Part you hate of a game you love.


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Jul 17, 2009
the final fight in Arkham Asylum, huge build-up through the whole game, expecting a dark gritty fight with lots of shadows and sneaking, and instead you fight a comically giant joker in a spotlit arena ¬_¬


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Jul 1, 2010
CheckD3 said:
I LOVE Sly Cooper 2, however, the Canada maps, while at least interesting, are obnoxious. You have bears you can't kill, underground enemies, and it's not as sprawling and fun to run around as the cities are. Though I find it's made up by the missions being fun ^^

Any levels you can't sneak around on rooftops isn't as fun as levels you can sneak around on rootftops
I love that game too. I always liked trying to use the train to glitch up Carmelita and the bear, and with hilarious results. If it wasn't for the train, I probably wouldn't like that place as much as I do.

I still prefer the towers though. Jumping around such a complicated place with baddies on your tail never quite loses it's appeal.

(I have trouble thinking of part of this game I hate. It goes from love to love not quite as much in my scaling.)


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May 21, 2010
FFVII there's a section of tunnel right at the end of disc 2 where you have to go down 12 identical screens to get W-item materia. I'm a completionist, so of course I have to have it. Then you have to go up those same 12 screens and a further 8 to get to the boss. Meanwhile, frequent random encounters with the same 2 mobs. One of them takes a full 10 seconds to complete an attack and they come in packs of 2 or 3. This section takes me the better part of an hour on most replays. Fortunately the chocobo racing was pretty sweet.

Dark Prophet

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Jun 3, 2009
Batman AA on PC - the side-scrolling segments of the game control bloody awfully. Seriously I almost never died but on those scarecrow levels I just died and died and fucking died. Poison Ivy boss battle was not that bad because you could do it by just jumping around and throwing batrings, but the final fight with Joker and (mostly) his goons was fucking aggravating I nearly broke my keyboard playing that part.


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Jun 12, 2009
Casual Shinji said:
Those demonic walls in Okami.

You have to headbutt them to reveal their weak points, but you only have a few seconds to memorize them before you can use the Celestial Brush and mark them. This isn't so much of a problem if there's only 5 weak spots, but some walls have like 12 of them.

I fucking hate those things.
really? i had no problems with them. mayabe its just me

i dont like persona 3s "you can only control the main character" gameplay, espesially when the AI is pants on head retarded


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May 7, 2011
FF13 the part where you cant get past it unless you grind for like a week straight that made me stop playing it shortly after but I liked it up until that point


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Jun 8, 2010
The fact that the evasion stat in Final Fantasy VI does NOTHING due to the Evade Bug which I will just copy/paste from the wikia.
The Evade Bug is a bug in the game Final Fantasy VI. As a result of this bug, the Evade stat, which was supposed to determine the rate at which a character would dodge physical attacks, does nothing. Also, as a result of this bug, MBlock, a stat which was supposed to determine the rate at which a character would dodge magic attacks, determines the rate at which a character dodges both physical and magical attacks. Several other bugs occur from this, as follows:

The Blind status, supposed to decrease the physical Hit Rate of its target by 50% and increase the hit rate of the attacker on the affected by 25%, does nothing except prevent Strago from learning Lores, making the Silver Glasses (Known as Goggles in the original translation) do nothing of value. Along with this, certain enemies which were supposed to be rather to hit (such as the Mugbears found in Mt. Zozo) are easy to take out.

The Prayer Beads were to halve the attacker's hit rate, but do not.

The statuses Zombie, Auto-Life, and Confusion were to increase the attacker's hit rate on the affected target by 25%.

Poison, Critical, Sap, and Haste were to decrease the attacker's hit rate on the affected by 25%.
Basically, the programmers done goofed and made the effects of MBlock do what it was supposed to do PLUS what the evade stat was supposed to do as well. The programmers left the evade stat in the game, but it does nothing. So any piece of gear with massive evade stat on it is completely worthless compared to something with a half-assed MBlock stat.

This bug was apparently fixed in the GBA version, but I didn't play that version.


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Feb 15, 2011
Ridiculous AI choke-points in FPS games, where your only option is to play the same ten minutes over and over until you figure it out through trial and error. This applies to every FPS game ever. They all have one point in the story like this. Especially if you play on a higher difficulty.

