Midway's Mystery Man Materializes

Logan Westbrook

Transform, Roll Out, Etc
Feb 21, 2008
Midway's Mystery Man Materializes

There has been a veil of secrecy surrounding the new owner of Mortal Kombat publisher Midway, and accusations of shady dealings have been flying around. But now, mystery man Mark Thomas has struck back in a declaration to the Delaware bankruptcy court.

Under penalty of perjury, Thomas declared that he had not met the previous owner of Midway, Sumner Redstone, nor his daughter Shari, who had previously served as Midway's chairperson, before, during or after the deal was struck. He claims that he was informed that Midway might be available for sale by Sumner's lawyers, and that deal was organized through them.

But who is Mark Thomas? Well, in his declaration to the court, he went so far as to attach a resume, dating all the way back to 1980. Thomas is a 52 year old lawyer who resides in Massachusetts with an extensive background in business development and restructuring. He currently owns Estabrook Partners, LLC, a private equity firm that he set up in 2007 and his personal worth is estimated around the $10 million mark.

Of course, all this might be meaningless, as even if it wasn't a plot cooked up by the Redstone's as some have insinuated, Thomas still has the opportunity to make a 30,000% return on his investment, by cashing in his secured debt [http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/89454], which takes priority over the unsecured debts held by most of Midway's other creditors.

Thomas' full declaration can be found here [http://cdn2.libsyn.com/gamepolitics/midway-BK-mark-thomas-declaration.pdf?nvb=20090308204610&nva=20090309205610&t=0277caad716a2bf878929].

Source: GamePolitics [http://www.gamepolitics.com/2009/03/07/midway039s-mystery-man-steps-light]



Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
Jun 7, 2008
So, maybe he's just a really savvy businessman, who saw the opportunity and went for it. I mean, he's worth 10 mil, he probably doesn't need to engage in some sort of bankruptcy scam with Sumner for more cash.