No North American Release for WiiWare Eternity's Child?

Junaid Alam

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Apr 10, 2007
No North American Release for WiiWare Eternity's Child?

A day after news emerged that World of Goo will not be released on WiiWare in Europe, it turns out that Eternity's Child may not come out on Wiiware in North America.

Developer Luc Bernard said that he's received no word about any North American release for the game from its publisher, Alten8.

Addressing the issue, he said:

Well as of right now Eternity's Child is coming out on PC at the end of the month [via Steam], I am not handling the Wiiware version, I am just having to translate it to 7 languages (so fun...). Eternity's Child is currently only coming out in Europe on WiiWare for the moment.

Bernard went on to note that he does not own the rights to the WiiWare version and therefore its distribution was not in his hands.

The Frenchman also fumed about apparent disinterest from publishers in his other game titles that have been deemed too far outside the mainstream.

"Maybe I should just put in a space marine with a gun that is defending earth from space nazis for them to be interested!" he opined.

C'est la vie.

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