in which he said that he and the series art designer,Youji Shinkawa, were done with the series and wanted to move on.

Kojima has a history of flip-flopping on the issue.

In 2001, he said the second game was the last - and that statement, in turn, was contradicted later in the year when he said the series must "live on."

In his most recent musings on the matter, he did add that his involvement from here on out would be scaled back, although that may be hard to believe given his deep and commanding involvement with the franchise so far, lengthy exposition and all.

"It doesn't mean I'm going to sit in completely. I'll probably take a different role in the next game," he said. "Maybe I'll sit in as producer and let the young staff take control of the new series. I really want to go on to new things."

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Dec 13, 2007
Thats good news in a way; as long as the games keep living up to their previous incumbants.

It raises a question though, what about Snake?


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Nov 29, 2007
There is always a Snake, there is always a Boss. There is always a Cyborg Ninja, there is always a quirky miniboss squad, there is always an offscreen back-up team.

As long as these rules are roughly adhered to, and bent with in-story reasons, then I'm cool with Kojima stepping back. The plot can only can get weirder and more broken from here on. As long as the gameplay stays great...


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Mar 2, 2008
TheNecroswanson said:
Metal Gear Solid 5: Metal Gear Hip Joints.
Metal Gear Solid 6: Grandson of Snake
Metal Gear Solid 7: Please, we need money.
...I don't know whether to laugh or not...

Anyway, If it does go on, I wonder how, since every direct clone of Big Boss will most likely die in thi sgame (Unless they pull they Metal Gear Acid thing, and clone Solid Snake).


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Dec 9, 2007
Is this the epitome of PR stunts in Japan? He might as well declare the reason why he isn't giving it up is because the series prints damn money.


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Jan 21, 2008
Xwii360 said:
Sony- "OH SHIT! Our only decent exclusive franchise is over?! We can't have this!"

Kojima- "I'm done with this so I'll just let the n00b people make some bullshit for Sony."

I might be taking it too far but I'm preeety sure that I'm all to close to the truth ^_-
Yeh... they don't need to coerce Square at least...