Next Fan-Made Sequel to King's Quest Due Soon


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Jul 13, 2010
Next Fan-Made Sequel to King's Quest Due Soon

After vanquishing its legal troubles, Phoenix Online Studios will focus on gameplay improvements in the second episode of its King's Quest sequel.

The Silver Lining, an unofficial sequel to Roberta Williams' beloved King's Quest series, has had quite the bumpy trip on its long road to release. After years of delays and legal wrestling, the first episode finally made it onto the internet in July with the official blessing of Activision. After a positive response to the first episode from the King's Quest fan community, Phoenix Online Studios is ready to release Episode 2: Two Households next month with a number of significant gameplay improvements.

The second episode of The Silver Lining contains roughly four hours of gameplay, spread over 17 new locations. Based on feedback gathered from players, the episode will feature a toggle between walking and running, better pathfinding, and a number of improved animations. A number of additional widescreen resolutions will be supported, there will be new subtitle options, and impatient players will have the option to switch between "long" and "short" narration.

The Silver Lining - Episode 2: Two Households will be released for free this September from its official website [].

If you are too young to have experienced the King's Quest series for yourself (or just missed out on it back in the day), Good Old Games has just added a bundle of the first three games to their store [] for a cool $9.99. If you can put aside the primitive graphics, the games are still pretty darn charming.

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Jul 1, 2009
Holy crap, Isle of Wonder in 3D. Now I really want to go back and replay King's Quest VI.

Definitely going to look into Silver Lining, though. I completely forgot it existed, so thanks for posting this. Hopefully it'll be as charming as I remember.


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Jul 14, 2009
Ohhhh. Nice. Great to see its still got something coming out for it, makes me feel old thinking about first one!


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Mar 30, 2009
I thought activision killed that oe for good, great it did come out.
I wonder if a similar thing will happen to the chronotrigger can hope.
Edit: Compare the newspost to the original one from joystick (link below the newspost)
Since they are pretty damn close i guess no additional information is available. to bad gonna check part 1 first :)


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Nov 12, 2008
Well I hope the future episodes are longer than the first one was. There's maybe a total of 20 mins of gameplay. I can understand that if it's just to set up the story but it's going to be a big disappointment if the rest of the episodes are as short.