No One Really Cares About 1080p, Says Far Cry 4 Dev

Chester Rabbit

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Dec 7, 2011
Okay I am one of the people who doesn't give a crap about any of this frame rate, and resolution stuff but Ubisoft, you have got to stop letting your people talk! You know there is a very vocal minority who do care about this, so you should know better than to poke that Bear! And you know what this all can translate too to the casual gamer right? Graphics, they DO care about graphics and if the graphics suck they won't give the game a shot. It's sad but true.
Mar 8, 2012
Kerethos said:
1080p has been my standard for several years. Ever since I got a 42" TV as my main display device (in 2010), and I use it mainly for my PC (though I've also got a 360 and NES). It's now 2014 and they're saying that my minimum standards are too high compared to 4 years ago (when 1080p/60 fps had already been standard for years).
The 27" TV my wife and I bought two years ago runs at 720p, and that was around $200. The 20" monitor I bought six months ago for my desktop runs at 900p.

And I can't imagine how bad your NES looks on a 1080p display. My 480i Gamecube looks terrible on my 720p television.

Mcoffey said:
Lets say I have a bookshelf. Made it with my own two hands!
I'm very happy with it, because not only is it very pretty and ornate, it has a lot of shelves for holding stuff in an aesthetically pleasing way.
I go to the store, and just as I get ready to pick something up, I notice it has a sticker that says "For lower to bottom shelves only." This confuses me because, just by looking at it, I can already tell that it would look much better on the higher shelves at eye level.
Then the maker of that product walks up and says "Well who really cares about where they store stuff? It looks just as good by your feet so we figured, 'why not?'"
This is irritating because it makes no sense, and especially so to me because I have all these extra shelves that I put extra effort into and now they're going unused.

Just let me use my shelves, Ubisoft!!
That's actually not uncommon. In most free standing bookshelves where you can't adjust shelf height, the shelves towards the bottom are larger and are designed to hold taller, heavier books. The idea is to shift the center of gravity lower so the bookshelf is less likely to topple over.


But both of these arguments/rebuttals pale in comparison to the underlying issue here: that you all are complaining about X developer not making games capable of running at Y resolution (and sometimes Z frame rate.)

In case you all forgot, developers don't make games for television sets or monitors; they make them for consoles. Perhaps your ire should be directed not at the hobby makers who find themselves forced to choose the "best" way to communicate their artistic vision, but at the console makers for not constructing hardware which can keep up with demands of the hobbyists who have been spoiled by a rapidly-progressing television industry driven moreso by film than video gaming.

Case in point: the 4K television set Hutchinson mentioned. Who here can name a 4K Blu-ray player? What kind of gaming setup would you need to fully utilize a 4K tv or monitor? What's the cheapest price even the PC Master Race can pull it off at?

Whatislove said:
4K TVs are better when you are sitting CLOSER to the TV.. not further away, and that is the main complaint about the technology, that a 55" viewed from average distance won't give you any feeling of difference. For me, however, who has a 55" UHD TV in his bedroom, I notice the difference immediately, I sit closer to my TV than an average person would in their lounge room.
1) It's not good for your eyes to sit too close to a television set.
2) Every man lies about how what he's got in the bedroom.

Strazdas said:
the mistake in this is that you assume Ubisoft wants to write optimized code. they have demonstrated multiple times they have no intention in having thie games optimized. after all according to them you should just buy a better graphic card for badly optimized ports []
Optimization takes money, dude, and really most companies stopped years ago. They can only optimize for what's available at the time, and I guarantee you within six months something better will come along and all of a sudden that optimization is rendered obsolete. Some companies (if it's budgeted) will optimize to a certain degree for different platforms, but it's far easier to just create a stable port.


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Nov 4, 2012
C'mon baby, 1080p doesn't look any different from 720p. Who you gonna believe? Me or your eyes?


By the power of greyskull.
Aug 22, 2011
Why o why can't we just have somone making a statement that is actualy frank and accurate for a change, these guys are freaking game dev's spouting total bullshit and they know better.
Apparently they have to PR-spin everthing to excuse the facts that the new gen consoles are still leagues behind PC's in terms of raw power, and they can't push the hardware enough to keep both performance and high fidelity on the PS4/Xbox so they just lie to our faces and say its the "best way to play with shitty frame rates and subpar resolutions"

Im so tired of all the excuses, i feel like im being treated as an idiot by these companies im sure aswell if they just came out and said somthing on the lines of, "yeah we realy wanted to make it better but this is the best we can do on the platforms available, if you want the best experiance and you have a pc capable enough then go with that option" then threads like this wouldnt even get any traction and the dev's wouldnt look like lying arseholes.
It'd be a win win for everyone but i guess the suits in control of the money don't want to piss of the console makers and instead parrot this drivel.

