PlayStation 3 System Sales No Longer a Money Pit


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Apr 15, 2010
thethingthatlurks said:
Angelcraft said:
It took three and a half years for their super system to turn a profit? That's not good strategy. THe PS2 was an instant hit and CONTINUES to sell systems and games long after the DEATH of the system. Seriously, what is SONY thinking? Playstation used to be infallable, but now they are trying to act like Sega and 3D0 and flush themselves down the toilet.
The hardware isn't what makes money, it's the licenses and the games that make selling consoles worthwhile. Look at it this way, Sony gets money from the sale of games and Blu-rays, as opposed to MS, who only get money from games. It wasn't a bad investment by any means, although Sony could have done better in the PR department (PS2 emulation, other OS, etc)
Indeed so, but what I am getting at, and this is the kicker, if the device starts out over the top expensive, then fewer consumers (Mostly children) will not be able to afford the system and therefore NOT invest in the money making games. QED, overpriced, malfunctioning system sinks like the Titanic. It is big, built by the best, and doomed from the get-go. It took this long to get to working, which means that they lost money, in some form or another, and they cannot get it back. Instead, they are still selling the old crap that was built RIGHT. Of course, as things progress and develop, the PS3 will overwhelm the unsatasfactory graphics of the PS2 and win in that respect, but it took THREE AND A HALF YEARS just to get to that pivitol plateau.
My point is simply make the system a finished product before you give it to the masses. Appeal to nearly every audience (The people who like PS1, PS2 and PSP games) and give them more of what they want. Reverse capability? Sure. Liquid coolers? Why not. Various games that come out regularly that are both fun and detailed? That's why we're here.
They give us none of this, and that is why I have purchased a 360. I can play the three main zombie games today (L4D, Dead Rising, Resident Evil) and have a vast library of other games to choose from. Grant it, the Xbox sucks donkie testies because the games frequently crash or glitch, but I can play them. By what I hear, the PS3 is a sluggish monster that has lower quality video, sound, and detail with DVD and better crap with Blue Ray.
Enough of that though, let's CONGO!