New Non-Credit Card Option Emerges for <i>Age of Conan</i> Players

Junaid Alam

New member
Apr 10, 2007
New Non-Credit Card Option Emerges for Age of Conan Players

The newly released Age of Conan MMOG can now be paid for through PayByCash, a non-credit card payment service.

The service, a division of Internet Payment Solutions, Inc., said that it can support subscribers worldwide and allow access to the MMOG's premium content.

It claims to offer more than 70 payment methods that don't require a credit card.

Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas praised the move, saying, "Funcom is pleased to expand its relationship with PayByCash. Their product and support services integrate seamlessly into the Age of Conan website, allowing us to tap into a vast customer base that chooses not to use credit cards."

PayByCash CEO Kevin Higgins also expressed satisfaction, citing the excitement swirling around the beta version of the game.

"Our business has a global reach, allowing players from every region of the world reliable access to Age of Conan's premium content, using the payment method of their choice," he said.