PewDiePie Beaten to dust! Also tell us bad let's players.


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Jan 24, 2010
You know what, I don't even care.

Pewdiepie certainly isn't the height of comedy... But more importantly, I couldn't care less what these boring twats think of him. Seriously, I've not seen a video where people try so hard to entertain and fail so badly since I went on
I'd even have agreed with the point (for there was only one) they were trying to make if they'd focused less on his rape jokes. It bounced back on them, because whilst it was Pewdiepie saying "rape", it was in their video that I heard the word "rape" hundreds of times. If I (god forbid) clicked on one of Pewdiepies videos and watched it through, I'd maybe hear 2-4 "rape"s over the course of 10-20 minutes. And there wouldn't be any people with extremely boring voices making even more boring remarks.

rupang886 said:
...and he dropped university to make these videos.
And don't you come off as slightly bitter about it. People drop out of University all the time, and even if he'd stayed on, would he have been any more beneficial or worthwhile than he is now? He's even done some respectable things (according to wikipedia, which is of course the source of all things true and I trust it implicitly) such as when he won "King of the Web" and got $7500 prize money (from... somewhere?) he donated it to WWF because he didn't need it. He already had a more-than steady paying job and didn't really want the money. So yeah, he's not exactly the funniest guy on web, but when he wins money for (apparently) being so at least he's got his heart in the right place.

rupang886 said:
slowbeef (THE inventor of Let's Plays)
The inventor of lets plays? more like the inventor of screen-shot annotations (no lets plays here)

... okay, that first annotation is pretty funny, I'll give him that. So if nothing else useful spawns from this redundant thread, then let me at least thank you for making me look up "slow beef" in google and finding this. (and yeah, you are right, he is the inventor of lets plays, and these screen-shots with text was a pre-cursor to that)

urrrm, I've actually lost my train of thought whilst I was looking up "proof" of slowbeef being the first lets player. So yeah, don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge a lets player by a video, made by people jealous of their fame, of them saying "rape" a lot.

Soviet Heavy said:
I thought the pills joke was pretty funny. Retsupurae always makes me laugh. So instead of promoting a dumbass, let's watch a better Retsupurae.
The pills joke was the only worthwhile part. And huh, so their usual stuff is like a lets play of a lets play. "They watch the lets play so you don't have to". I don't think I'll be watching their videos if this is one of their "better" ones. It just seemed like them being really snobby over a guy who doesn't deserve it. (By that I mean it like watching an obnoxious and quite dim bully picking on the only kid stupider than him in class)


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Feb 5, 2012
You know, in defense of Tobuscus, his fans aren't nearly as bad...and while his voice does get old after awhile, at least he is good to his fanbase. There have been a few PewDiePie blunders in which he reveals that his fanbase to him are just dollar signs...Can't say that Tobuscus has the same mindset but at least he has the sensibility to keep his mouth shut and not let anyone know.


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Oct 18, 2010
So they cherry pick the unfunny moments of his Let's Play archives and put that up as evidence that he's insufferable? Yeah, that sounds logical enough.


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Nov 3, 2008
I pretty much can only stand Two Best Friends and Game Grumps.
I primarily like Two Best Friends because they usually know wtf they are doing in games and usually have an extensive knowledge about the game they choose to play. Also, they don't do the bandwagon-ing nonsense that every other let's player does.
Game Grumps are tolerable because the two guys are able to hold some interesting conversations, and the game kind of ends up being more of a background piece.

As for Let's Players that I don't like (from the ones I've seen)...
Jessie Cox: Don't get me wrong, the guy has done some interesting stuff, but way too much of his stuff is recycled. He uses the same two voices over and over and really just grates my nerves and a lot of the time he is just firing off joke after joke and a lot of it just falls so flat. Also can't stand a let's player who doesn't know the mechanics of a game (especially when they're on like part 80 of a game.)

WoWCrendor: The only reason I fault the guy is because he constantly pairs with Jessie and it really ends up being the same exact shtick over and over.

MaximusBlack: Bandwangon-ing, look at me I rage, read the manual, psh it's more rage when I fail over and over!

Yogscast: Reactionary nonsense, repeat shtick...etc.
Aug 1, 2010

Not only is this a classic case of "If you don't like it, don't watch it", but it's also unfair to make any judgements about him or his audience.


He dropped out of school? So what? He's loving the hell out of what he's doing and millions of people are enjoying themselves as a result. That's a better life than a lot of us could ask for.

Furthermore, he's kind of a cool guy. He has put out quite a few videos specifically calling his fans idiots and telling them not to insult other people.

And you know what the kicker is? I don't even like him that much. Every now and then I laugh at one of his videos, but for the most part I steer clear. I just respect who he is and what he's doing.


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Sep 15, 2010
I watched his videos, I laughed at his reactions, watched more, and actually got inspired to play games like Amnesia and The Binding of Isaac. No one forced me to watch, no one advertised him to me, I found him on my own, and enjoy is videos in my lonesome. This is how it is for a good many of his subscribers and I see no issue with this.

If you don't like it, you don't have to watch it. Isn't the freedom to hit the [X] atop the screen so lovely?

As a sidenote, he also used his popularity to draw up money for cancer research and is unendingly surprised and happy that people like him enough for him to make a living doing what he loves. If you are apposed to him just because he can do what he loves and make cash, then you are most likely spiteful of the fact that you, yourself, cannot do this. Otherwise I see no reason for anyone to draw ultra-negative attention towards him.

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Apr 3, 2020
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I really don't like PewDiePie. I find his voice grating, his mannerisms obnoxious and his personality to be a poor man's raocow.

That said, I get by perfectly fine without thinking about him, I don't hold a personal grudge against him, and I do have some respect for him making cash doing something he (at least seemingly) enjoys. Unlike what seems to be a fair majority of the Internet, I can dislike without hating.


