Mock Trials Split Between Schwarzenegger and EMA


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Sep 12, 2010
Electrogecko said:
I wonder what factual and statistical evidence anyone could POSSIBLY use against video games. All these studies that show causation between violent games and real life violence could be applied to movies, books, music, paintings, and sculptures with the same results. Every little thing in this world affects whether you act out violently/sexually or not- even the type of chair you sit on at your work desk or your favorite food. It'll either make you less likely or more likely- there is nothing that has no effect.
And don't forget that linking violent crimes to video games is no harder than linking violent crimes to people drinking milk and for the same reason. Or that people have been ridiculously violent from the beginning of time. See the Celtics, the Spartans, the Vikings, the Huns, the Romans... The list goes on.

I don't really see the judges upholding this law. By and large, Judges are very intelligent. They would have to see the possible effects that this law could have not just on the medium, but on entertainment as a whole. And they have to know the history of these laws.


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Apr 24, 2008
A game 'awoke' something in her? =S Glad no-one let her read Lolita at a young age if she's that susceptible ;-) There is just so much wrong with that statement...

But seriously, I've heard amateur high-school debate teams that have come up with more compelling points than that. 'Comedy gold' is indeed the appropriate term =D


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Nov 17, 2008
I hate, HATE when they use one example of ONE person out of millions who enjoy something to try and put laws against it.

That makes no sense you're trying to oppress the majority opinion with the minority (probably wrong because you're saying a game got a girl pregnant basically, that's called a maternal clock)


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Nov 13, 2009

Are they actually serious about this? I mean they represented the entire games industry by Postal!

Well obviously Postal shares so much with games like Half-Life, Katamari, and Street Fighter IV.... oh wait a minute NO IT DOESN'T!!!

Honestly, do these people understand what they're talking about? Go watch Extra Credits you hacks!


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Apr 4, 2010
saying that all games are like postal is like saying all movies are like saw

same goes to books and any other medium


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Jan 6, 2010
I don't know about you, but my idea of obscene differs greatly from most people I meet, let alone what Amish think. So if I'm ok with my son buying games that an Amish person doesn't want to be sold, then I'm out of luck? How does that work?
Have you never heard of the Miller Test? It what we use to judge if something is Obscene or not. Almost every video game passes all three prongs, and can not considered to be Obscene.


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Jul 8, 2008
I think that if we get the folks from Extra Credits to make an appearance, then they'll tell such a wondrous tale of how great video games are that everyone in the Supreme Court will have to shut the law down on the spot. I think that's a sound plan.

But on topic: This mock trial worries me, too. I mean, if the defense is dumb enough not to show the judges that there are games other than fucking POSTAL of all things, then we're all screwed.


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Aug 4, 2009
Part of me isn't worried about this. Its a bit silly. Another part of me is absolutely terrified that this DOES pass and the worst happens.

Yet another part of me says that even if it does pass, nothing significant will come of it (although I'm much less sure about that.)

Even then, the mountains of evidence against this law compared with the small amount for it...

I just don't even know. We'll see in November.


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Mar 19, 2009
If the local standard was permitted, the application of a local Amish community's understanding of obscenity would act as a censor on the whole of the nation in terms of material published on the Internet.
i hate to say this here, but im quite sure there against video games in any form (this is an assumption looking at the related material on the wiki page), and using them as a basis would result in games being well... banned from being sold to people under 18 at all. Aka games would be for over 18's only, that is if they dont decide that all ages should be governed by said rule.