Off-Topic Reviews: Devil May Cry series


aka "Who?"
May 11, 2009
My memory of DMC is faded somewhat, I remember it being very enjoyable, and getting completely stuck on one of the bosses.
My memories of DMC2 were not pleasant. Big disappointment.
Happily the third one is also good :) even if my lack of skillz means I can't even beat Normal mode (this is the Special Edition "pussy" normal mode, also).
I enjoy reading your reviews. Good stuff. :)

The King WJ

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Dec 11, 2009
Well i'm not going to read the whole post or the comments posted here but i'm going to state that number 2 is the best for action and showing how dark its suppose to be. But then number 3 would also count due to the fact that its dark but also humorous and i like funny, but like the rest of the games, Dick in pants hard! and though i love the series i think at four the should kill the series i do not want a Mario or Sonic take over Happening to such a good game. We already have Game cows that are getting milked Tit in desert dry!!!