Pokemon Sun and Moon Allows You to "Hyper Train" Level 100 Pokemon


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Sep 23, 2008
Hope this is true. I remember before X and Y were out there was a rumour IVs would be temporarily set to 31 when you battled online, but that was false. I've bred about a half dozen Pokemon with 5 31 IVs, and it is just shit. The idea of Pokemon having different inherent capabilities between natures and IVs is interesting in theory, but a pain in practice. But then Gamefreak make sure to drop useless Pokemon into each generation, with either shit stat distribution or no viable moves so whatever.

Either way, I am looking forward to running through the story. :)


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Oct 25, 2012
MCerberus said:
JayRPG said:
It's about time. It's not so much that I hated endlessly breeding, it did give me something to do, though it was tedious, the problem is that because it's such a long, tedious process hacking/cheating pokemon into the game is rampant.

The best way to reduce people using hacked pokemon is by making the process of getting a pokemon with good IVs easier.
No, you'll still get hacked pokemon everywhere.
And people will still claim that their perfect nature/ability shiny is just something they caught.
Oh, of course there will always be hacked pokemon, there are hackers in just about every game regardless of how easy or hard things are.

But making it so you can train any pokemon you get to perfect IVs, instead of endless tedious breeding and egg hatching to get a pokemon with perfect IVs, is going to reduce the amount of players looking for shortcuts and reluctantly resorting to hacking because they don't have the time.

Edit: To simplify what I'm trying to say, the current system encourages players to hack pokemon, because it is so long, tedious, and RNG driven players resort to hacking/cheating because they don't have the time or dedication.

A new system which simplifies the process and/or shortens the process and/or makes it all easier will hopefully push less players toward hacking :)


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Aug 3, 2011
People are talking bout Ivs and such and I have no idea what they are talking bout. I figured once at level 100. That pokemon was good for anything in game and that there wasn't much more to do with said pokemon

The Great JT

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Oct 6, 2008
Goliath100 said:
The Great JT said:
I hope that's what this mean, because breeding for IVs is the most time-consuming, least-fun thing in Pokemon.
Yes, let's replace it with lvl and bottle cap grinding instead.
Level grinding was part of the fun to begin with! I'd love a return to the march to 100!

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May 6, 2008
But if all Pokemon have the same, perfect IV's then that means that all be the same. What's to separate my Rattatat, whom I hypothetically raised from a cub, from someone else'd Rattatat?
IV's were what made your Rattatat special. I don't want to live in a world filled with NaZi uber-Rattatats.


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Oct 26, 2009
kenu12345 said:
People are talking bout Ivs and such and I have no idea what they are talking bout. I figured once at level 100. That pokemon was good for anything in game and that there wasn't much more to do with said pokemon
Read the OP to understand them then. A lvl 100 Pokemon will be amazing for just about anything in-game, but for competitive play? A lvl 100 Steelix (for example) with the right IVs (in DEF and Sp DEF) will be far more effective than another lvl 100 Steelix with random IVs. It's only necessary to worry about with competitive play, so if you don't know anything about the competitive scene then naturally you wouldn't be concerned about it. The idea of it isn't complicated though.


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Sep 8, 2008

Kibeth41 said:
RaikuFA said:
OH no, more people can compete in tournaments. That's so horrible. This is the end of Pokemon as we know it.
I see that you didn't read my comment properly. I described it as the "gem of this change".
*cry* fucking balls. I done fucked up.


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Jun 12, 2009
Kibeth41 said:
Verrik said:
Well, that one Poketuber, Verlisify, doesn't seem too happy about this new feature. He seems to think it's the worst thing ever. Which, considering I don't play Pokemon competitively, could be right for all I know.

Anyone here play competitive Pokemon think this is a bad thing? I mean, it sounds good to me, I imagine more people will be able to join in on the competitive fun this way.
Eh... His arguments have a lot of holes.

Let's see a few of the points he made:

- "hacking a Pokemon is easier than Hyper training. So everyone will hack"..
I have no idea what his point is there. Hacking a Pokemon is also easier than breeding.

- "They've given the finger to legitimate players who spent hundreds of hours breeding"..
He's basically angry that it's easier. The competitive scene was pretty constrained because people would have to build up a crap ton of bank boxes with Pokemon simply to breed perfects. But now? You literally just need some dittos of various natures, and Ralts of various natures with Synchronize.

- "Also, those who spent all that time doing soft resets"
The process to acquiring legendary Pokemon was previously even harder than getting perfect egg Pokemon. For a perfect IV legendary, you'd literally have to:

1. have a Pokemon with Synchronize and the correct nature in your party
2. find the Pokemon
3. go online and check the Pokemon's perfect stats at the level it's encountered
4. catch it
5. check the stats
6. if they're not perfect? You reset your game and repeat steps 3-5 again

Now, all you need to do is have a Pokemon with Synchronize, catch the Pokemon, and then use a bottlecap. No soft resets required.

- "Only 7th generation Pokemon are legal"..
He's angry that 6th gen Pokemon aren't legal in 7th gen competitive scene. A bit of a moot point, considering that 5th gen Pokemon weren't legal in 6th gen. Honestly, this has nothing to do with Hyper Training, but he whined about that too.

- "In the time it takes to level a Pokemon to 100, you could fully IV breed a Pokemon, so it's making everything take longer"
Now he's contradicting himself and saying that the new system takes longer. Even if it's true, it'll still possible to IV breed Pokemon. They haven't announced any changes to breeding.

- "It makes cheaters harder to catch"
His argument here is that since IV training is drastically easier, that it makes it harder to detect cheaters who hack themselves perfect Pokemon. He technically has a point here, but if regular training takes hardly any time, then who cares if someone took time to hack a legal, perfect Pokemon. All 31 IV Pokemon stats are the same, so it's still easy to detect hacked Pokemon if they don't have the correct stats.

TL;DR: Getting perfect Pokemon is easy now. He's using the logic that "It was difficult in the past, so therefor, it should ALWAYS be difficult".

He also sees it as "wasting the hundreds of hours invested by competitive players", which is false. Those hundreds of hours were required for all competitive Pokemon up until now.
You kinda wasted your time with this. Verlisify is the Pokemon equivalent of DSP or Aris Bakhtanians, a toxic asshole that needs to be gotten rid of.


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Aug 28, 2008
I only was competitive in gen 4 and I never went for all perfect IVs, just good enough ones. I got tired of losing to hackers with perfect ivs and quit. I think this is godsent. People who already were doing this all this time should be happier they won't need to any more.