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Aug 19, 2012
Hello, so I got some parts for a pc do they all work together and if so should I invest more or less in certain peices to get the cheapest, yet top down graphics computer.










Also, how will I be able to hook up an the computer to my tv with an hdmi coable


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May 1, 2020
To answer your last qusetion, gfx cards or your mobo will usually have an hdmi out slot. Sometimes its a mini hdmi, or you can use any number of conversion cables. As for the rest of post i'd go to toms hardware or such if your looking for build advice.


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Jan 23, 2012
I would suggest you search through Newegg. [link]http://www.newegg.com/[/link]. You will almost certainly find some nicer deals.

Also, for building advice, Toms Hardware (as sneakypenguin already mentioned) is EXTREMELY informative and useful. Try Anandtech as well. they have great articles and reviews that could help you. [link]http://www.anandtech.com/[/link]


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Mar 23, 2004
My 2 cents... don't get a 3770. An i5 3570K is going to kick ass and save $100. If you really want an i7, get the 3770K.

Don't buy from BestBuy. Check out newegg, ncix, fry's, microcenter, etc. Actual PC stores.

If you aren't getting a graphics card (you don't list one), then you definitely want one of the "K" versions of the CPUs I listed as, while also being unlocked for overclocking, they are the only desktop CPUs with Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics (otherwise you get HD 2500).

Get 8GB of RAM.

Even with a high end GPU, 850W PSUs are a bit overkill now. The i7 is 77W TDP and a GPU is maybe 300W tops. So, you can save a little money or get a lower power one with higher efficiency.


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Mar 9, 2012
Here: http://pcpartpicker.com/

A friend of mine recently wanted to buy a computer, but she had no clue how to start or what to do. She wanted a decent computer, but didn't want to spend $1000+. She managed to build a great computer with just an $800 budget. Worked perfectly for her.


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Apr 11, 2020
Decide on your budget, go to toms hardware's build page

Here's their $1k build


and get those parts.


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Mar 29, 2011
Yabba said:
Also, how will I be able to hook up an the computer to my tv with an hdmi coable
Look at the back of the computer after its assembled. See those HDMI ports sitting around? Use them.

Ok, first things first, when building a PC;
What is your budget.
What is your goal for that budget [Tradeoffs between faster loading times for the OS and levels in some games, better performance in those games, Good performance with industrial 3D rendering tools and video editing, or more emphasis on gaming graphics].
From what I can tell you have a budget of around $1200-$1300, and you want a rig with the best gaming capabilities, including fast OS load times [Whilst sacrificing future graphics power and multitasking].

From this, the parts you should get;
CPU: i5 3570. You will NOT need an i7 for gaming, period. I have one because it was on sale for $300 with the motherboard and RAM included. You also will not need a K model as you likely will not be overclocking - you don't need to, its mostly for fun with this sort of hardware.
Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme 4. Some people have had problems with ASRock, though others swear by them. If you want to try another brand, ASUS P8Z77
RAM: What you've selected should be fine.
Graphics: You forgot a graphics card in a rig for gaming. For shame. Get either a 660Ti or a 670 dependent on what your budget allows.
Power Supply: Looks fine. Corsair's a good brand, had an issue with a... 7-8 year old power supply for my server at one point, but up until 5 years it had been working flawlessly, and at the 5 year mark it only started crashing the server about once every 8 months or so. Didn't realise it was a recurring problem until year 7 when it started happening every month, every week, then every day. Then found out it might be time to replace my old power supply.
Hard Drive: Eh... I guess its alright, I don't see why you're getting an external drive though. Being USB it will take 10 times longer to do anything. You're better off getting an internal like a Seagate Barracuda. There really is no point at all to an external harddrive without an Internal that isn't an SSD.
Sold State Drive: That SSD is expensive as hell. Seriously, its a third of your budget gone in one thing. First thing I'd recommend is drop it to a 64Gb and put only Windows on it. If you want to push it get a 128Gb and put Windows and your most used files on it. 512Gb is excessive, will slow down the SSD load times as you put more stuff on it, defeating the purpose by supplying an overall increase in speed, but not an amazing one that you'd buy it for. I have a 256Gb one that is close to filled and I swear I should just buy another 64Gb and use it for Windows, reload everything, time and effort be damned, just for the 1-2 second loading times I had. Now its closer to 10 seconds. Still a lot better than with a normal harddrive, but I liked the instant boot ups I had. Additionally, it will be a LOT cheaper. I'd go for SanDisk as the brand too. Nothing against Crucial, I don't know them well enough, but people have complained about short life spans on their SSDs [I do not know which brand they were using], and SanDisk has provided me an SSD that is working perfectly fine a couple of years after purchase and looks to do so afterwards, so I'll recommend the brand that I know works over the one I don't know.
CD/DVD Drive: Yeah, should be fine. I don't find these things matter too much, so long as you have one you're fine.
Case: Should be fine with what you've selected.

Just make sure you have a keyboard and mouse too. You won't get anywhere if you don't.