Poll: Do You Change Your Avatar?


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Feb 19, 2009
only once,

[img=width=100 height=100]http://parkour.net/logo.jpg[/img]

but I changed it to my current one yesterday, I love silhouettes for some reason and I love the picture of a wing, especially just a single right wing (nothing to do with political opinion, I just like the right one)
Oct 19, 2008
Nope, personally, i think that people who change their avatars, their online names, or whatever, are just like people who continually fiddle with their iPods on the bus.
Everyone knows those people, they're the sorts of people who enjoy feeling asthough they have such a fantastic repotoir (excuse spelling) of music, and are so consumed with the whole look of being so deep into their music, that they aren't really into music at all.
Hate those people :|
Anyway, back on to topic.


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Oct 30, 2008
kyekye said:
What could be cuter?
That chocobo in my KFC bucket.

fullmetalangel said:
So far, I've changed three times. I would post the pics but... I'm lazy :3
I just remember the little girl hugging the companion cube. That was my favorite, by the way.

I don't change my avatar very often. I'll be keeping the Leia Memorial for awhile though... Every time I look at my avatar I think of her, and then I think of my would-be cousin, who went the same way.

It's sort of an honor thing.


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Mar 6, 2009
I don't even have an avatar! That's crazy talk.
Well, in different forums, I sometimes use different avatars, but it's always the same avatar for that single forum.


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Mar 4, 2009
I generally don't change my avatar. I often get confused when I see a known name with a different pic, so to avoid confusion about my identity I try to keep it the same. For today however, to keep up with the jolly colours of Pony Jam, I've changed it to something..
colourful :).
Edit: Although it takes a bit for it to change.. hmm..


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Apr 23, 2008
I'm a fiddler. Mine changes at random until I feel I finally have it right, but Knuckles remains a constant. I started with a six frame .gif of a paranoid Knuckles looking left and right. I tired of that quickly, but my 60 frame masterpiece refused to come together until much later.

I'd've apologized for my 60 frame masterpiece, coming in at roughly 70KB, except for two things: (A) I don't post nearly often enough for it to become a problem and (B) seriously, it's 2009, if you're still on a 56K modem... I don't even know how to finish that, but rest assured it would involve liberal use of both the caps lock and profanity, with some bold, italics, and underlining thrown in for good measure.

Sidetrack over, back to... whatever the hell I was going off on. Right, I joined the Holly thread back when it was still called that, and got a nice redo for December, because back then, it was "a pointless new trend". That's right around the time everyone jumped on board, so I jumped ship to Iron Ninja's rebellion, because that's how I roll. Back to my 60 frame masterpiece... until the second rebellion. That didn't last long, though. Back yet again to the 60 frame etc etc until the Leia Allanah pink lightsabers vigil came around. Being "a worthy sentiment" that *sigh* quickly became trendy, I created my current one.

Creating my current one inspired me to rework the 60 framer, which is, as with all projects I ever undertake, ridiculously behind schedule. It should come in under 70K, but even if it doesn't, no one complained the first time around. Until then, my lightsaber-wielding echidna can stand ready, and not look too trendy, because most of those people immediately jumped ship for March Madness.

It will change again... eventually (see "schedule" above), but with one constant that no one else seems to have, it should be quite obvious it's still me, assuming the stupid name doesn't give it away first.

Well, that turned out far longer a post than I expected. *shrug*


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Sep 14, 2007
I've changed it once in my entire time on the Escapist, from Terry Pratchett to Father Grigori. I only wish I could find a picture of a shotgun-wielding Pratchett. That would be awesome.

Inverse Skies

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Feb 3, 2009
I want to change it to a different sqaure off another Peanuts strip but it won't change! Does anyone here have any idea how to fix this?


Proud Escaperino
Feb 9, 2009
Nope. Only tweaking from my side. The reason I have this picture is because it's the best picture of myself that I've got. So I'm pretty much using this with every forum I'm on. I'm just tweaking it a whole lot. Gotta love Photoshop =P

Below is the diffrent ways I've tweaked this picture

This was when I was bored with my current display picture, and just wanted to try something random

This is when I recently discovered the way of making something look like a statue. Just had to try it out. I was semi-happy with the result =D

This was when I had made the basis (The purple skin etc), and decided to tweak that even more. Also I was rather happy with how the slight smile turned out to look really realistic =D And even the eyebrow XD

Here I was once again desperate. The site I was on decided they didn't want any manipulated pictures. So I tried once more with an easy-manipulated picture. But no. And I really wanted to insert the lightning effect on one of my pictures =P

This is when I was inspired by someone else. I just thought their picture looked so awsome, I decided to do the same with mine =P

This came after the one without mouth. I decided I would keep the mouth, and eyes. Just make the eyes diffrent ..

Now I decided to try and have some real fun =D I would just tweak the picture as far as I could, and still try to maintain realistic look at least to some extent =P That was really fun =P

This is the original picture to the picture above. It was kinda inspired by Grenchen =P

Now this is the pictures I based most of these tweaks on.

And this is the picture in its purest form. That's the completely original.

Now the avatar I have now is done by Fanboy. So all the creds goes to him

The Iron Ninja

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Aug 13, 2008
Xavier Dirt said:
The Iron Ninja said:
and people seem to think I'm hitting myself in the head with my spatula as opposed to just wielding it.
...I've always thought that.
And you've certainly had a long time to come to that conclusion.
But yes, it is a common misconception about my Ninja Chef.

Also, so I'm not just posting here to respond to one person
Knight Templar said:
goodman528 said:
9 people voted to "fuck you"... I wonder why?
Fuck you, that's why.

Also I allways vote for that.
As do I good sir.
As do I.

Mostly because I hate the Logician with a burning passion.

*gets Logician's attention, points at him and mouths "I hate you." Then eats a sandwich, while periodically pointing at Logician and narrowing eyes*

Reaperman Wompa

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Aug 6, 2008
Once, to this. And I will keep this one for ever.

Why? Fuck you, that's why.

Anyways guess which option I picked...

Logan Keller

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Jul 24, 2008
I change it quite a bit between about 6 different things. I think my change to post ratio is about 1:2