Nintendo: GoldenEye Proves Core Games Can Succeed on the Wii

Logan Westbrook

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Feb 21, 2008
Nintendo: GoldenEye Proves Core Games Can Succeed on the Wii

Hardcore Wii games just need the proper support to do well, says Nintendo UK's head of communication.

The strong sales of the new GoldenEye 007 [] on the Wii has led Nintendo to conclude core games from third-party publishers can succeed on the console, defying the misconception that it's a "casuals-only" platform.

Nintendo UK's head of communication, Rob Saunders, said that the idea that Wii owners were only interested in minigames compilations or first party titles was a myth and that a high-quality game with the proper support from the publisher and from retailers had every chance of being successful as a Mario or Zelda game. The game has received a very positive critical response [], which would be the first part of the equation, and Activision never tried to hide [] the fact that it was taking advantage of the lack of competition for this type of game on the Wii, which technically covers the second part.

While there's a lot to like about the Wii, and it's got some great games, singling out GoldenEye - an exclusive remake of a game regarded as one of the best shooters of all time - as proof that core titles can succeed on the console is misleading. It's great that GoldenEye did well, but the picture that Saunders paints - that all a hardcore Wii game needs to sell is the proper support - is overly simplistic, and ignores the other factors that contributed to make that particular game a success.

First, there's the nostalgia factor to consider. It's redundant to say that this game wouldn't have sold as well without the GoldenEye name attached to it, but it can't be stressed enough how much brand recognition GoldenEye has among its target audience, even 13 years after its original release. This isn't the only reason the game sold, but it certainly didn't hurt. More importantly, the Wii is hardly awash with hardcore titles, at least not titles that don't have better looking versions on other platforms. If a Wii owner wanted to play a new hardcore game on the console, it was basically either GoldenEye or nothing, and that's something that Activision was banking on. The other side of that coin is that without versions on other platforms, anyone who wanted to play GoldenEye had to play it on the Wii, which in turn boosted sales.

Saunders comment is kind of right: GoldenEye is a good game with solid backing from the publisher, and it did well. But there's so much else going on with it as well, I don't think it's the right game to prove anything about the Wii.

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Apr 22, 2010
Having replayed is on an N64 simulator, I have to say that while it was very good (one of, if not the best game of it's time), it's really dated. I haven't played it on the Wii, but dual analogue sticks were a life saver for FPS


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Jun 4, 2009
So there's one successful third party core game...

The phrase that springs to mind is "The exception that proves the rule". The fact that they have to point to Goldeneye with such fervour just shows how dire the rest of the lineup is.

I don't mean to knock everything about the Wii. I'm a Wii owner and there are plenty of games I love, but they read like a who's who of Nintendo IPs. Actually I do have RE4, so there's one good 3rd party game I own, but that's a remake of a port (or something like that), so I'm not sure it counts.


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Feb 5, 2009
Verlander said:
Having replayed is on an N64 simulator, I have to say that while it was very good (one of, if not the best game of it's time), it's really dated. I haven't played it on the Wii, but dual analogue sticks were a life saver for FPS
The good news. Dual analog is supported with the purchase of a Wii classic controller.

I own the game and well it leaves me on the fence.
-The updated graphics look good but dont detract from what the 64 version was like.
-The Wii mote/nunchuk controlls are a little clunky but the game offers excellent dual analog controlling with the classic controller.
-They ripped the campaign appart and rebuilt it. But its not a horrible thing.
-(The is the weakest complaint)They replaced Pierce Brosnan with Daniel Craig as 007 in the game. (I just felt this was wrong)

Is it a great modern shooter? No
Is it an excellent rehash origional goldeneye fans can enjoy? I think so.


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Aug 9, 2009
"Hardcore Wii games just need the proper support to do well, says Nintendo UK's head of communication."

Aren't Nintendo renowned for being terrible at 3rd party support?


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Apr 15, 2010
I wish they wouldn't make comments like this. Even saying that GoldenEye is "hardcore" just grinds my gears. What does that term even mean? Most people seem to think that it means a game that doesn't have that much color and involves shooting things with a gun. If GoldenEye is "hardcore," it's because of the relatively complicated control scheme and competetive online play.

Besides, there are plenty of great 3rd and 1st party games on Wii that I would consider much more hardcore than GoldenEye.


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Mar 9, 2010
With respect, I disagree.

THIS shooter, can do well on Wii. This one. Exclusively this one.

1: The name. I dont need to say anymore, but I will. If I were to walk into a Gamestop with 50 fake boxes for "GoldenEye 360", Im sure all 50 would be taken up to the register within the hour. Goldeneye was a good movie, and 2 great games. It will sell.

2: And it happens to be good. The Wii has been out for entirely too many years with entirely too many "meh" attempts at just about every genre. FPS, platform, action/adventure... the list goes on. The simple fact of the matter is, the system is just too underpowered. Why should a high end game production company bother putting effort into their Wii releases, knowing what a massive cut their engines are going to have to take, and how their control systems will have to be applied to a frankly wonky, imprecise control system?

And if the name brands cant be bothered... Why should a third party?

(Before you bring up Conduit, I know. I know. People loved Conduit. I conceed. Personally, I never cared too much for it. People also loved Psychonauts, but look where it is now. /shrug)

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Mar 23, 2010
I Read all of this then looked at the date and thought....

Too Little Too Late Wii... xD


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Mar 8, 2009
Nnnnnnnnot a good case, Nintendo. Also, decent game on its own, but not a good remake, especially when Activision took the multiplayer that made the original Goldeneye so good and replaced it with the annoying-as-fuck Call of Duty level grinding.


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Jun 17, 2009
good news, everyone: we just have to recycle ten year old products and we get our streetcred back


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Aug 20, 2008
Just a thought, but the lesson isn't that core games can succeed. The lesson is that GOOD games can succeed. Because quality tends to find an audience. There are exceptions, but cream generally rises to the top.