New Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Mode Available Today


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Aug 22, 2013
New Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Mode Available Today

The new online multiplayer mode "Hunter, Hunted" is a last-team-standing brawl between Batman, three Bane thugs, and three Joker thugs.

A tense new multiplayer mode released today adds a few twists to Batman: Arkham Origins. Warner Bros. released "Hunter, Hunted", a multiplayer mode designed around "last man standing" mechanics. "Hunter, Hunted" is a 3v3v1 mode, putting three Bane thugs, three Joker thugs, and the Dark Knight himself in a battle for supremacy. The new multiplayer mode has no respawns, so players will have to use caution and cooperate with their teams (or swoop out of the darkness) to take out their enemies and claim victory. Players can access the new multiplayer mode now on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

To celebrate the release of the new multiplayer mode, Warner Bros is holding a double credits event for Batman: Arkham Origins. Any online multiplayer matches played until 11:59 PST on Monday, December 16 will earn players double the usual Arkham Credits. Arkham Credits can be spent on Cobblepot Crates to unlock items, weapons, and clothing in multiplayer mode.

The "Hunter, Hunted" mode was developed by Splash Damage, the studio behind BRINK and Quake Wars. Developer WB Games Montreal previously teamed up with Splash Damage for "Invisible Predator Online", the original multiplayer mode [] in Batman: Arkham Origins. The original multiplayer mode is a 3v3v2 match between three Bane thugs, three Joker thugs, and the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin. Gang members can occasionally become their respective supervillains (Bane and Joker) and use their special attacks and takedowns. Batman and Robin have access to gadgets from the single player game, and the gang members have access to guns and explosives.

Personally, this sounds like a really interesting twist on the multiplayer mode. Dropping out of the shadows to take out an unsuspecting thug has always been the most satisfying part of Arkham games for me, and "Hunter, Hunted" sounds like it will encourage that.

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Aug 12, 2010
They still haven't fixed the problem with the multiplayer, and that is playing anything other than batman is just boring. Its a choice between batman and a awful third person shooter.

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Jul 15, 2013
And let the fights over who gets to be batman begin!(s) Ahaha! Oh, that seemed funnier in my head :(
Seriously though, it would be better just allowing batman to infiltrate someone elses online game of COD or Battlefield instead. It would be the same thing pretty much, except really fckin hilarious! Even if technologically impossible for now. Still hoping though!

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Apr 15, 2009
Yea the multiplayer match making system is broken and they have yet to fix it. It doesnt put people in matches together, you just get stuck in your own lobby waiting for others to join for an hour. It is literaly unplayable because it never puts enough people into one lobby. It was REALLY fun the week or two after the game came out and hasnt worked since.

Anyone know more about this?