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Aug 4, 2011
Oh no! Everyone dive, someone is making money on youtube, he's obviously some big corporation jerk who eats souls and kills puppies in his off time!

What the hell people, this guy makes videos, puts them on a site full of videos, gets millions of viewers, and BAM, there is obviously something wrong with him! Yes, how dare he make money off of something you don't! Next thing you know he'll have a pencil moustache and a cape and laugh evilly as we are forced to pick at rocks all day long for the PewDiePie mining corp.

Seriously, this is a little off-kilter, these guys insulting pewdie need to realise that they are not funny just because they insult someone and pick out a montage of the downsides of him instead of giving a clean, unbiased review, but hey, welcome to the internet!

Okay guys, it looks like you toppled the big media giant who is draining your sanity and your wallets with a single video, you can crawl back to your mushroom houses and sing songs all day again!

The fact that he says inappropriate things is NOTHING new, and it is the danger of the internet, don't raise red flags at him just because he happens to appeal to children. Are YOUR children being affected by this? What's that? No? So leave the parenting problems to the parents, not the videos.


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Nov 9, 2009
I accaully used to like this guy, in his early vids his reactions were (or at least seemed) real and mostly funny

I do however believe that he peaked some time back and is on his way into oblivion


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Mar 26, 2012
My little brother watches that guy a lot. From the little I've overheard, I don't really think he's all that funny, but I'm not going to burn him at the stake. It's like a few people here have said: Don't like him? Don't watch him.


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May 22, 2009
I like Pewdiepie. I'm not subscribed to him or anything, and I don't keep track of his videos, and in fact I am subscribed to retsupurae, but he's still funny to watch from time to time. The only thing I don't like him is a classic symptom of let's plays, the fact that he skips and lot of content and exploration in favor of getting through the game and getting to the action more quickly. A lot of people think that you've got to constantly be doing something hilarious or exciting or else the views won't come.

And like BishopofAges said, he has set up charity for cancer research, and he donated the winnings of some award he got to the World Wildlife Foundation, so he's a nice guy.

I like retsupurae for their flash and longplay videos, but the actual RP's I find shit because it's just three people talking over each other, over a game.

Also, so that's what Slowbeef looks like. Huh.


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Oct 7, 2011
Yah i don't much care for PewDiePie myself, either. I'm perfectly fine with him doing LP's, i mean, it's just a job for him and i'm assuming he has fun doing it, so more power to him. But his voice really, really grates my nerves. I know it's probably just his accent, but it's still really hard to watch more than a couple minutes of his videos for me.

I am a fan of Tobuscus though. Mostly because he doesn't just repeat whats going on in game, but actually tries to add humor to it, which doesn't always bring out the laughs, but the extra effort goes a long ways in a saturated market of LP's.

So yah, i think people get too offended at the whole LP thing. It's just some mindless enjoyment to sit down and watch after a long day or something.


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Dec 8, 2009
Don't watch him at all, and definitely don't want to from what I have seen of him, but there are plenty of other (IMO better) LPers out there to watch for almost any game you have an interest in. Sure I don't get why he's as popular as he is, but that doesn't stop me from just watching someone else.


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Feb 1, 2009
I feel like this is a hate topic. I don't like to all. I'm going to be that good role model person and say "If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Or I'll say it with my own twist. "If you are about to *****, shut the hell up and sit down. Complain about some other topic, nicely and with intelligence."

I watch some of Pewdie's videos and I like them. Problem? Everyone has different likes and dislike. It's just that I was one of those people chosen to like Pewdiepie.

Just don't try to hate, or you will surly be labeled as a troll...hey maybe most of these poeple who has posted might of think you are a troll already. (Or a BARREL, in some peoples opinion)

So basically what I am saying is check before you post, don't hate without giving the opposite side a say. So if you hate him so much why don't you do it? Try and get 2 million people?

I may be coming in here and shouting "I am holy then thou!" but hey, it's my opinion.

EDIT: Sorry if I sounded like a douche. Early in the morning here. :D


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Oct 25, 2010
I think I'm the only one here who enjoys watching Pewdiepie :S

Although I pretty much only watch him play horror games just because he freaks out at absoulutely everything. Why do people get so annoyed at LP's making money from their videos? Actors make money from their movies so musicians make money from their songs so what's wrong with LPs making money from their videos?

I haven't seen heaps of LPs but I can not stand iJustine. Ten minutes of her Portal 2 playthrough and I wanted to punch her for being an egotistical idiot. A game is not stupid just because it takes you 5 minutes to work out the first puzzel -_-


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Mar 4, 2012
He screams, swears, and attempts humor by going crazy all the time. No wonder he's popular. I kept hearing people exclaiming how amazing he was supposed to be, and at some point, I stumbled upon his playthrough of Doom 3. I was not impressed (with PewDiePie, that is; I still wanna play Doom 3). Then, a friend of mine showed me his "Happy Wheels" video, which was supposed to be the grand daddy of them all. It was stupid. I'd sooner watch The Annoying Orange than PewDiePie.

So, who do I prefer, instead? The first I got interested in was John Ortiz (Somecallmejohnny). Then, there's also PeanutButterGamer, JonTron, and NintendoCapriSun. I recently took a look at some of Clament's videos, and should probably give a look to these "Chuggaconroy" and "Lukhadjin" (or however her name's spelled) people and see what they're like.


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Jun 7, 2012
Regarding PewDiePie
I actually liked his first Amnesia and Penumbra videos. The reactions were authentic and it managed to be funny.

Now its just HURR DURR BARRELS BARRELS RAPING TIME, and overreactions galore with annoying exaggerated screaming.