Also, the Battle of the Hornburg in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers game. When the cave trolls break in. I played the entire game up to that point on hard, and even when I switched down to easy I couldn't beat that part.


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Jan 31, 2010
Red Dead Redemption: Herding missions, I'M NOT A RANCHER, I'M A BOUNTY HUNTER!

Assassin's Creed: Tailing missions, they're understandable, but ridiculously annoying.


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Jul 16, 2010
Kyle 2175 said:
Planescape Torment can get a bit boring at times, it's a very slow game.
Heretic! You will burn!!

Nah, I know what you mean. Especially at the beggining. I wonder how many people didn't give PS:T a chance just because of it.

MaxwellEdison said:
Saints Row 2 and generally glitching.
Ugh... Saints Row 2 on the PC is a bad moment in itself. I wonder how it got through QA.


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Mar 31, 2009
Halo:CE : the library. Tedious, isn't it?

City of Heroes : two things : the memory leak that makes each portal ride take 20% longer than the one before until it's actually quicker to quit to desktop and restart the game then go through the door and the fact if the team is above lvl 45 everybody's got tacnukes and all the fancy tricks I used to have fun doing (confuse the enemy healer so he heals us; throw Carrion Creepers around the corner to distract enemies; pile them in the corner with knockback for a friend's grenade) become irrelevant.

Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny : crafting a full inventory slot of my own Deadly Fire Arrowheads requires me to use the Alembic on the Turpeth Peas 100 times, on the Quicksilver Peas 100 times and on the Stibnite Peas 100 times, then either "pick up" one of each infusion in my pack 99 times to stack them and use the stack on the 100 Concentrated Aqua Incanta 100 times or use each infusion on the Concentrated Aqua Incanta to get 300 oils, then either "pick up" one of each oil in my pack 99 times to stack them and use the stack on the 100 Wrapped Bundles Of Arrowheads 100 times or use each oil on the Wrapped Bundles Of Arrowheads to get 100 Wrapped Bundles Of Deadly Fire Arrowheads, then put one of them in my pack 99 times to stack them. I only have 102 pack spaces, so I have to do them in small batches. Really, couldn't I just tell the game to use the Alembic on the entire stack of peas and get a stack of infusions? If I forgot to buff Alchemy and only get 90-some not 100, my tough luck. I'd accept that.

FlightGear : the R-22 isn't that hard to fly IRL. I can't really complain about them not having authentic town maps and distinctive cliff-faces and crags everywhere in the entire world, can I? Still, the R-22's a sod in that sim.

Aviator : that one field that's so close to the town that by the time the locust takes off from it and appears on your radar, if you're not already halfway there you've already lost.

Interdictor II : SAMs with 0ft minimum engagement height in the sand dunes between Beta and Iota. They're too close to Iota and make a nuisance of themselves when I'm trying to take out Iota SAMs with 150ft minimum engagement height, which is dangerous enough when they have that many AAA guns co-located with them, thankyou very much.

Rock Band 3 : lack of avatar design options and excessive Daft and/or Punk options in the limited wardrobe. Also: lack of an easier way to search the wardrobe. Also: lack of control over avatar's on-stage behaviour.

Paintballing : utter uselessness of weapons. I can shoot a paintball-sized group at 30m with the right rifle. Why can't I hit a man beyond 5m with a paintball?

Enemy Territory : medics with 200 health merrily bouncing down the road, propelled by 81mm mortar shells going off between their heels, and surviving, and also surviving 9 hits to the back of the hea with a .45 from 5m, and covert ops who can survive 60 hits to the face, throat and chest with a 9mm then do 300 damage with one thrust with a knife. Limit medic health to 100 and nerf the knife and you'd have a game.

Love : needs an easy mode so people can get the hang of it faster. Throwing everyone in at the deep end means newbies are easy prey to experienced players with lousy morals for ... well, years. Power effects ought to be more consistent too. It's so hard to figure out what to do in what seem to be (almost) the same circumstances with (almost) the same people that I've missed the mission time limit or just blown it completely with one bad keystroke again and again and again. The level-up is great, every success is great and the idea's beautiful, but the "failing again" gets exhausting. Also the HPV bug is bad news. I know there's a patch for it but they're not getting it out there very fast.


