No Right Answer: Recast, Retire or Pass the Avenger's Mantle


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Dec 19, 2008
Recasting works in some cases, less so in others, mainly depending on how contingent a character's popularity is on the person playing him/her. For instance, it's easy to recast the Hulk, since he spends most of his "fun" scenes in CGI form and is a more low-key character in human form. Also, you can pretty much put whoever in the role of Hawkeye, since he's not particularly important. However, the other end of the spectrum is RDJ's Iron Man, which would be borderline impossible to recast - the character in its movie incarnation is very much tied to RDJ's portrayal. For MANY people, RDJ IS Iron Man. Most of the others fall somewhere in the middle here, and I'm pretty sure that if Captain passes the torch to Bucky, it won't go over too well.

However, the trickiest proposition is replacing them with other characters. Oh sure, the comic book enthusiasts will love it, but for general audiences it will suck balls. The current lineup relies on the more prominent characters in the Avengers, the ones who are better known in the general pop culture conscience, even before the movies started. And you have to be realistic here - if you want the Avengers to have the budget and scale it has, it can't rely on enthusiasts alone; it needs to appeal to a broad audience who will foot the bill.

And let's face it, general audience won't give two shits about Ant-Man or most of the other second and third tier Avengers.

So what is to be done? Make do with what you've got, maybe recast some of the minor ones if needed, pass a torch on someone, keep RDJ on stem cell infusions for the upcoming decade... and finish this continuity. Maybe do it with Avengers 3 or 4, giving most major characters one or two other solo movies, and having Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fill in the blanks. And then just end it. Tie up the plot and call it a day.

Then wait some time and "reboot" it. Doesn't have to be a full-on hard reboot, but you can recast the characters with fresh faces, maybe do some new takes on the material, and people won't ***** so much since this would be a new Iron Man, a new Thor, etc.


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May 25, 2011
Scars Unseen said:
I think a hybrid solution is best. As was pointed out, there are a lot of potential Avengers. You can't add them all in at once, though. So how about this: rotate. Retire a character for a few movies to give another one a chance, and use that down time to think of new compelling character arcs and find a suitable replacement actor. Then, when you do bring in the new actor, it isn't as jarring as if you went from Robert Downey Jr to Leonardo DiCaprio in the span of a single movie.
Pretty much this. Films are all about suspension of disbelief anyway. Just roll with it James Bond style and refuse to even acknowledge that there's anything different - the character is still the character and that's all that matters. Given the huge stable of characters there should be no problem cycling through them if you want to avoid having the change too jarring, but if you can't avoid it just make a good film - as long as you do that no-one will actually care that there's a different actor.

Thunderous Cacophony said:
Still mostly the same character, but now he's played by Donald Glover in a slightly different way.
I first read that as Danny Glover. Now that would be awesome.


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Jul 10, 2013
I think killing Iron Man in a future MCU movie would solve the potential re-casting of RDJ hands down...
Cap's got Bucky, so that already a no-brainer...
Thor can give some reason for staying in Asgard until further notice...
Hulk can just give up the good fight "for a while" while She-Hulk ends up taking the position as second-in-command to the "New" Avengers...
Black Widow and Hawkeye? Eh... I got nothing...

But overall, I think Marvel knows what they're doing if problems like that start arising... (If only they could see those "director/creative disagreements" coming, though...)

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Nov 27, 2011
After seeing that side-by-side picture...I'm convinced I want to see Willem Dafoe cast as The Joker in something.


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Mar 2, 2009
I definitely think retiring is the way to go, with some elements of passing the mantle. I mean obviously you don't wanna pass the mantle on everybody. Winter Soldier, good passing the mantle example, but Iron Man...not so much, especially since so much of the movies message has been "These aren't just suits. I am Iron Man. They are me." so just kinda going "And now they're you." feels off to me.

Retiring is the way to go, you get to cycle out the avengers teams every now and then, bringing in new characters.

By The Avengers 4 maybe we'll have a whole new slew of team mates like Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and other people they set up in Phase 3.