PC Battlefield 3 Lacks Key FPS Feature

bjj hero

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Feb 4, 2009
Hungry Donner said:
How is wanting an in-game browser elitist? When console owners pine away for mod support does that make them console elitists?
There is a perfectly adequate alternative provided. It's not like gameplay has been cut. I don't hear console players complaining about mod support (with the exception of on valve games). You have to accept that if you play on console you don't get the mods.


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Sep 9, 2008
bjj hero said:
Hungry Donner said:
How is wanting an in-game browser elitist? When console owners pine away for mod support does that make them console elitists?
There is a perfectly adequate alternative provided. It's not like gameplay has been cut. I don't hear console players complaining about mod support (with the exception of on valve games). You have to accept that if you play on console you don't get the mods.
Yet the console versions have an ingame browser.

This is either just laziness on their part or they just couldn't bother implementing something that's already in other versions.


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Feb 20, 2008
WTF is this... why do they keep making utterly retaaaarded decisions like this.
P2P instead of the well proven and loved dedicated server system, random game browser "features" like this one... what is it with developers taking things us PC gamers are perfectly happy with and which work perfectly well and which no one is complaining about and then turning them in to some crap like this?!
Why do consoles get server browsers and PC owners don't? I mean good for console owners but my question would be if it works for them - why not for PC users?

How are favourites going to work?

I can just see trying to join a game of 63/64 players, but by the time you get in-game it is full only for you to have to close the game again and do this all over again.
And "starts up REAL fast"? Like what? Compared to a Sloth on Valium?
If you have 12 gigs or RAM, the game installed on a SSD and have 4 top of the range GFX card running in unison?
What does that even mean and how is meant to appease us?
SSFIV AE starts up REAL quick but I can tell you I'd be mighty pissed off if I had to exit the game every time I wanted to look for a game.

Man... this does cheese me off. I'll tell my kids one day of the splendours of UT 2004 and BF2/2142 when all you had to do was open your in-game game browse for a server and just click join.
They'll rejoice at my tales of simplicity and marvel at these simpler times and wonder how the present has become so convoluted with stupidity.
meh to the max


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Oct 31, 2008
And in other news, both the y and x axis are permanently inverted on the mouse, and you have to hold tilde and SysRq to sprint, because fuck PC gamers!


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Mar 30, 2011
Sevre said:
"Starts up REAL fast", when your Gulftown i7 is hooked up to a DeLorean's turbocharger.

Seriously, not cool.
You really can't mock it till you try it.
It's the fastest start up you'll ever see.


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May 26, 2009
Tossers xD

I decided to not buy this because of it being on Origin only for PC (and I am only a PC gamer), but... just... this is beyond belief.

The sole business motive behind origin exclusivity was that people would buy it and they would then hopefully buy stuff off of origin...

The chances of that happening are shrinking very very fast now due to... this total fuck up XD
Quit the game, find a browser and start it up again? Oh it turns out I've joined and its full. Quit, find server, start game.

EA you are a bunch of useless c**ts.


Please please please just leave Bioware alone to work alone... so Shepard doesn't have to load up his inventory screen and you must click a button to reload instead of just pressing R, because that is the equivalent to what EA have done with this D:


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Mar 27, 2010
Not on steam,
Requiers you be connected to the internet,
You have to install some wierd thing along with it,
Published by EA,
And now this.
I want this game less and less each day.
And I think they super jelly 'cause MW3 has moar pre orders.
Jan 29, 2009
"Okay, so you advertised this car as having multiple gears for driving, right?"
"Where's the stupid lever then!?"
"You have to turn off the car and do it from the outside, silly!"
"But won't that take stupidly longer?"
"Don't worry, this car starts up REAL fast."
"Why the hell didn't you put it inside the car?!?"
"...REAL fast."
So, in conclusion, EA is a used car salesman.


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Nov 21, 2007
scott91575 said:
I have answers for all 3.

1) Alt tab can get you out. 1: You can also get out of the game by hitting ESC and then clicking quit. Just like any normal game. You don't have to Alt-Tab. It's just quicker.
2) 2: If you have an issue with single player, that is an entirely different issue and not the lack of in game server browsing. I am not even sure that has been confirmed. I have not seen anything official that say you need to launch single player from a website.
3) 3: LAN play is not even available on many games, and once again, has nothing to do with the main issue...no in game server browsing. As for losing connection, umm, an in game browser does not fix that. You still need to be connected. Connected to their server in game vs. a web browser does not resolve that. 4: As for a known server IP, the same capability is there. I have no idea where you are getting that. It's just in a browser.

5: It's not lazy. It's actually kind of cool. When I first used it I thought "this is weird." Yet I quickly got used to it and it was not different than a normal game other than the fact during the load screen it's minimized (you can watch it if you want though). Once you are in it pops up to the main screen. So actually you can chat with people while waiting for the load screen if you wanted. I would bet it's also better to have a browser in a web based environment instead of creating a unique one in game.

How can I defend it? 6: It's faster. Time how fast you can open BFBC2 and get to a load screen for a multiplayer match. Now time how quick you can go to a bookmark on your browser. On top of that, internet browsing is something that continually evolves with new stuff not designed by EA. The in game stuff is all EA. This has the liklihood of being more reliable and having more features.

