No Right Answer: The Best Video Game That Makes Failing Fun


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Apr 3, 2010
Rogue Legacy is another game where dying is "fun." The game starts out stupid hard and your guy dies in a few hits and is just so outclassed by the dungeon, but you can spend all the gold you got to upgrade your training keep for your offspring. So when you die, that just means that you can enter the big shopping spree phase after picking another child with irritable bowel syndrome to take up your mantle. The point is that you eventually get enough upgrades that you can make progress.

I Bought FTL and haven't gotten around to playing it yet. I totally should... eventually.


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Nov 26, 2008
Groverfield said:
You're both wrong. Best game to lose at is The Stanley Parable. Personally, I hate the game and its story and its message that games are completely fruitless and its presentation... and pretty much anything. But if there's one reason to play it, it's to fail, and fail hard, and see how bad you can botch up the game. The unique method of failing is by your own agency, everyone does it, or at least anyone who ends up having any fun with it at all.
There is no fail state in The Stanley Parable. I'd say the only way to fail at it is to do the same thing a second time. If you consider not following the main line to be "failing", then yeah, holy heck is it the winner.