Pokeymanz nicknames! I must know them!


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Apr 10, 2011
I usually name my Pokémon after what they are.

My Charmander will be named Lizard. My Squirtle will be named Turtle. My Geodude will be named Rock. My Pikachu will be Mouse.

You can fill in the rest. If I don't know what it is then I won't catch it.

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Sep 12, 2010
The_Lost_King said:
Pangoro: Iron Brew. Because panda>pandaren>pandaren brewmaster>beer and one of the best TGS podcasts was with Jesse on Iron Brew
But it's spelled Irn Bru. D:

And it's one of the greatest drinks ever.


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Mar 1, 2011
I've got Y and it is the first Pokemon game I have played since Red when I was 12. Giving my pokemon nicknames was always great fun and I try and give every single one I catch a nickname. I won't list all of them but I'll give some of my favourites.

First up my current team:
Delphox - Fenners - Obviously short for Fennekin
Pikachu - Faraday - After Michael Faraday, I like naming my Pokemon after scientists.
Blastoise - Scuba Steve - Big Daddy is one of the few Adam Sandler movies I can watch without vomiting and Scuba Steve comes from that
Honedge - Narsil - Narsil was Elendil's sword, the one that was broken battling Sauron. Broken sword = dead, Honedge is a ghost
Ninjask - Albi - Because the Nincada was all white, an albino.
Pidgeot - Pyrex - I was thinking of calling it either Beakface, Beaky or Beaker. I was going to go with beaker but then remembered that most beakers are made of Pyrex, so thats what I called it.

Some others:
Lucario - Punchy Pete - On the Scuba Sam theme but lucario is a fighting type and so does some punching
Lapras - Surfin' Sam - Because it knows Surf
Budew - Buddy Holly - Self explanatory
Staravia - DK Head - Because its head looks exactly the same as Donkey Kongs
Slowpoke - 0.00001 m/s - Because that is really slow
Inkay - Clyde - Because Inkay is like Inky, one of the four ghosts that chase Pac-Man. The others are Pinky, Blinky and Clyde.
Spritzee - White Wine - After the white wine spritzer.
Furfrou - Poodle Boy - It's a poodle and it's a boy.
Solrock - Chondrite - The most ancient rocks left over from the formation of the solar system tend to be carbonaceous chondrites.

I'm sure I'll be naming a hell of a lot more as I work my way through the game, I've only just left Shalour City.


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Jan 18, 2010
These are all fully evolved, but I'm listing the stage at which I came up with the name

Turtwig - "Branches" - At the time I didn't even know if his evolved form would grow any, was pleasantly surprised
Abra - "Houdini" - freakin' Teleport
Honchkrow - "Frightmare
Steelix - SolidSnake
Shinx - Mystery

Porygon Z - "Terrorhurtz" - Named after a Robot Wars legend and a clever pun
Zubat - "Zubi Zubi" - (It's a female)
Abomasnow - "Frosty"

Blaziken - "FireRed"
Sableye - "Diamond"
Aggron - "Silver"
Manectric - "Electricblu"


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Mar 23, 2009
In the middle of postgame content in White 2 right now, but they're nothing special in the way of nicknames. My entire run has been basically a giant Negima reference (including my character and rival combining names to reference Chao Lingshen).

Samurott - Setsuna
Excadrill - Asuna
Audino - Negi (yes, he's male, and he has Attract)
Lilligant - Ayaka
Umbreon - Kotaro
Lucario - Kuu Fei

Pokemon Black is the only other game I played where I used nicknames all the time (never did in RBY, my last foray), mainly inspired by Red Chocobo's LPs.

Serperior - Smaug
Boldore - Axl Roll
Simipour - Garth (originally Fifi, but when he evolved, he was definitely a Garth)
Gothitelle - Bridget (male, naturally)
Liepard - Klepty
Zebstrika - Sparkplug

TheComfyChair said:
My Garchomp is called Mr.Cuddles
Did it have the Rough Skin ability? 'Cause that would compound the perfection.


