Microsoft Apologizes to Gay Gamers, Considers Solutions


Random Lurker
Jun 6, 2008
CantFaketheFunk said:
Miral said:
This is the bit that really puzzles me. Perhaps it's just because I don't use XBL myself, but how exactly can a user profile use it in a derogatory way? The profile is presumably written by the person that it is about, so the only one that they can demean by it is themselves. And, well, if someone wants to insult themselves on their profile, I guess it just provides evidence about what sort of person they are anyway.
"I hate gays"? "If you're losing and quit you're gay"? Something like that.
See, I still think that says more about the person who put that on their profile than anyone else. It's useful to know that they're a douchebag beforehand :)