Like I asked, have you used it? I have. It's not much different than an in game server browser except the fact you need to have an internet browser open. BTW...the search was much faster, but I will chalk that up to the low amount of players in alpha vs. a launched title.
Bolded the points I wanted to address.

1: Again, I fail to see how you can defend that? There is no reason at all that the players are forced to close the damn game just to join another server. It's 2011. I'm fairly certain advanced user interfaces are the norm by now so NOT having one is stupid as hell.

2: Considering it's becoming more and more apparent that this Battlelog site is operating as the games main menu (and not just a server browser), it stands to reason that should the site be unavailable, you lose your "main menu".

3: Actually, many games still have LAN play. Moreso than don't. It's only recently that a lot of high-profile titles have been removing the option to allow for greater DRM control. (i.e. Starcraft 2)

4: Again, I reiterate, if the site is down how can you connect to anything? Even if you have the IP as I stated earlier, if the site you have to load the game from is inaccessible, how can you use it to direct-connect to an IP?

5: No. It actually is quite lazy. Not that they're using a 3rd party provider for their server browser functions, but that they're forcing you to use it outside the game. Answer me this. Why can't they just integrate the Battlelog service into the game so that you can access the browser site through the (non-existent) main menu? Seems to me it wouldn't be that hard and would remove the need to load the same server browser from a separate application. (as in, a web browser) Seems pretty lazy to not even try this method.
Oh, and "chat with other people while it loads"? Really? Have you missed out on the past 10 years of PC gaming? We've been able to do that for years. I did just that last night while loading a game of Left 4 Dead 2. All without the need of opening a web browser to join a game.

6: This isn't exactly selling me on your assertions. You say it's great because it's faster than the really crappy browser/menu interface Bad Company 2 had. That's akin to saying, "This turd is better than this turd because it has sparkles on it." Just because it's faster than an in-game browser that was really, really slow and terrible doesn't mean it's automatically good or better than the other options we have available to us in other games.
And, while you're right browsers "evolve" over time, that doesn't mean much as the actual match-making is still handled by EA. So regardless of the site allowing you to browse servers and matches, it still relies on EA providing the logistics of the match-making and server info/updates. So this does not lend itself to being more "reliable". In fact, it could be far from it as anything new added to the game or site has to make sure it's compatible with both the game and site. Meaning update intervals could double.

I have no issue with DICE and EA using the Battlelog site for matchmaking purposes. A lot of game companies use 3rd party services for some features. I do have issue with them basically "tacking it on" and not even attempting to integrate it into the game. It's lazy and unnecessary.


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Jan 19, 2011
Wha..? Why don't they do the traditional thing: Give consoles matchmaking, give PC's server list? It's not like it's never worked in the past, has it? I'm more annoyed at that, since I'll be getting it for my Xbox. But seriously, it didn't really work for Gears of War or CoD 3, because you couldn't tell if a friend would have the same server on the same list as you. And you can't type in the IP address because it's a controller!



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Nov 21, 2007
tgcPheonix said:
Frostbite Engine +1
Amazing game play trailer +1
Forced to use origin -1
Forced to restart game every time you have to find a server -2

and it looked so promising ....
So I'm not the only one keeping a tally, huh? Good to know.

Mine was about the same, except that mine looked more like this:

* Promises of returning to the series roots (a la BF2) - +2
* Frostbyte 2 engine tech - +2
* Amazing trailers v1 - +1
* Talk of Origin - 0 (was indifferent. didn't really care as, at the time, we were told we didn't need it)
* Needless, obnoxious mud slinging campaign against Steam - -4
* Informed by DICE that PC version is primary build - +2
* Regardless of purchase method, must use Origin - -1/2 (not that bad, but it really is a crappy DDS with stupidly insane rules)
* Amazing trailers v2 - +1
* Realizing that the whole "we're making this for PC gamers first and foremost" line of BS was just that, BS. Especially given that the console versions still get an integrated browser and a main menu that isn't a damn website - -10

Needless to say, DICE and EA have some catching up to do to convince me it should get a positive score.


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Jul 29, 2010
I've been browsing for servers within a game since the first Half-life came out, in like, 1998. Well in-game browsing was a convenient feature since before that, really. And now, suddenly, they are taking it out.

This is a subliminal movement towards the console crowd as well, and although I have one, I won't be buying this game, because quite frankly, EA and Dice can kiss my ****. I already decided this upon hearing about Origin on-line requirement.

Nice business model guys, spend a whole lot of time on the trailers and hype, then slowly make announcements like this. And it won't even make a difference, because you're already one of the most pre-ordered games in history...*sighs* this is the new direction of gaming, everyone, like it or not.

Doctor Glocktor

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Aug 1, 2009
I keep hearing the Alpha players going on and on about how its not that bad; while that may be true, EA is going about making people like it the wrong way.


Ruining videogames
Feb 3, 2011
What I have never understood is way people like server browsers of any kind when it is soooo much easier to just hit "find game" in the console version than spend five minutes looking for a server that looks promising only to find that it lags horribly/is full of A-holes .ect and have to go back to looking.
OT: this is incredibly stupid, trying to move a game's important features to a freaking website that you need to alt-tab out to is just moronic. if this trend of everything being announced about BF3 being bad keeps up then its never going to outsell MW3 which is a shame