Nintendo Working to Fill Wii Demand

Sean Sands

Optimistic Cynic
Sep 14, 2006
Nintendo Working to Fill Wii Demand

Expecting to ship 4 million units during its launch window, Nintendo announced that it is working "around the clock" to fill demand for its upcoming console.

In a statement designed to drive consumer frenzy over the coming console, Nintendo is aiming to fill existing consumer demand as well as the gap left from Sony Playstation 3 expected shortages. Characterizing the launch as the largest worldwide in over a decade, Nintendo's Wii system is positioning itself as the cost effective alternative to Sony and Microsoft, and is trying to build a strong base with a successful and apparently plentiful launch.

Nintendo has a particular advantage in Europe where the Playstation 3 has been delayed until March of 2007.

"Because of demand, we're urging shoppers not to get complacent," said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "The level of demand we're seeing goes beyond the ordinary. Retailers are telling us a significant fraction of customers pre-ordering Wii are nontraditional gamers - people looking for a better way to play. And that's exactly what Wii is designed to provide."

Nintendo, which has already enjoyed one successful launch this year with better-than-expected reception of the Nintendo DS Lite, claims that along with "around the clock" production, there will be "fleets" of transportation vehicles working to get retailers replinished throughout the season.

Nintendo also announced that Toys "R" Us in New York City's Time Square and Gamestop's Universal CityStop location in Los Angeles will be the official Wii launch sites for the November 19 North American launch.