Rant over, im just gonna ignore all articles of this nature from now, untill somone in ths industry comes out and calls all the nonsense for what it is.


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Mar 9, 2010
I'm not going to lie, I couldn't give a toss about 1080p, 900p, 720p or the Black Eye Peas.

30FPS is fine for me too. As long as there are no dips I'm happy with that.


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Apr 25, 2013
Ubisoft, and forgive the vernacular but it's needed, YOU ARE SODDING ASSES

let's put it this way, if a company that started out as an indie group (well, doujin circle) like French Bread can make a god damn fighter at 1080p and probabaly over 60 fps

if a game can run at such a high resolution that they had to downscale on a sodding PS2 and still run at that same resolution on a Wii

You have no excuse, I get that the new consoles are going to take some time to optimize but all these consoles are just outdated PCs and we got 1080p/60 fps on those. You are either incapable of keeping your mouth shut when it comes to making claims and promotions or you just are incapable of making high resolutions games.

maybe instead of worrying about the resolution, you should be concerned about art direction and gameplay.


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Apr 2, 2008
While I tend to side with the supposed 95% here (hell, I still use a CRT for console games), I can't help but shake my head bemusedly at this. For decades the AAA games industry has cultivated an attitude of "cutting edge graphics or GTFO!" Only now when development costs are through the roof are they changing their tune and expecting everyone to suddenly not care anymore. Perhaps if they had pushed appealing artistic aesthetics instead, but no, their marketing had to turn it into a huge dick-waving contest with the "bit wars," "blast processing" and David Cage's "graphics = emotions" garbage to name a few.

You made this bed, guys. Now you have to lie in it.


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May 28, 2011
Shingeki no Gingerbeard said:
1) It's not good for your eyes to sit too close to a television set.

Strazdas said:
the mistake in this is that you assume Ubisoft wants to write optimized code. they have demonstrated multiple times they have no intention in having thie games optimized. after all according to them you should just buy a better graphic card for badly optimized ports []
Optimization takes money, dude, and really most companies stopped years ago. They can only optimize for what's available at the time, and I guarantee you within six months something better will come along and all of a sudden that optimization is rendered obsolete. Some companies (if it's budgeted) will optimize to a certain degree for different platforms, but it's far easier to just create a stable port.
1) is false. This was true back when television was using cathode ray tubes. Modern TVs (any flatscreen) will mean there is no difference for your eye health whether you sit close or far. in fact id say far is worse because then your eyes have to strain to see "small, far objects".

Optimization costs money, but the thing is its very much a logarythmic scale. most of optimization is relatively cheap to the rest of it. if they at least did the "fast and cheap part" and then stopped spouting bullshit every week they would be fine. oh and yeah im sure a game with 400 million budget cant spare that half a million for basic graphics optimization in ports.

Ubisoft is really not a company that has any right to claim they cant afford something. they cosntantly make many of most expensive games around. and do it worse than companies that make ghames for tenfold lower budgets.


Apr 28, 2013
Second post in one day in which I suggest that we boycott any game for which the developer/publisher/whatever tells us that 30fps is fine, or that no-one cares about 1080p, or that cinematic widescreen makes for better gameplay, or some other blatant lie.

Telling us that the moon is made of cheese does not make it so. Stop insulting consumers. At some point, it's gonna bite you in the arse.

Boycott, I say.


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Jan 22, 2008
oh good i'm glad we cleared that up. Sorry guys turns out we're all wrong about what we think. I'm glad he cleared that up turns out ALOT of us are just confused seems we don't really care about this stuff.

Micah Weil

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Mar 16, 2009
In his defense, I cannot tell the difference between 1080p and 720p. For whatever reason, I just cannot see it. Period.
There, Devil's Advocate played. Please resume your pointing out how this man is an idiot.


