Parents Television Council Calls Game Industry "Thugs" and "Bullies"


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Oct 14, 2009
Scrumpmonkey said:
blindthrall said:
The ESRB isn't good enough because it isn't government controlled. More governmental control over private lives has now become a bipartisan goal, both sides do it. Conservatives haven't given a toss about civil liberties since the mid-80s, which is about the same time the Republicans started cozying up to the Moral Majority. The appeal of voting Republican used to be that that you knew what you were getting: a cynical old man who pinched pennies and truly believed in smaller government. Neocons are just the nail in the coffin of that ideal.
Im not an American but i am currently studying modern world history and international relations so i would like to take this oppotunity to agree with you. You could really argue that we havn't seen a focus by the conservatives in america on civil liberties since Eisenhower. I mean Nixon was the next republican president and he decided that wire-tapping students and anyone who looked at him funny was a great idea (even his own brother), the idea was first that "Civil liberties take a back seat to a broadend idea of national security".

Then in Reagan and his utilising of the chistian right we saw them start to take a back seat to moral concerns too; the increased polarisation of the abortion debate, uproar over heavy metal music, movies and yes sometimes videogames.

As it stands i don't think any party in Us politics has a real civil liberties agenda or even a real attachment to 1st ammedment priciples in some areas. The Democrats want your internet and the republicans want your videogames.
I was going to bring up Eisenhower as the last good republican but I didn't want to go off topic. What country are you from?


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May 12, 2011
The PTC accusing anyone of using half truths and lies to get their message across is like a serial paedophile accusing Mother Theresa of crimes against humanity.