New Dawn of War III Trailer Shows Off the Locations You'll be Fighting In


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Oct 24, 2013
New Dawn of War III Trailer Shows Off the Locations You'll be Fighting In

Dawn of War III will feature massive landscapes for you to fight over, and the newest trailer shows them off.

Dawn of War III was first trailer showing off the playable factions []. Today, Relic is showing off four new environments where you'll be waging war in a new trailer. It features Art Director Matt Kuzminski and Lead Environment Artist Tristan Brett walking you through the new areas.

The official descriptions of the environments from Sega's press release are:

Cyprus Ultima: Filled with details and history, Cyprus Ultima has a medieval style that expresses the war-ravaged way of life for people in the 41st millennium.

Cage World: A true alien environment, Cage World's ever-evolving landscape means the ground can literally shift beneath your feet, so you can never be sure where the battle will take you.

Starfort: With massive structures towering over each battlefield, the scale of the weaponry on display in this gothic battle station is the ultimate in Imperium technology.

Acheron: From first glance, where waves of lava clash against mountains of snow and ice, it's clear that the elements aren't all that's at war on Acheron. Home to nothing but violence, the beautiful glaciers serve as frozen tombs for the battles of the past, and as the stage for some of the largest battles you'll face in Dawn of War III.

There's still no firm release date for Dawn of War 3 beyond a vague "2017." Hopefully we'll hear more from Relic soon, but until then, we'll just have to keep our desire to fight for the Emperor under control.




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Feb 22, 2010
"Acheron - home to nothing but violence"

Sega should really read the wiki pages of the IPs they DLCwhore before making press statements. The whole warhammer universe is nothing but violence.


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Nov 5, 2009
Im not sure im liking this new Sega Relic. Gabe now leaps around in Termi armor for the most retarded reasons ever, alot of ppl are weirded out by the art style looking very starcraftish moba ish. And oh look the questionnaire for the dow3 beta is talking about MOBA's hhmmmmm.

I dont know they say its a mix between dow1 and 2 but it seems ot be more dow1 and while i did have alot of fun with dow1 it did just boil down to who can blob up the fastest. Next to DoW2 when ive had many games ive come back from a defeat with handful of victory points from using my units and their abilities. Now its back to pretty looking blobs again. And Gabes voice has changed :(