My OG Xbox One just scared the heck out of me acting funky


Unrealistic but happy
May 13, 2009
My OG Xbox One just scared the heck out of me acting funky.
I thought maybe MS was trying to kill it to force me to buy a newer model. (I do have the One X in a different part of the house). That would stink as on a 55" 1080p TV, the thing had been working great.

Simply rebooting twice seemed to fix it and then the interface looked different. Must have updated something and needed a push to finish.

Issues: Controller would not turn the system on. I manually powered the box on. Then, no wireless connectivity. It told me to reboot the router which I did not as it was definitely the box. It wasn't just that my router wasn't there in settings. I have a number of wireless sources that can be seen from this room. One of my favorites by a neighbor, dunno which one, has a visible SSID of "FBIVAN". Well, none of them were visible so I blamed the box, not my router.

After a power down and up, then a restart, alls well, including that new interface.

Just an FYI if you run into this issue.