More Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Cards Revealed

Steven Bogos

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Jan 17, 2013
More Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Cards Revealed

The traditional Blizzard "slow trickle" of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards continues.

One of the biggest reveals at BlizzCon this year was the new Hearthstone expansion: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan []. As usual, Blizzard revealed a number of the expansion's cards right off the bat (31 to be exact) but is allowing the remaining 101 cards to be slowly revealed day by day. We've collected all of the cards that have been unveiled since the initial BlizzCon announcement for your convenient viewing pleasure.

Check them out below:


Lots of interesting stuff in this batch! Two new legendaries are revealed: Shaku, the Collector, and Auctionmaster Beardo. Shaku functions similarly to Coldarra Drake [], and they already don't really see much play.

Other than that, we see a few more of these "multi-class" cards, which honestly, have fairly bland text so far. I understand they need to be balanced for all three classes, but still...

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments! Click here [] to see all the previously revealed cards.


Godzillarich(aka tf2godz)

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Apr 14, 2020
Just going to copy and paste this from the other thread:

Okay let's look at the card so far.


Kun the Forgotten King: Very interesting idea but tempo is the King of this game right now so I don't know if you can still win the game by turn 10 Even with Druid but probably pretty good for arena.

Lunar Visions: Should be really good for big minions

Pilfered Power:...I feel like blizzard is trying to kill aggro decks with a nuke at this point, Which I totally approve of. Seriously this is kind of ridiculous. Especially since it's kind of easy for him to pile up small minions at the beginning.

Mark of the Lotus: Look another OP card, I mean holy shit blizzard calmed down Druid wasn't that weak


Piranha launcher: Unless they are releasing a card to synergize well with, this weapon is pure garbage.


Manic Soulcaster: So you put down a Spider Mech and get a copy of another card, That's pretty good.


Wickerflame Burnbristle: Looks like a pretty interesting card but I'm not sure if it would fit in the meta, especially since Paladin has all the heals in the universe

Small-Time Recruits: Seems boring but practical, especially for shield Paladin

Meanstreet Marshal: I can't see this card being played that much, It seems like too much work to get one card.

Getaway Kodo: oh good Secret paladins coming back isn't it? I'm just going to go cry in the corner now.


Dragonfire Potion:...So I think blizzard listen to us about priest.

Drakonid Operative: Considering that Dragon priest was just made a thing again, I can see this being played, Especially since it has really good stats.

Pint-Size Potion: I like To call this card the "fuck you aggro decks", Not sure it will be enough but it's the thought that counts.

Kabal Talonpriest: The priest card we've been asking for, seriously priest needed a Good three drop.

Potion of Madness: I can see this card being decent especially mixed with pint-size potion


Lotus Assassin: They just want to straight up murder Agro decks, don't they? but all seriousness this looks like a pretty good card.

Counterfeit Coin: Looks really good especially for combo decks.


I know a Guy: An okay card for the most part, I think I'll do well in arena


Lotus Agents: Decent ability, absolute garbage stat line

Grimestreet Informant: A okay stat line and an extra card is pretty sweet.

Kazakus: It seems absolutely awesome but sadly very impractical But hey Reno look like that and that change the meta.

Kabal Courier: Same as the other two, okay ability but weak Stat line.


Finja, the Flying Star: So an auto-included In every murloc deck then...

Patches the Pirate: Seems like a pretty good card but it depends if Pirate finally becomes a thing

Wind-up Burglebot: Too much mana and to weak to see any play.

Fel Orc Soulfiend: meh is all I can say about this card

Big-Time Racketeer: Interesting card but I'm not sure it really fits.

Second-Rate Bruiser: There trying to destroy Agro deck's very soul so they can never come back again aren't they? once again I 100% approve

Kooky Chemist: Considering that his smaller brother doesn't see play I don't think he will either.

Friendly Bartender: A decent effect and a decent stat line, good for arena and constructive

Mistress of Mixtures: aka The new zombie chow.

Overall these cards a really sweet and I'm excited for this Expansion

Let's see what we have here


Shaku: I can see the potential but at best it seems like he's only going to get one card and there is already a bunch of ways To steal cards with less risk


Auctionmaster: I honestly can't see how this could be useful Besides being 400 dust

Grook Fu master: Like most when fury minions will not see play.

