OverPowered and Underwhelming TableTop Campaigns

Saint of M

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Apr 27, 2020
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In this thread we will discuss two things:

Campaigns or official play scenarios that you thought were too hard for the players, and ones where you might as well be playing on god mode.

If its an official play type game from the game maker (like Adventure league for Dungeons and Dragons or Society Play for Pathfinder) tr to keep the spoilers to a minimum.

In the OP area, it involved the Thorn Monark adventure. The adventures cover has Mothra's angry roid raging cussin (not nearly as cool looking as Batra but close enough), Well, eventually we had to hightail it to a ship, doing things along the way to not die horribly. My GM decided to go easy on us and give us all the extra rewards for it despite a number of our roles as to get anything on there you'd have to have weighted dice roll 20's (or play Chuck Noris). The worse part was the main fight with the monster. We had some advantage as we were given cannons, but most of the game ended up being combat with him and we pretty much barely survived. My character was the last man standing, a level 4 rouge, with 10HP left and a lucky broadside on the bug. I was the lowest level at 4, most of the other were running 5's and 6's and even with 5 players it was rough. I carried extra potions from then on.


It was one of the quests which are short adventures that shouldn't take longer than an hour to get through, hour and a half at most. While I forget the name of the quest, it involved searching a wrecked ship just barely staying over the water. We found what we needed and went top side to see...sea serpents.

I was excited to play my new GOblin WIzard, a level 1, but figured a creature that we were told routinely sinks ships to decorate their lairs had to be tough. We barely had to turns and turned the serpents into chum. My level 1 wizard's Magic Missile turned one into chunky salsa. I know it was the killing blow, and an adventure made to be easy, but i still felt over powered. We had a good laugh at it, but a level one gobo should not be going "I have godly power!"

Any adventures you thought were too much for your party or basicly murder hobo fodder?