Peggle Coming To iPhone In March

Keane Ng

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Sep 11, 2008
Peggle Coming To iPhone In March

Extreme Fever! Peggle [][/I], otherwise known as the most addictive game this side of World of Warcraft, will be coming to iPhone in March.

Here in sunny California we have a couple of laws that went into effect in the last 12 months or so: you cannot talk on a handheld cellular device while driving, and you cannot send text messages while driving.

Well California legislators may have to add another law to the books soon enough: No Peggling while driving. PopCap's Peggle, that devilishly addictive game where you Beethoven song [] come on, will be coming to iPhone this March.

The announcement came by way of PopCap's reporting [] that PopCap has confirmed with them that Peggle iPhone is "launching in early March."

PopCap also announced that they'd be bringing a number of other titles to Apple's handheld, though they were mum with specifics. Also unclear is which version of Peggle iPhone owners will be getting a taste of: a port of an older game, a port of the most recent Peggle Nights [], or maybe a new one altogether? In any case, 2009 looks to be the year of Peggle with the Xbox Live Arcade and DS versions also making their debuts in March.