No Man's Sky Update Adds Base-Building, Survival Mode, and More


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Apr 14, 2020
At least their hardcore fans will be happy...

...they still have fans, don't they?


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Apr 3, 2020
Popped the disc in and played for a bit. On the Survival difficulty, so some things may be different in the other two modes.

The early part of the story has NPCs who give you the hyperdrive blueprint. Don't know if they overhauled more of it, but those NPCs now have dialogue that can be understood without language stones thats a bit more informative. Where previously they just gave you the blueprint silently, and the objective to find named people popped up out of context.

Some stuff stacks better, and I think they gave the ship teleport exchange infinite or at least increased range, alleviating some of the inventory management. A lot of stuff is overhauled though, and you can't just feed the basic forms of elements into your systems to maintain power now. You either need rarer stuff or have to craft/use actual batteries and so on. There's a quick-menu where you can pop up contextually relevant systems and charge them though, without having to navigate through the inventory.

Planets have multiple biomes now. My starter planet had snowy forested craters amidst a more desert like red rocky terrain. Not sure if they added more potential plants, but they seemed better laid out with some variety through them. Animals looked more or less the same, but maybe a little less awkwardly animated and moving. Some of the atmosphere clouds and space visuals have gotten a makeover.

Space combat seems more fluid. The quicker turning helps alot in keeping track of the enemy ships. Haven't fought any groups bigger then two, so not sure about their formation flying. The nearby freighter wiped out one of those for me even. Freighters don't seem terribly interesting in of themselves. There's docks where ships land, and a bridge with a bunch of non-talking NPCs and the Commander that will reward you for defeating pirates and offer to hire the freighter out to you. Probably they serve more use once you buy it to customize. Space stations have more population now, but they're all just guys you hire for base activities.

As survival goes, its definitely harder. My first run was annoyingly frustrating. After 4 deaths without even reaching my ship, and then found out deaths add a new save spot. So the new system that stores your last 3 saves just had all 3 locked into the death march I ended up on. Second attempt has gone better, though it was still 4 deaths before I managed to escape the first planet. Added on is that the scanner has a cooldown timer on it now, which may be a survival mode only change, or in all modes. You can definitely be very screwed by the random start though, if your ship is too far out and there's no shelter available en-route, the odds of keeping your shield up are pretty much nil. Once you get off-planet, space is a bit more forgiving. You can mine asteroids without worrying about life-support, whether you get the materials themselves or stuff to trade for materials, Hanging out near a fleet or space station gives you a quick escape if pirates pop in on you.

Haven't gotten to base building as of yet.


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Jan 29, 2009
I just rebought it since it's 20$ now, and I think it was worth $20 back then (if the bugs where fixed), since more has been added, it's certainly worth it at this point.

The game was broken at lauch, but I had fun on the first planet before the crashes, and while I'm having to redo all that again, it's been long enough that it won't be as hard (Especially since they changed things).

I'm willing to throw $20 at it at least.


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Nov 13, 2009
Wait, so they're adding base building to a game where the goal is the constantly travel from planet to planet so you can reach the center of the galaxy then get warped into a new galaxy? What's the point of even building a stationary base in a game where you're constantly on the move?

I think I much more worthwhile addition would have been ship building.