Mystery And Controversy Surround Slavery The Game


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Feb 2, 2009
No way this is real.

First off, its "Adults Only", there has never been a single massively carried AO game...EVER. (PEGI 18 is not the same thing, thats an M game over here). The fact they show it on XBOX, PS3, and PC makes this all very unlikely. If it was PC only, I might believe it.

Outside of a CGI map view and "weapon select scree", there is ZERO game footage really being shown, I can't see the whole game being done in art stills.


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May 29, 2011
I don't see what the big deal is. You can already kill people in games, in Rome Total war you can even sell populations into slavery. That raised no outcry. Why is it a big deal here. This is not real life, no one is being hurt. If you find it morally offensive why don't you find all games that feature unethical actions offensive?


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Nov 2, 2009
It was probably made as a spoof or a publicity stunt. Presentation looks professional though.


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May 10, 2009
It's a hoax. It's rated AO (adults only), and if you look at the bottom of the page it says that it's coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 and Microsoft and Sony do not allow AO games on their consoles.


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Dec 22, 2009
I highly doubt that's a real game, but if it is, I doubt that it would actually be much fun once you get past the "ooh! edgy!" gimmick of slave trading.


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Sep 13, 2009
If this was just a historical trader i would buy it

i mean in Europa universals i usually try to capitalize on the slave trade already


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Apr 24, 2010
GothmogII said:
Why do I get the feeling that anagram has a decidedly less than PC meaning? Also, as I recall, there -is- a White Supremacist group that does actually make video games amongst other things, and if this is a serious effort I wonder if the two are connected?

Doubtful though, as from what I remember most of the their games besides being incredibly racist, were also incredibly shit unsurprisingly.

Otherwise, could just be someone deliberately trying to get a rise out of others, though some pretty decent production values in that vid all the same.
Have you seen the games though? They're just modded versions of extremely dated engines, they're not top tier gaming engines of the Crysis level they're levels of say Quake 1.


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Oct 15, 2009
Clearly a fake, although whether it's an elaborate joke or a political stunt - and what kind of message - is up in the air.

Youtube comment said:
..."Javelin Reds" is an anagram of "De Slavernij" (Dutch for "The Slavery")...
Yeah, it actually does sound like something the Dutch would do []. I'd expect it to the start of some campaign on at best some "Europe owe the world" campaign, or at worst a campaign on "videogames desensitizing us and trivializing tragedy". The flag in the start of it is Austrian though, so I suppose it could be some comment on European History in general.

Uriel-238 said:
So yeah, if it is a real game, it's a BDSM domination/submission play sex game, not a human trafficking sim.
You wouldn't see one of those on gated platforms like the Xbox 360 or PS3 though, such a game would be strictly on PC (...and maybe PSP []). So it's undoubtedly a fake.


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Jul 16, 2009
dogstile said:
Thomas Guy said:
Shoggoth2588 said:
Well then...that looks...different. Honestly I was hoping for something more S&M oriented but that's just me and my sick, depraved, mind. I think I'll be passing this one up though, even if it is real. Since it's advertised as being on the XBLA and, PSN I can't help but think buying this game or, expressing interest in or, defending this game could get you on some sort of watch-list. [sub]of course my bondagy thoughts could have already landed me on a watch list...[/sub]
You sir or madam, read my mind. All of it. Even the last part...stop it.

Edit- After watching the video...OH MY GOD. They can't be serious. On top of it looking like shit, it is so blatantly racist it's disgusting.
Erm, excuse me sir, but wtf are you on about? This shit actually happened in history. It's not racist to make a game that has the material in it. That's like saying its racist because you can play a black guy who steals stuff in GTA because its a black guy who's doing it.
I think that he meant it was racist in the way the voice over talked about slavery in such a way that it almost sounded like they were approving of it. In my opinion there is something very wrong with the way the trailer describes buying and disciplining slaves.


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Oct 25, 2010
reminds me of *cough*

Holocauster Tycoon; an imaginary game made up by me and friends when we were 16.

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May 12, 2009
Stall said:
Jarlaxl said:
1. It's the job of a gaming news website to report gaming news. This is gaming news. Ergo, it is reported. You don't pass up on things it is possible your readership will find interesting, even if it might cause "controversy." Should the news not report things like the lives of politicians because it might be controversial?

2. When your business model revolves around page rules, you're damn right they'll post news stories that will garner page hits. It reminds me of a line I heard many moons ago: "WOW! A BUSINESS ABOUT MAKING MONEY!!! It blew my mind! I mean, I know Donald Trump got into business to make friends..."
This isn't gaming news. It's some random moron with a video editor who made a fake trailer so he could get some views on his youtube account. You know what this article has done? Fed into that moron's desires. Great job. Instead of just letting the moronic little prank die in obscurity, they give it views. There is literally NOTHING news worthy on this. The only reason to report on this is to exploit the controversy for cheap views. Nothing more... nothing less. It's nothing new on this website: the overall quality of the journalism on this site ranges from several questionable to barely passing.

Even further, most evidence suggests this ISN'T EVEN A GAME. You said that gaming news websites report on gaming news. If this isn't a game, then why are they even reporting on this?

The simple fact is that The Escapist is exploiting the same controversy they are referring to in the article for their own game: to get page viewed. It's underhanded and totally lacks of journalistic integrity. Instead of reporting on something important, non-trivial, and REAL, they instead just exploit some controversy for easy page views... real classy.

Stop white knighting poor journalism, would you? The author could have let this stupid video die in obscurity to be forgotten by the internet, but instead decided to exploit someone's silly little prank for views.
You make it sound like the maker of the video is going to earn a huge profit from this. All it could have done was sparked some discussions and got some views on a youtube video... That's totally something morally apprehensive and disgusting. Now for his next big crime he'll rob a bank and blow up an orphanage... Also I think it's done it's job as news, it's informed people, got them discussing various themes and topics. What more do you expect from the news?