Nintendo is Taking the Switch On a Six-City Demo Tour


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Oct 24, 2013
Nintendo is Taking the Switch On a Six-City Demo Tour

// you live in or near these six cities, you might just get to try out the Nintendo Switch a little earlier than you thought.

Nintendo has a special event [] planned to show off the Switch on January 12, but you won't get to play it then. Most of us will have to wait until launch, but gamers in five US cities and one Canadian city will have the chance to show up and try out the Switch before it launches thanks to a special demo tour.

Starting the day after its big January 12 big event, Nintendo will bring the Switch to these six cities on the dates listed:

New York City, NY: Jan. 13-15
Toronto, Canada: Jan. 27-29
Washington, D.C.: Feb. 10-12
Chicago, IL: Feb. 17-19
San Francisco, CA: Feb. 24-26
Los Angeles, CA: March 3-5

At each three-day stop, the first two days (Friday and Saturday in all cases) will be open by invite only, but the third day (Sunday) will be open to the public, but on a first-come, first-served basis. I imagine the lines will be fairly epic, so you should probably plan to get there early.

More details on these events, including specific locations, will be announced by Nintendo at a later date.



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Feb 25, 2012
The first two days are invitation-only? How many invitations are they sending out? Why even bother with opening up to the public if they're going to make it next to impossible to get to the thing? I've been to enough conventions to know how well something like this is going to work out.