Most pointlessly hard achievement there is?


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May 29, 2010
C&C's "Game Over" and "Something to write home about" achievments, the former is beat a 5 mission long campaign on the hardest difficulty with all medals, now for those who havent played medals require you to make a level 10 times harder for yourself by putting in more rules eg win mission using 1 unit or never lose a building but you need ALL of them for the medal, and while you at it the later is complete the entire game with all medals highest difficulty without losing...


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Jun 9, 2010
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You know you can get Half Life achievements with cheats on right? At least on 360.

I still can't get Mile High Club or Sum of All Zeroes (Cod 4 and COD WAW)
I spent a straight week on Mile High Club. And I still don't have it.
Mile High Club is all about strategy. It's wierd, with stuff like that it's always been like, formulate a strategy and stick to it, and keep going til you get the execution right. Eventually I gave up after trying for freakin hours, bu then took a break and the next day I tried it again, got it first pop.
This is the right approach. On that specific level it's all about knowing the best places to use flashbangs to allow you to clear the most people quickly, where to reload, where best takes advantage of your team etc.

I probably died most on that level of any of the game, but found it considerably less frustrating than several of the levels, and it took me less time aswell, simply because of how short the level is, and how quickly you die and restart.

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Aug 24, 2010
Forgive me if this has been said, but when i last checked the Marathon achievement from Trials HD had been gotten by maybe ten people.


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May 25, 2010
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How about Infinite undiscovery 1g achievment... beat the game on normal mode, beat the game on hard mode, beat the game on impossible mode, and beat the Final Boss on impossible.... and its all for 1G! just 1G! the G for beating the game on normal is 99G so basically they are torturing OCD's with uneven gamerscore....
If I hadn't already given up on Infinite Undiscovery because of that damn bat & snake door, that would have certainly cured any interest I initially had in getting a perfect gamerscore.
Everybody has trouble with that and whats sad about it is that its only in the second chapter. Did you ever get past it?
Never got past it. Are you saying that there's nothing that's a PITA in the rest of the game, so if I get past it, I'm good?
Not sure what PITA is but i would only recommend going on only if the game interest you becuase its not until the second disk that you have a hard puzzle like the door again. if you need help watch this guy, he may be hard to understand but he will do a better job explaining it.. or look up an FAQ on it.


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Dec 6, 2008
Witty Name Here said:
Also, I heard of one in mirror's edge where you go through the game not shooting anyone or something... Good luck on those crazy missions where they corner you in a small room and almost FORCE you to use guns.
It's called "Test of Faith". I did it. It wasn't that hard, actually. The only trouble spot I had was in the one mission where you have to go down onto the subway platform and there's the four SWAT guys waiting for you with machineguns. I had to reload that section about twenty times, getting increasingly frustrated as time went on. Finally did it, though. Fun times.

Hardest achievement, though? Well, the feathers from Assassin's Creed 2 pissed me right off. Not because they were hard to find, necessarily, but because I had the game glitch out on me and not give me the trophy when I got all 100. Twice. The first time was because I downloaded the DLC right in the middle of a playthrough of the game. It was a known glitch that it might not accept the feather trophy requirements.

"Okay, that's fine. I like the story a lot; let's play it through again! Okay, 100 feathers! ... Why aren't I getting my trophy?"

I had to do it a third time to get it. Worth it, though: it's my only platinum.

As for hardest overall? Definitely the "Combo Specialist" trophy from the 2007 Prince of Persia. Okay, maybe not hard per sé, but it is freaking ridiculous. I'm not a math whiz, but there's got to be at least forty different combos you can pull off. That's pretty ridiculous, especially if you forget which you have done and which you haven't. Brutal.

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Apr 1, 2009
Too Human's 'Relics of a Forgotten Past'.

Grind for upwards of 120 hours looking for ridiculously low probability random drops.

Yeah, how about no?


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Jul 2, 2008
hopeneverdies said:
Any of the higher end ones from Audiosurf.

Ninjutsu: Do a 3 minute+ song on Ninja Elite while earning Stealth (no greys) and hitting every colored block? There ain't no way in Hell I could do that.

Other notables include: Snowstorm (get a 7 white block chain reaction), Stealth Legend (Ninja Mono, Stealth bonus, 11 min+ song), Bizarro (fill all columns within 15 seconds without matches), and Bauer (a 24 block match).
I have all of those except for Stealth Legend (I don't have any 11 minute+ songs in my library) and Bizarro >.>

OT: My choices were taken by the op...Valve has some sadistically ridiculous achievements.

