Poll: Do you think Esports should be taken as serious as traditional sports?


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Mar 18, 2010
Most people I see are assuming he means "Are E-Sports actual sports?" but I think he means "E-Sports should be taken AS SERIOUSLY as traditional sports" so he doesn't mean they are the same, but they should still be treated the same.
Yes, they should be treated the same. If only Fox would stop stroking their anti-video games boner.

Jaded Scribe

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Mar 29, 2010
benzooka said:
Jaded Scribe said:
I agree that "sports" is a misnomer. Unfortunately, competitions involving mental agility don't have an over-arching term.

But the term "competitive gaming" will get even less respect than "e-sports". I have no problem taking it as seriously as a group of people chasing a ball around attempting to complete arbitrarily chosen tasks that have been given arbitrary meaning as being significant.
And arbitrary player arbitrarily playing an arbitrary game...

Now that's a very mature way to look at things...

Just because it is not physical does not mean that it does not require a great amount of skill, stamina and agility. And there is a physical component as the speed at which you can physically react to what appears on the screen is important.
E-sports can require a great amount of skill: Yes. That's about all there is to it.

Great amounts of stamina: No. Not in the sense of running a marathon. Not even in the sense of running to the fridge. It requires almost the same kind of mental stamina as playing live poker for 8+ hours in one go. It can be straining mentally, but not physically. It does not require stamina. Unless you blow up everything out of proportions.

Great amounts of agility? No. That's quite the overstatement. Slash shows a great amount of agility when he does a complex guitar solo. Lionel Messi shows a tremendous amount of agility when he dribbles past four world class opponents and makes it looks easy. A high-level competitive gamer shows agility in the same way as someone typing really fast. Of course it requires some agility. You at least have to think and deduce things very quickly and usually there are multiple things to keep in mind and think through at the same time, but that goes to the skill apartment rather than to agility.

And just to put this all into context: I play games a lot. I love competitive gaming. I have played against guys who play at the highest national and continental level. A couple friends do competitive gaming in a serious manner at quite a high level. I've watched several competitive tournament matches live, because of interest. I have nothing against eSports, but it doesn't prevent me to look at these things objectively and unbiased.
I should have clarified. When I say e-sports require stamina and agility, I mean mentally. And, while perhaps not as demanding as physical sports, reacting to what's happening around you, whether through full-body physical action or a quick swipe of the mouse and the click of a hotkey still requires a certain level of physical skill.

My main point is that what e-sports competitor's do is no less than what physical sport competitor's do. It just requires a different skill-set.


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Apr 16, 2009
Giuglea said:
p3t3r said:
how can games be both art and sports?
isn`t ice skating an art and also a sport?that is only one example..i think you can think of more;)but i can`t really think of the competitive gaming as art..
pfft in my opinion sports can't be judged and you have to have some way to effect your opponents. that and physical exhaustion is my definition of sport. i suppose in a way video games can be sports because i consider chess a sport. the problems is the changing nature and inconsistency of video games.

Eclectic Dreck

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Sep 3, 2008
Not even remotely. It isn't about having a bias against the fact that it is a game but rather the simple yet glaringly obvious problem a great many competitive ventures face: that such things are not terribly interesting to a wide audience. E-Sports are not alone in this. My own chosen sport, Fencing, will never be a popular sport across the world because the action is incomprehensible and boring to the lay person and even for a fencer observation is used simply for gaining information about an opponent and the like. Paintball, badminton, rowing, track and field events, lacrosse and many others face the same issue.

So, unless E-Sports can figure out a way to overcome this apparently insurmountable problem, they will never be treated as serious endeavors.

Not G. Ivingname

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Nov 18, 2009
RAKtheUndead said:
You really think that? May I introduce you to the insane world of Korean Starcraft.

Tell me that is physical, takes skill, or doesn't involve higher brain activity in the slightest.


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Feb 26, 2009
are you for real? ....

**edit** of course no! ... don't EVER compare real, hard training athletes to hardcore gamers