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Mar 2, 2011
Ya know Alex, people are playing pixelated indie games and don't expect full HD high fidelity graphics because they pay from 1 to 10 bux per game that usually have several times more gameplay (in terms of hours) than your AAA titles that cost $60 + the million DLC shit that you cut from the game to sell afterwards.

Why is it even legal for developer to say shit like this? The idiot saying shit like no one cares about 1080p. Then why the fuck did you, big AAA publisher/developer start advertising your games with resolution, graphics and FPS? If it doesn't matter, why was the HUGE selling point of the previous generation 720p? Hey, resolution doesn't matter, right? Why advertise your games with resolution? Why did you claim that you would have to downgrade the graphics a lot to make tose AAA games run on the Wii? No one cares about that, why not make the game on the Wii and release it on the PS3, PS4?

You, the developer and the publisher are the one that started forcing graphics over gameplay since the start of the last generation. Why in the hurry to leave now when you can keep up the promise?


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Oct 7, 2010
I just...don't know when Ubisoft are going to realise using the 'Big Lie' technique isn't working for this. The Xbone is under-powered compared to the PS4, the PS4 is under-powered compared to high end Gaming PC's. Just fucking accept it Ubi and move on.

This is worse than those stupid 'Sega Saturn is not crap compared to Playstation' rants that used to appear in gaming magazines back in the day.


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Apr 10, 2020
United Kingdom
Female said:
I wish people didnt care that much about resolution. Its becoming a real chore listening to people whine about a feature which has little impact on the game.
While I agree to an extent (resolution doesn't bother me, and ultimately if asked to name a beautiful game I'm going to name something like blazblue or beyond good and evil), this is ultimately a rod they've made for their own back with the way they've marketed and forced graphics as the be-all and end-all to everything, only to find their not keeping up with the EXTREME graphical settings they've pushed people to expect.

Slegiar Dryke

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Dec 10, 2013
*looks at the growing echo chamber in the comments and shrugs* I kinda agree with the guy. is something fun/interesting/new/etc, ie enjoyable to play, mysterious to explore, or exhilarating to blow stuff up......if so, count me in and screw the resolution and the frame rate. I only got a tv capable of 720 and 1080 in the past year or two, and still play anything from my snes to my wii games on it. as for pc stuff, not gonna kill my hardware to push "quality", or break games to force them faster than they run.


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Nov 19, 2009
Whoracle said:
So, no one cares about 1080p and 30 FPS is better than 60... Why exactly did we need a new console generation then?
Simple, we didn't; but of course 3rd parties wouldn't stop pitching a fit for needing new ones as the current hardware would no longer allow them to disguise their ineptitude with shiny objects. They COULD hit the 1080P, 60 FPS benchmarks...but then that would rely on them actually being DESIGNERS; actually figuring out new and exciting gameplay instead of relying on the same "just throw the same guys in different hats and hope nobody notices" trick that any monkey who crunches numbers can do. The only reason these new systems exist is because MS and Sony were afraid of telling 3rd parties to sit corner as they knew 3rd parties would cry to one or the other. This is what happens when discipline is abolished in the industry: you get a bunch of spoiled, incompetent brats demanding you fix their mistakes for them. Maybe I wouldn't mind the greed so much if 3rd parties weren't clearly a bunch of idiots who don't know how to run their businesses properly. They need a swift kick in the ass


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Jan 17, 2010
is it international custom for game devs that as soon as the bottom of the cocaine bucket is visible, they have to say something incredibly retarded? think before you speak, people, THINK!

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Sep 18, 2014
Strazdas said:
Plasmas will always look great because, well, they are plasmas. they are also something that will make you bankrupt from electricity bills and cannot be used for gaming due to massive input lag. oh and dont let them burn in, it does not go away, ever.

the color quality though, almost makes it all worth it.
I've SEEN Plasma TV input lag, but I've never suffered it on mine. I once thought it was a myth or a technical fault in only a few brands or versions of plasma screens. Then I watched it happen on youtube, and holy crap it was awful. It was almost as if they were streaming it out through the internet and then back through the TV.

Regardless, I have the feeling that it only applies for older Plasma screens. I bought mine only 2 years ago, so maybe they've figured out a fix for it.

With the burn-in effect, I can say that it does happen. Turn off the TV and there's the hud still staring you in the face. It does go away, albeit half a month later.

The electricity bill is totally worth the image quality.