No sign in/connection to Office possible after update on Win 10


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Jan 15, 2009
I hope I can get an answer here. The other forum I have posted it on did not help one bit.

I'm writing on behalf of my mother who has an issue that she cant sign in/connect her MS Office anymore on her [Windows 10] laptop.

After an update early this month, she is not able to access Office such es Word, Excel and Outlook. It keeps asking her to sign in. But after entering the required detail (email and password), it keeps telling her that it cant connect. Outlook keeps coming up with the connection issue followed by the code: 0800ccc0.
In the end, we have deleted Office and installed the trial version of 365 because she needs Word for her work immediately. This at least worked without asking to sign in. But Outlook still keeps on failing to connect. I should clarify that she has Outlook connected to Gmail.
This kept on failing so I have suggested to her to try out Windows Live Mail 2012, because I personally use it as well on my laptop that has Win 10 too. And yet, it still fails to connect to Gmail. We have followed the instruction how to link them together and I have checked on mine as well such as IMAP, etc. All the fields are entered correctly and yet it keeps on failing to connect. She can obviously access her mails through google it self but for work purpose she must use Outlook.

I personally had the update as well but I do not suffer from these aggravations. We have spend the entire afternoon trying to work it out. Google had no solution to her problem.