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May 25, 2011
Ill tell my problems with the Metroid Prime games( not includig Hunters)-
Note these are mostly my personal problems with these, ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING GAMES!

Metroid Prime: The Backtracking was annoying at first...And it took me ages to find the Plasma beam..

Echoes: All know how Dark and Light world arent the best story, but that wasnt yet game-ruining. The areas werent as good to me as in the first game until Sanctuary fortress.. AND THE BOOST GUARDIAN IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE >:O

Corruption: Now at this point i was used to the backtracking and liked the exploration part, but they towned it down, unless you wanted everysingle upgrade. And Mogenars the most annoying boss evar and the fight with Dark samus at the end was a letdown.


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Jun 25, 2008
In Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare I dislike the fact that... can't play as John after the game ends. I know his death is canon and there's no avoiding it, and it suits the story well (it wouldn't have been as poignant if he didn't die).

But still, I really dislike playing as Jack and Zombie John and it's hard to decide which one has less personality and is more annoying when spurring on a horse or randomly talking.

Zombie John's moaning and growls aren't great, but neither is Jack's dialogue... I hate those guys.

I'm glad that in both games I made multiple save files and after I completed the stories I was able to revert back to a save which is just before the point of no return, i.e before you become a rancher and die in RDR and before the last mission in UN.


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Mar 9, 2010
I love the story and environments of Assassin's Creed II, but I can't play it anymore because:

*Movement: Dear developers, if you can't make a good navigation AI, don't have the computer interpret my intentions. Yes, you have award-winning character animation, and it looks very nice, but I would prefer clunky animations with a character that consistently jumps in the direction I tell him to.

*Notoriety system: Congratulations, Ubisoft, you've managed to make a stealth game that considers it more stealthy to stab a guy in a crowded street and leave the body than to stab him while pulling him into a haystack, or stab him and pull him into a canal you're hanging over. Especially ridiculous when if you stab a guy and then dump him into a haystack rather than pulling him in with you, notoriety doesn't increase at all. And what's with wanted posters tacked onto a windowless wall 30 feet above the street? Notoriety should be based on the presence of witnesses, not what techniques you use. Ubisoft? Guys? You know the guy who designed this system? Yeah. He's got the kind of judgment that will taint whatever game you try to make with failure as long as he's involved. It really is in your best interest to fire him and advise all the other studios and publishers to not hire him either. His presence in the industry is a Bad Thing.

Aborting before this turns into more of a wall of text than it is. Anyway, ACII was bad enough that I decided to just watch all the Brotherhood cutscenes on youtube to get the story. And you know what? Assassin's Creed as a movie is actually kinda nice. It doesn't feel like work, or like the developers hate you, unlike the interactive version.


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Jun 3, 2011
Pikmin 2- The Submerged Castle. Fuck you Waterwraith. Just fuck you. I'm just about to get the final treasure of the floor to my ship and BAM, you come down and flatten all my pikmin and proceed to follow me round the level, killing any stragglers.

Metroid Prime 2- The ridiculous fetch quest just before the final boss fight. I mean, at least it was pretty harmless in Prime 1 but Prime 2 just took the piss. I got two of the Sky Keys before after about 4 hours of backtracking before I gave up.

Skies of Arcadia Legends- The random encounters. It's fine once you get the ship upgrade that allows you to go into High and Low Sky but sometimes, the trek through some sectors is just hellish. Don't get me started on Looper Land :/

Banjo Tooie- Canary BLOODY Mary. Need I say more.

Tales of Vesperia- Estelle in general, along with a boss fight later on where you HAVE to play as Karol until you weaken the boss enough to get your whole party back.

L.A. Noire- The lack of 'Revert to Last Save' feature. The tedium of having to quit back to the menu screen and having to load the game again is a pain. Plus, the AI of your partner is just awful, the cover/running controls are clunky and the car physics is just laughably bad as you watch your car bounce about 5 feet from a jump like it's landed on a bouncy castle.