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Sep 5, 2008
Sadly, I don't have a 3DS, nor the disposable income to get one solely for the new Pokémon games THAT I WANT SO DAMN BAD AGH, but I can give some past nicknames.

As a general rule, if I get a Zubat, ever, it's named Spike. Cliché, I know, but still.

I also once had an Oshawott that I nicknamed Hideaki, after Hideaki Akaiwa. A fitting tribute, of course.

Beyond that, I have a tendency to just kind of slap generic human names on my Pokés.


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May 21, 2010
Since all the people I chat with on Twitter had picked up pokemon as well, a lot of us did a thing where we named our pokemon after each other. So yeah, my pokemon are all named after twitter users. It was fun doing it that way though, because it made it even more interesting to share our progress with each other, and it saved me the trouble of trying to come up with the perfect nicknames for my pokemon, particularly the ones in my party(I spend a lot longer than I'm comfortable admitting naming pretty much any character/pokemon whenever naming them is an option)

Also worth mentioning, I named every single pokemon I caught, even doubles. That's how much I like naming when I get the option. Not all after twitter users though.

Edit:Oh, and if you're wondering why Lin is nearly 30 levels higher than everyone else, blame exp share+lucky egg+pokemon amie xp boost.
Also, for the pokemon in my party, I didn't name them according to gender, so Danny and Brosuke are the only ones who's name match their gender.


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Jan 14, 2012
Braxien - Kirche - 30

Kirlia - Leefa - 26

Pikachu - Tiffania - 26

Skiddo - Louise - 25

Honedge - Tabitha - 20
Yes, most of them are named after characters from a show. Zero no Tsukaima. Started with Kirche, because it fits the Fennekin line so much. And then I caught a Scatterbug(?) and named it Louise. (I don't like Louise at the beginning of ZnT.) The Pikachu named Tiffania is because Tiffania is blonde and lives in a forest. I released the Scatterbug and nicknamed a Skiddo Louise because. And then Honedge Tabitha because I was running out of ZnT characters that I like. Almost named it Derflinger (Magical talking male sword.), but since it was a female I didn't.

The Kirlia named Leefa is actually from something else. I also changed the name slightly so it wasn't as obvious. The hint is: I chose the name entirely because the Ralts line is now part Fairy.

And yeah, they're all female.

Edit: Also apparently the worst possible combination against the second gym. I got my ass kicked so many times...

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Mar 14, 2011
i haven't played one in awhile but the last time i did i gave all the ones i felt likely to use the names of fire emblem characters with my main either being Soren (male) or Lyn (female). Some other random rules i made all flyers had to be named after Pegasus units and Vulpix/Arcanine had to be named either Ranulf or Lethe. There now i no longer want to play pokemon, now i want to play fire emblem everything is right with the world.


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Aug 4, 2008
I don't normally indulge in nicknames for pokemon, but sometimes I'll give them an ID Number style one, just to make all those people who think I'm this compassionate, loving caretaker seem crazy.

I choose you, B-74486!


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Nov 19, 2010
'Kay. Obvious spoilers.

Elbusibeeth the Vespiquen. (Crude combo of Elizabeth and busy bee!)

Sarge the Chesnaught. (Because he's the first in command!)

Buzzkill the Shiny Yanmega. (Because he buzzes to kill and looks like a downer! Also, the L's are lower-case I's because you can't use "Kill"!)

Sigmund the Heracross. (It sounds cool and he's like my team's White Knight!)

Gruel the Sliggoo. (Because gruel is slimy food and it suits Sliggoo ironically because it's so darn cute!)

Cyril the Clawitzer. (Because it's the kind of name I'd give a charming, dead-eyed big game hunter!)


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Aug 22, 2013
okay i guess, ahem.