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Jul 14, 2009
KiKiweaky said:
Didnt Halo have one called 'Seriously?' a million headshots in multiplayer?
Nope. You're most likely confusing it with the Gear's achievement "Seriously" which invloves killing 10,000 people online, or Gears 2's "Seriously 2.0" which invloves killing 100,000 thousand enemies across all game modes.

OT: My vote for hardest achievement would have to be "Guitar Hero" - Guitar Hero 3. It invloves 5-starring every song in the game.


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Jul 5, 2009
The one from Gears 2, kill a hundred thousand enemies. Not exactly that hard, but Christ...I've spent about fifty hours in that game (A lot of horde with mates) and am only just a ten thousand.

IamSofaKingRaw said:
Not for a trophy though trying to finish MGS4 in under 5 hours with:
No Alerts
No kills (yep you have to use non lethal weapons on bosses)

You basically have to memorize the whole damn game to do it.
The Big Boss one, wasn't it? Also not allowed to use health items, special items, etc. I have no idea how that could all be done in less than five hours (I'm assuming cutscenes aside?).


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Dec 16, 2008
The Nuka Cola quest in Fallout 3, The blue star bottle cap quest in New vegas, took me 5 hours a piece easily(100% completion in both games though, bam). Not hard, just very very annoying.

I have a guy on my friends list who got all the achievements in many games including: Ninja Gaiden 2, and the newest Star Ocean.

Dragon Age origins, the traveller, took me FOUR PLAYTHROUGHS before I got it right. The Dlc's though, I stopped getting all the achievements when darkspawn chronicles came out, wtf, I don't WANT to level up a bunch of shitty darkspawn. Didn't even get golems of agramark, and I'm pretty sure the assistants wrote witch hunt(rant).

On a side note, I don't really care for trophies as I do achievements. Trophies are pretty lame. Call it Accomplishments or something, Goal even.


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Sep 25, 2010
Undead Dragon King said:
"Three Mountains": Conquer the entire world as Ryukyu: a tiny pagan island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind
now that is an achievement. Its hard enough to conquer the world period, where would you even start?


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Apr 17, 2009
Anything that requires being number one on the leaderboards, also all but 2 on Mega Man 9, one being kill 500 enemies the other being beat the game once.


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Dec 17, 2010
Insane in the Membrane [] achievement for WoW.

It involves getting exalted with several factions, some of which were abandoned a long time ago and have no point/ hardly any way to get reputation with them. This will take you a long long long ass time.

Not to mention don't even try it if you don't have a level 60+ rogue. You have to farm 1400 items from NPCs, and good luck getting someone else to grind that shit for you.

Though it got significantly easier since they took out one of the factions in Cataclysm, you had to run an old old old dungeon about 200 times that hopefully drop books that you can turn in- but other items from other old old old dungeons are also necessary.


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Oct 18, 2008
Fuckin' "Seriously..."
No GOW, I've killed loads of people in ranked, I've killed plenty of people who have the achievement, I've even killed the #1 in warzone, I will not bother to get 10000 kills when it may not even count!


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May 16, 2010
And Prototype, finish the game without dying. It's impossible because of the fucking Hunters.[/quote]

Did that, played through it enough times to get ALL the upgrades, then played on easy cont., as you keep the upgrades. Wasn't even trying to get it, I was playing for funsies, as doing this is the same as a God Mode. Wasn't really that hard that way, either.


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Aug 14, 2010
Danceofmasks said:
Doesn't guitar hero 3 have achievements for NOT using a plastic guitar?
I was like, wtf ...
The majority of achievements on GH3: Legends of Rock are retardedly impossible. I think I've got 5G on it.


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Aug 20, 2008
There was a scrapped Achievement for Fallout 3 that was going to be "beat the entire story quest with max level in one sitting"
Fuck that.
I'm glad they didn't include that one. Oh wait, it could've been New Vegas. One of the two.
Either way, fuck that.
I just attempted that very feat earlier this month---and failed horribly. There's simply no way to do it short of using cheats (and the "one sitting" and console commands are mutually exclusive since the latter disables achievements for that session) in less than 40-50 hours, and even I can't stay awake that long (around 30 hours it becomes a real risk of me falling asleep in my chair).

I guess you could just leave the PC on and paused, though...

On-topic, Civilization 5, "Gotta Catch 'Em All". You need a supercomputer to beat a Huge map once, never mind doing it four times, once for each map type. It's not a matter of difficulty (you can play on Settler difficulty if you just want the achievement), it's having the patience to deal with the horribly poorly optimized code.