Worgen Greaser: Just pure trash.

Hired gun: An okay arena card but unplayable everywhere else

Blowgill sniper: I can see this being played in Murlock decks.

Dirty rat: This seems like the card the priest really needs and hopefully it will deliver.

Backroom bouncer: it is too little health To be that useful, maybe in arena.

Dopplegangster: This + evolved Equals Three terrifying Six drops, I can see the card working.


Grimstreets Smuggler: Seems like an okay card and interesting new mechanic


Trogg Beastrager: Seems to situational considering other cards can do the same thing in this expansion but To a wider range of minions.

Shaky Zipgunner: Seems like a really decent card Giving a minion +2/2 As a face deck is really beneficial.

Dispatch kodo: I can see this being played But it seems a little bit Under stated.

Warrior: so more weapon warriors then? I think this will season play.

Stolen goods: it's so adorable how hard the trying to make taunt warrior thing. I'm pretty sure this won't be the card to do that.

Grimy Gadgeteer: seems a really good stat increase card.

Alleyarmorsmith: Seems like a card with a lot of potential Especially from a warrior


Grimstreets outfitter: This card looks amazing especially Agro Paladin.

Smugglers run: can't tell this will be useful but if it can work I think it could be devastating.

Grimestreet Enforcer: This card seems really useful, Even if it's destroyed That's still plenty of value.

Grimestreet Protector: seems like a really interesting card but it turned seven you pretty much screwed when it comes to aggro.


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Aug 25, 2014

Just because it's easier to put random effects into your game, doesn't mean that you should go overboard. Some consistency would be wonderful in this game; I"m getting a little tired of people winning because Babbling Book gave you a Polymorph or you managed to Burgle/Thoughtsteal a Swipe.

I mean, professional Hearthstone is a farce. Just ask Amnesiac: he had Pavel on the ropes twice and wound up losing because Babbling Book gave Pavel the precise answers he needed.

And let's not forget about Yogg-Saron...

The designers behind Hearthstone are plenty talented. Can't they come up with something better than just "Let's add more random effects because this game is digital!". This expansion, people are going to win games because they managed to discover an amazing class card for a class that isn't theirs, or you got lucky and managed to get one particularly big minion in your hand supercharged.


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May 25, 2011
Kibeth41 said:
If anything, this expansion is significantly less random than others.
Indeed, this is definitely the good kind of randomness. It's not simply giving a random card or effect that might win the game or might be completely useless, it's things you have to build your deck around. You have control over what is in your hand, so buffing a random creature isn't actually all the random; the idea is that you choose what to put in your deck and you control what you've played so that the specific things you want to get buffed are the ones that do.

tf2godz said:
Dispatch kodo: I can see this being played But it seems a little bit Under stated.
If anything I'd say it's too powerful. Currently, 3 mana gets you 2/2 with battlecry deal 1 damage, in not the best card ever but one that does see play. This is one more mana for +2 stats and a beast, and a minimum of +1 damage but potentially more. Just the stats and beast synergy would be worth extra cost, a 2 damage battlecry is even better, and being the only buffable damage battlecry is really pretty great.

Trogg Beastrager: Seems to situational considering other cards can do the same thing in this expansion but To a wider range of minions.
See the above point about randomness - if you want to buff specific minions, restricting the buff to only certain card types is actually better than potentially targeting all minions. Using Beastrager to guarantee a buff to your Dispatch Kodo will give much better value than buffing some other random minion. In any case, there really aren't lots of other cards that can do the same thing - of all the cards shown so far, none of the ones that buff minions in your hand are neutral; one is multiclass and the others are all class specific. So it's not like Beastrager is competing with other, better cards, if you're a hunter and you want this mechanic, that's what you take. As for being too situational, that's generally the whole point of deckbuilding in CCGs - you choose cards that work well together even though they may be weaker individually. In a beast deck, this card is fine, in a deck with a few beasts it gives you control over what to buff, and in a randomly thrown together deck it's largely useless. That doesn't mean it's a bad card, it just means it's intended for use in beast decks.