Microsoft Reports High Attachment Rates

Shawn Andrich

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Aug 4, 2006
Microsoft Reports High Attachment Rates

Microsoft has released statistics touting high software attachment rates for the Xbox 360 and brisk downloads over Xbox Live.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox 360 now carries a software attachment rate of 4.6 games per console. This means that on average, four to five games have been purchased by each Xbox 360 owner. Microsoft hopes this number increases further as they beef up their release list to 160 games by the end of 2006. They also claim that 2.9 accessories have been sold for each system on average.

Microsoft went on to say that 80 per cent of Xbox Live users have downloaded content from the Xbox Live Marketplace. 70 per cent have downloaded music videos, movie and game trailers, and 65 have downloaded at least one game from Live Arcade. That makes over 8 million Live Arcade downloads in total, although no distinction is made between demos and charged content.

Microsoft expects between 13 to 15 million Xbox 360 system units will ship by the end of 2007.

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Jun 13, 2002
There's also a few more Live-related stats in a article at 1up [] which goes into a bit more detail on paid vs. free downloads. said:
Microsoft reported that its average user has 25+ Marketplace downloads on their computer, with 45M downloads and an 80% of Xbox 360 owners have downloaded at least something. However, only 25% of Live subscribers are using Microsoft's Point system.
If 80% are on Live, and 25% of those are using the points, then 20% of the console users are actually purchasing content. There's no indication of how much content, but they also indicated that three titles have reached over $1mm in Marketplace sales (including CoD2).