most captivating tv show/anime you have watched recently?


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Mar 20, 2010
Well the only anime I'm currently watching is Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of The Dead. ("Of The Dead" is the add-on to signify it's the second season)
An action, comedy, harem, ecchi. And the main character is a crossdressing magical girl zombie with a sister complex.

It's hilarious, and a goldmine for funny screenshots.

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Apr 5, 2010
I've been watching the entire run of Andromeda (Yay for the netfilx, and thank god for your unlimited usage).

You know when something completely passes you by when it came out at the time, and then it's not till years later that you finally get the chance to see it and it turns out to be amazingly good? Yeah well that's what Andromeda is like for me.


Just noticed that the OP stated anime show, um then the last one would have to be Neon Genesis Evangellion (sp?) which was good but rather confusing at times.


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Sep 11, 2009
I'm gonna say Puella Magi Modoka Magica, for it's... unique interpretation of magical girl animes.

Also, I don't watch TV as much as I used to - gotta start working on that! There are a few suggestions here I'd like to check out...


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Aug 29, 2011
Matt King said:
CrimsonBlaze said:
Matt King said:
well so what is the latest tv show or anime or whatever that you recently started watching that you just can't stop?

mine would be higurashi(when they cry)

dear god this anime is so disturbing and twisted, until the end i wasn't really sure if anyone was good or bad or what, especially when everyone started pulling out knives(/cleavers/metal bats/torture equipment) but the fact is even though they brutally killed innocents so many times, i still found the characters likable and i just haven't been able to stop watching,

so what's yours?
This show was a little too strange, gory, misleading, and complex for me to actually enjoy, so I bailed after the first character's story arc. I will give props to the creator of the series for making quite possibly the cutest characters to ever be killed, tortured, and look damn scary.
can i just say, they have found ways through alternate story arcs so they can kill the main characters again and again and again and almost every single one of them has a killing rampage
I'm familiar with the anime series, I just didn't get to see all of it in it's entirety. I'm not in anyway saying that it wasn't good, it's just that I did not personally enjoy it.


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Aug 6, 2009
I watched 5 seasons of The Sopranos for the first time this past few months, so, uh, that. Slowing down a bit now to watch season 6 with each AV Club classic review, though. Also, patiently waiting for Breaking Bad (AKA the greatest tv show ever made) to come back.

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Sep 23, 2010
Ah Higurashi... Best anime i've seen for quite a while, hard to rewatch though. Not cuz of the loltastic brutality. It's just hard to watch small snippets of a large mystery story spanning two seasons. XD

Another is one of the most recent animes i've liked, I've always liked the muder mystery stuff in general, the deaths are pretty cool, well thought out and occasionally hilarious.

Some random girl just freaks out and runs straight off a cliff in the flashback sequence. HA! That was fucking classic!

Though I will never touch an umbrella again I think...

Mei is pretty cool as a character... Wonder how much of that has to do with the badass eyepatch. I like cool glasses/eyepatches/other eye-related dohickeys far too much XP

And Medaka Box. It reminded me of how good the manga was and how I really should go and pick that up again... Loved the way it (arguably) jumped the shark into the land of classiness (Medaka actually covered up her impossibly low neckline!) and really interesting plot points and characters. Not that they weren't good before, but at the start of the one arc it gets really damn good.

Wonder how far the anime will get to? Well at least Gainex can't pull a trolltastic, Christmas ruining ending (for some) like in PS&G. God that was funny.


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Jan 27, 2012
I just finished Lost and watched as a piece of my soul died during the ending. I don't have any big issues with the religious themes in the ending, as many do, but ignoring most of the show's core mythology was infuriating.

It took me about six months to watch the series and it was by far the best television show I had ever seen. Even the sixth season was very good, all the way until I realized after watching the final episode that they had purposefully chucked most of the sci-fi and fantasy of the earlier seasons to make room for a broad explanation that wouldn't require plugging most of the plot holes.

The writers say that the reason behind the lack of answers was so it could be interpreted, but I don't believe that excuses the rampant plot holes the last season left open.

All that said, I had an absolute blast watching the vast majority of it, so that's something that a crappy ending can never take away.


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Jan 23, 2010
The fiancé and I just got done watching Black Lagoon and enjoyed it a lot. :) We just started watching Darker Than Black together and so far we like it as well. :)


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Dec 8, 2011
"Puella Magi Madoka Magica" hands down.

If you don't know anything about this anime, you are NOT ready for it.