Chester the Chesnaught (male)
Gideon the Gardevior (male)
Ni'tay the Pidgeotto (female)
Atomica the Skiddo (male)
Yan Lin the Tyrunt (female)
Ferdinand the Wartortle (male)
Pvt. Higgz the Swalot (male)
Kiské the Ninjask (male)
Farenheit, Blitz and Torque the Eevees (all male) [bonus points if you can guess which stones i'm gonna use on who]
Heavy Metal the Rhyhorn (female)
Po the Pancham (male)
Garza the Electrike (male)
Rika the Emolga (female)
Ca'ree the Spritzee (female)


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Sep 15, 2013
Many more names, but here is a few:

Lapras - Nessy
Zapdos - Nimbus
Nidoking - Crowny
Exeggutor - Omelette
Machamp - Workout
Vaporeon - Flipper
Articuno - Tundra
Moltres - Comet
Victreebel - Venus
Electabuzz - Jazz
Mr. Mime - Imrpov
Slowbro - Fresher
Hitmonlee - Leg Day
Kingler - Pinchy
Alakazam - Cutlery
Starmie - Frisbee
Butterfree - Lurpak
Raticate - Incisors
Parasect - Shiitake
Weezing - Exhaust

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Aug 1, 2013
As of right now, my main team...

Link the Chesnaught

Chaud the Charizard

Ice King the Aurorus

Miel the Vespiqueen

Raz the Meowstic

My sixth slot is still open. Now accepting applications.


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Apr 13, 2012
Oh wow if I did this on Black it would take a while (I have all the Pokemon up to Meloetta, all female that can be and ALL have nicknames with correct grammar) so let's just do my X team!

Fletchling (now a Talonflame): Fletcher: Makes sense and I'm reading Skulduggery Pleasant right now

Vivillon: Iris: Named after the Phoenix Wright character. Sadly, due to my location, she is green rather than the intended pink.

Meowstic: Lady Cuddles: I like silly and cute names

Klefki: Kleffington: See Meowstic

Honedge: Mr Stabby: in honour of Kendra/Buffy's favourite stake

Flabebe: Titania: Her final evo will be queen of the faries


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Jul 23, 2008
I never give my Pokémon nicknames, because it makes it easier to learn their actual names. I'm boring, I know. I'm going to leave now.

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Jan 17, 2010
I named my Fenikin Raleigh partly because Raleigh was my favorite pacific rim characters and I love the way the name is spelled :p

nuba km

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Jun 7, 2010
greninja - kermit, need I explain
malamar - ramalam, the topsy turvy's pokemon in reverse, btw it can learn superpower which is awesome combined with the contrary ability
gogoat - mogis, in MtG the theros god of rage is worshipped by minotuars and his name is mogis.
shiny abomnasnow - ToC, Tree of Christmas, btw mega abomnasnow is a beast, it has survived fire attacks on multipal occasions form pokemon equal or greater level.
my other two pokemon don't have nicknames, they are a doublade (not going to evolve it) and a HAWLUCHA(DORE!).

EDIT: my favourite nickname is a victorybell which I called freedom resulting in messages such as 'Freedom is constricting pikachu' 'freedom is evolving' 'freedom has grown in power' 'freedom is asleep' etc.


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Aug 7, 2009
The Team:
Gogoat: Gogo Hooves
Tyrantrum: Caeser
Sylveon: Freddie
Blastoise: Master Roshi
Riachu: Cammy

The HM slaves:
Snorlax: Tubby Motto
Noibat: Marya

The rest:
Vivilon: Question
Tauros: Kronos
Inkay: Lovecraft
Lucario: Helsing
Axew: Tiamat
Goomy: Goofy Goober
Alakazam: Raistlin
Cubone: Clubbing
Bergmite: Dr. Chill
fenikin_: Gandalf
Absol: Yin
Yveltal: Ragnarok
Mewtwo: Khan
Pupitar: Godzilla
Zygrade: Jormungandr
Ditto: Man-E-Faces