Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 'Impossible' On Xbox 360

Earnest Cavalli

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Jun 19, 2008
Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 'Impossible' On Xbox 360

Adding fuel to the fire of the unending console wars, Christophe Balestra, co-president of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves developer Naughty Dog recently told Ars Technica that the game is simply too much for the Xbox 360 to handle.

"I guarantee that this game couldn't be working on XBox 360. It would be impossible. I'm 100 percent sure of this," Balestra said [].

"First of all, we fill the Blu-ray 100 percent, we have no room left on this one. We have 25GB of data; we're using every single bit of it."

Continuing, Balestra adds: "The fact that every PS3 has a hard drive is huge for us. It's the combination of Blu-ray and hard drive. You can play the entire game without loading. We don't require an install. We're doing all the post-processing effects on the SPUs [Synergistic Processing Units]. The quality of the depth of field we have, you can't do that on the Xbox."

Given that Sony owns Naughty Dog and the success of the firm's upcoming game demands that consumers believe it to be the prettiest example of game development currently available, it's no surprise that Balestra would be waving his metaphorical pom-poms like this.

Let's just hope the gameplay lives up to the game's undoubtedly impressive technical chops.



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Apr 21, 2009
TheGreenManalishi said:
If Uncharted 2 doesn't need installations,
Probably because of how massive it is. Also Snake looks badass smoking on those install screens.

However I completed Uncharted 1 the other day and although I enjoyed every minute of it. I thought this game is only pulling me in because of how good it looks. Because the fighting was lackluster at best and if thats the only thing that will attract people to the game I say leave it to the PS3.


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May 1, 2009
It's somethig interesting to know, but I didn't really need to know it.
I suppose while I'm playing it I can feel smug about this. Then I'll punish myself to stop my inner-fanboy emerging.


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May 29, 2009
Definitely sounds like something they were made to say, but it could be true I guess. Blueray DOES hold more information. Although, we can all agree that there are ways to make it fit onto an Xbox 360. They rip tons of shit out of games to make them fit on Wii. Just do the same.
Mar 17, 2009
Hmm, just sounds like the usual bullshit one-console-centred devs throw around all the time.

Shame though, the game looks pretty sweet, and the first one was really good.


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Aug 9, 2009
Oh God there's an unnecessary fan boy argument

"Your console sucks!"
"No your console sucks!"

Anyway, the statement seems slightly 1 dimensional. You COULD get the game on the 360, but seeing as the hardware in them is so different to develop for, you wouldn't be able to do it in the same way.

It's exactly the same as someone who's developed a game for the 360 and says "this would never be possible on the PS3" - of course it wouldn't in the same way because the exclusivity means (shock horror) that it's developed to the full potential of that console.


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Feb 22, 2009
If my 360 can handle Fallout 3, I'm fairly certain it can handle whatever this game is.


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Dec 30, 2008
Chiefmon said:
Who really cares about Uncharted?
Umm... A good lot of people do? Just because you don't doesn't mean you need to be so flippant about it.

Cuniculus said:
Definitely sounds like something they were made to say, but it could be true I guess. Blueray DOES hold more information. Although, we can all agree that there are ways to make it fit onto an Xbox 360. They rip tons of shit out of games to make them fit on Wii. Just do the same.
But why the hell would you want to remove content from a game? They aren't doing it with FFXIII they are just increasing the disc requirements for the 360.
I think this is more of a processing issue than content.

*suppresses inner fanboy*

Okay I can see how that works with Uncharted 2, but like you said Earnest the gameplay better be good as well.


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Jan 8, 2009
While I am looking forward to Uncharted 2, I hate inflammatory statements like these because they ALWAYS set themselves up for a situation involving their feet entering their mouths.

He's telling us that this game requires absolutely NO installs to the hard drive, yet avoids the trappings of loading screens, while at the same time, telling us they filled up the blu-ray disk.

What this worries me about is game content... in the past, one trick has been to record the same data over and over onto a blu-ray disk in order to reduce loading time and because blu-ray drives arent the fastest readers. But that concerns me because it's a bait and switch statement... he SAYS they used every bit of the blu-ray's size limit, but doesnt exactly state how much of that "space" is actual gaming CONTENT and not just multiple copies of the software designed to reduce loading time.

This game also has a robust multiplayer component.

Put those clues together and it sounds like it's possible the single player game could potentially run into the 5-6 hour completion length time frame. I've seen this sort of thing before. Talk about the specs, talk about the size, talk about the features but quietly omit the deal-breaking flaws, such as a short single-player campaign supplemented by a basic yet functional multiplayer facet.

And if this game requires even the smallest amount of installation or someone discovers (which people always do) that it's installing large amounts of data clandestinely on your harddrive during cut scenes in order to reduce that load time (a trick that was used to great effect in the God of War series), then someone is going to blow things out of proportion and declare that Naughty Dog "lied", starting yet another senseless flamewar that may hinder sales.

In business, i've learned that there is one unforgivable act that a business can commit... LYING to it's customers, no matter how insignificant that lie might be.

That, and i've learned that NOTHING is impossible to port as far as money is concerned.
Apr 28, 2008
Well, I guess thats why I own all consoles. Exlusives mean nothing to me, I get whatever game I want no matter want.

I'm looking forward to this game, more than any other game this year in fact. The first one was great, and the second one seems to be on the right track.

Lets just hope the multiplayer isn't tacked on, or the single player is comprimised due to the multiplayer.