Mystery And Controversy Surround Slavery The Game


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Apr 18, 2008
Well, since this is obviously fake, the question now is, what is it about.

Is it some sort of weak attempt to "expose" the "violent and abominable" side of gaming; an diatribe on how violent games are wrong contained in a spoof trailer?

Is this someone parodying violent and distasteful games as a method of showing how focused on violence some games are (see the Dead space "your mom would hate this game" advertising which literally advertised their game around how violent and gory it was)

Is this some sort of plant by an anti-gaming group that they'll leak to fox news to stir up controversy, relying on the fervor the initial report stirs and the fact that fox probably won't admit they were wrong later and even if they do, that most people won't see that admission and as such continue to be misinformed and back the anti-gaming movement.

Is it someone's strange joke, like the "serial killer" rogue-like, designed to troll the Internet and cause drama for the sake of drama.

Is it a satire of some specific game or genre?

Who knows at this point.


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Sep 6, 2011
It is a viral for a Dutch documentary TV series about slavery, called "De Slavernij".

The creators of the series revealed this today [] (in Dutch but with English subtitles).


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Oct 8, 2008
I'm just hoping that no news organization is going to get wind of this.