Pokemon Become Horrifying in Artist's Attack on Titan Crossover


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Jul 10, 2013
Veldie said:
FPLOON said:
Veldie said:
FPLOON said:
So... Does that mean Ash Ketchum can turn into a Poketitan?


Also, I would read the aspired manga because I would [then] hate to wait for the next season to come out...
fuck Ash let it be Red instead because Red is a badass unlike Ash.
Whoa there... Are we talking about the anime crossover or the video game crossover? Because if Red playing the role of Eren in the anime crossover, then there would be a LOT of backlash after Episode 5... unlike if it were to be Ash, for example... *shrugs*

Besides, I'd imagine Red would be Levi in the anime crossover, anyway... But, then again, that's just me...
Pokemon Adventures Manga the brutal badass one. Where Red makes everyone his ***** >.>

I just don't see ash as capable of handling titans. if anything he would be more Arman to me
But, Ash isn't as smart as Arman, though... He's mostly just overconfident in himself to the point that even the audience wonders why he even does certain things in battle that common sense would say shouldn't work in the first place... In fact, I think Ash is more overconfident that Eren... Then again, I feel both Ash and Eren could be summed up as characters with all bark and barely any bite until the plot says otherwise... and that's why I used Ash instead of Red in the spoiler tag of my OP...

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Nov 20, 2008
Give my Chronos out of God of War any day. This is Tim Burton's work, I can tell.

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Jun 9, 2009
This... This is actually not bad. I didn't expect this to be any good, but she makes it work somehow.