Most hated enemy in gaming?


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Feb 3, 2010
either God Rugal or Shin Akuma from Capcom Vs SNK 2
1 hit kills, insane speeds, unlimited super bars, unblockable moves, I have never raged so much with a game before


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Jul 7, 2010
Necromancer Jim said:
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Raskolnikov34 said:
The Head crabs from Half-life in all their varieties.

They're just so insidiously annoying.
Hate the poison headcrabs..."HURR DURR LEAVE YOU WITH 1HP LEFT" =(

I hate Cazadors and Giant Cazadors in Fallout: New Vegas...really hate them.
I concur with Cazadors, those fucking things suck ass.

I'm already creeped out by tarantula wasps as it is (got attacked by one when I was young) so when they are the size of terriers in large groups it just grosses me right the hell out.
Heh. The size of terriers. Honest Hearts has them at the size of relatively large cars.
CARS?! no way I'm ever playing Honest Hearts now you've said that!


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Dec 11, 2009
Dfskelleton said:
When I saw the word "hate" and "enemy" in the title, do you know which bastard instantly came to mind?

I'm not kidding, fighting him makes me want to pull my controller in half. He has the cheapest attacks in the game that can't be blocked, do tons of damage and instantly stun you, he's constantly insulting you, throws don't work on him, he's always blocking your attacks, and to top it off, he's just an outright dick.
Ok, so he's a boss, not an enemy, but my hatred for him surpasses the likes of anyone else.
I couldn't agree more, the dude just trolls the shit out of you at every oppertunity, I have to resort to move spamming to beat him, and I hate people who move spam, he turns me into something I hate...