No Paid DLC Characters For Tekken, Ever


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Dec 15, 2010
Bhaalspawn said:
So now we're adding Capcom to the list of EEEEEVIIIIIL PUBILISHARRRRRRRRS?

Your avatar made that all so good. But as Yahtzee himself said:
"Capcom are not bad people. They're just idiots!"

They make good games that play solidly and are generally fun. But in the process of making these games that people enjoy they make stupid decisions. Luckily those decisions do not hamper the fun being had! [sub][sub]Fuck you Ubisoft and your game breaking DRM GAHHHHHHH!!![/sub][/sub]
The DLC on the disk is probably no worse then Day 1 DLC. And at least those who do not buy it can have some fun with it by being able to fight the characters.


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Nov 19, 2009
They're calling Capcom out on this but it evidently is not a Namco-wide policy... Look at Soul Calibur IV with Darth Vader/Yoda (depending on which console you bought it on, you got one available and the other became DLC) and SCV with Dampierre (Preorder bonus/DLC)

Don't get me wrong, I am glad you are calling them out on this. But you're not so squeaky-clean yourselves. (at least not across all your franchises)

Mike Haggar

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Apr 16, 2012
I for one laud this tactic. Capcom has been despicable in their DLC shenanigans and quickie iterations. I was so excited for MvC3 that I pre-ordered nearly a year in advance... only to find out that the roster was about half MvC2 and that if I wanted Shuma and Jill it was like $5 each! To add insult to injury, they released Ultimate (with the sort of roster I expected from the original version) way too soon after and wanted an extra $30 for the "privilege" to play these characters that rightly should have been included in the standard MvC3. While my actions certainly won't make a dent in Capcom's sizable coffers, I immediately sold MvC3, refused to buy Ultimate, and haven't looked back since.

Score one for Namco.


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Jan 25, 2011
Atmos Duality said:
He's absolutely right: By making characters exclusive, you hold part of the metagame hostage.
Why? Because when you add anything into a competitive game, you introduce more variability and complexity into its metagame. You introduce the potential for change in the metagame.

Worst case scenario: if any of those characters turned out as being dominant, then it becomes a pay-2-win scenario, which isn't legitimately competitive to say the least.

The only way to ensure an even playing field is to include all the characters.

(And please don't say "Oh, they'll balance it, so it doesn't matter". It does matter, quite a lot actually. Fighting games are among the most difficult games to balance for all manner of reasons; it might take a long time for someone to actually find the most mathematically broken combo or interaction. They are quite complicated to begin with, and the level of player scrutiny goes down to the frame; players that are looking for the Instant-Win Combo with a fine tooth comb.

I cannot think of a single fighting game that was balanced entirely; where all characters are viable picks and counters to other characters. It almost always comes down to a small handful of movesets with the most combos and cancels.)
I take it you haven't heard about the gems yet then? That's about as pay for play as you get.
It would be interesting to see games (at least fighting games) reviewed for their Mathematical balance. (That would be fun to figure out.) I'd really like to see that as I agree with the chess metaphor where fighting games are concerned. I have often referred to fighting games as "Being like chess except the graphics don't suck."

Then again reviews done based on the Mathematical balance and literal value of it's components might not boost sales too much especially where DLC is concerned so we'll never see it. It would also be a metagame nightmare. (although no more so than gems!)


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Nov 18, 2009
chadachada123 said:
Namco, you're fucking awesome. First Dark Souls, and now this?

Just...just this:

but the dlc is free.

OT: amazing news and a damn smart system to engourage new sales when the devopers need it the most hope more people use this system.